Market Prep, Part 4.

I told you guys it'd be a teeny break. I want to thank everyone for your well wishes. Your comments, emails & phone calls warmed my heart more than you will ever know. It is just amazing to me to see the strong connections I've made with people I've never even met face to face. I love you guys!

But enough of the mushy-mushy stuff. I am feeling much better now after 3 days of lounging around the house doing nothing at all. I guess I needed the break. So now it's BACK TO BUSINESS!

It just dawned on me that we leave for Houston in exactly 4 weeks! Man, I have SO MUCH TO DO STILL! I've only just scratched the surface of my Market preparation. But, I just found out today that I will get all my Andalucia sample yardage from Michael Miller on Wednesday. YIPPEE!! So, I guess I should enjoy my last 36 hrs. or so of sanity because once that fabric gets here I will not have a minute to myself.

Luckily I have some amazingly talented women helping me make samples for Quilt Market so I feel I am in great hands. Oh, and I should mention that I truly appreciate all the offers that I've received lately to sew samples. Believe me, if I had a whole aisle of display area I would gladly take you all up on it. WOW, what a booth that would be, eh? But, unfortunately all I have is a tiny 10' x 10' booth area to work with and as it is, I will have to cram everything in there. Maybe next time, right?! :)

While I was lounging around at home I received 2 packages in the mail. I was so excited to see both of these items... at first. The first one was my second shipment of bookmarks. I quickly assembled a couple of them to see how they would look. Check them out... I just love them!


My second box contained my Andalucia MOO cards. Well... I was excited to get these at first until Jon got a hold of one of them, turned it around and said, "Whose phone number is this?!" Yep, you guessed it... I wrote the wrong number on the back of my cards! WAAAAAAH! Just when I thought I had one thing finished that didn't actually require manual labor!


I like this photo better because it doesn't show my big screw up! Oh, and whose foot is that on the upper right corner, you ask?


Well, that lovely foot belongs to none other than my new assistant! She is always there and always has an opinion on the matter. She is so used to being in front of the camera that she gets quite jealous when she's replaced... especially by some dumb cards...


I finally have something to put in my vintage-camera-photo-holder...


So, I should mention now that since my fabric is getting here on Wednesday, I will be closing my etsy store sooner than anticipated. So, I am announcing now a 48-HOUR CLOSEOUT SALE!! For the next 48 hrs. (so, until about 8 pm CST on Wednesday, Sept. 24th) everything in both my Etsy stores is 20% off. Write the code "GO ANDALUCIA!" at check-out and receive a 20% refund via Paypal after payment receipt. This sale is valid for both my MODKID store and my MODGREETINGS store and expires at 8 pm CST on Wednesday, Sept. 24th.

Oh, I also just listed a few samples and shoes on eBay... mostly teeny stuff. Just trying to declutter before the madness begins. ;)


  1. Paula Prass11:40 PM

    Hey girl! I've been thinking of you. I've had a rough few days myself. But just a couple more days and hopefully we'll be up and finally creating with our fabrics!!! I'm silently screaming here!!!

  2. Hey Paula!! Been thinking about you too. Let's chat soon! Exciting times are ahead. :)

  3. I love the vintage camera holder, it's so cute.

  4. Oh so sorry to read about the things in your previous post;(, I hope everything will be just perfect and that you'll be feeling great for your big event coming soon!!!Everything looks great and I'm sure that your booth will be one eye candy !!!!!

  5. Patty, I MUST be living under a rock, I had no idea you were doing this!!! I am SO EXCITED for you and me because I can't WAIT to use these beauties when they are available!! Congrats!! I know these are going to be a HUGE hit!! Eloisa

  6. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you- :)
    Sounds like you have had a lot on your plate recently!!
    Your work is amazing, Patty!! You are so talented!
    Many Blessings, Ash

  7. Anonymous10:37 AM


    Glad you are feeling well again! Sean was so mad that Jon failed to mentioned anything about your condition. He eventually got over it when they started talking about sports again. Men...

    Those cards look familiar! I bought black picture frames and will hand them up with the cards inside. They were too pretty to send them out! Thanks again for the gift!



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