The Wedding
Part 2 of our 3-Day Weekend in St. Louis

Let's start with a few pre-wedding shots.

Beautiful gowns...

On the bed...

Bridezilla... hahaha... just kidding! She was the most calm, most at-ease bride I have ever seen (especially considering that we had an incredibly short time to get everything ready for it!)

And now, the wedding!

First off, I want to apologize for not having any pictures of the actual ceremony, which was breathtaking by the way. Since I was the Maid of Honor and my whole family was in the wedding party, I had to reluctantly hand my SLR over to a friend of my sister's. So what you're seeing here are a few pictures he took with my camera.

The wedding party at the receiving line after the ceremony.
From right to left, the Bride & Groom, Best Man Steve, Jon & I, Danielle & Matt, Felicity & Chris, Ring-Bearer Asja, Flower-Girls Sophie & Sydney:

Bride and Bridesmaids (yes, my dress fit... just barely!):

The Bridesmaids (Danielle, Patty & Felicity):

Bride & Maid of Honor:

Flower Girls Sophie & Sydney:

First Dance as husband & wife:

Father-Daughter Dance:

There was some singing...

A lot of dancing...

And a heck of a lot of hugging...
(here is my sister & I with our sweet cousin Olga, who came all the way from Puerto Rico!)

And then it got interesting.
Threshold smesh-hold! How 'bout I carry you over the ice cold fountain, honey?

We couldn't let the bride & groom have all the fun...

So what if we all had rented tuxes, made-to-order dresses and $100 up-do's?!? This was a sympathy soaking...

I stood on the sidelines documenting the festivities, but the second I set my camera down I was carried over the fountain too!!!

Did I ever mention having a crazy family?!


  1. OH WHAT FUN!!

    Looks like the wedding was just beautiful and of course the memories that where made in the fountain are priceless!


  2. Anonymous11:06 PM

    WOW! That's different! Looks like you guys had a blast.

    And, all that hard work on the dieting & exercise surely paid off, Patty! Congrats!!


  3. Fabulous wedding Patty...look like a great time was had by all, thanks for sharing!!


  4. Looks like a fun wedding! Love the colors! Were the favors a hit?! :)

  5. Thanks for your comments, everyone! Yes, we had a blast. The fountain thing was so spontaneous but the perfect ending to such a busy and action-packed day.

    Amber, the favor boxes were actually for the bridal shower (not for the wedding) but they definitely were a HIT! I even made a few extra for the kids cause I knew they'd love them. :) Thanks for asking! :)


  6. That looks like so much fun! What a great memory for your sister's wedding! Everything looks so beautiful too!

  7. Oh, that looks like so much fun!!!

    Great pics.


  8. Your sister looked absolutely stunning in her gorgeous dress and the wedding looked so fun! Your family looks a lot like my family!

  9. now that sounds like a celebration!!


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