Market Prep, Part 5
Sample sewers

Today's post will be brief on words but filled to the brim with wonderful imagery. I'm sure you won't complain. I want to share the amazingly gorgeous items I've been receiving from my talented sample sewers. Words cannot describe the feeling I get every time I open a package from these ladies...

Handmade purse by Marieliz Creations (a.k.a. "mom"). This purse is amazing!! I have her original version made with Amy Butler's Nigella fabrics (as do at least half-a-dozen others, from the look of her Etsy "sold items" screen, LOL!) but now I have one made with Andalucia and am beside myself with joy. It's so gorgeous!! Just see for yourself. And don't forget to check out her etsy store for lots of handmade pretties.


Jingle bell fabric play balls by Heather Kaeb, polkadottotspot. So fun and playful and she was able to use all 24 fabric prints! WOOHOO! Thanks so much, Heather, I just adore them. Check out Heather's etsy store.


Super adorable matrioshka doll with her own babushka in her pocket (OK, after writing this post I realized I totally butchered the spelling and meaning of these words but hey, you get my drift...) by Kristen Hallagan, gocksfrocks. I'm sure most of you guys already know Kristen and her talent. Here's a link to Kristen's etsy store.


Will Sophie be able to part with it long enough to take it to Quilt Market & back? That remains to be seen...


Kristen also made this cutie weiner dog...


Myrinda, of Fabric Hound, made Candy her own little Andalucia kimono and she looks oh, so fabulous in it!


I had fun pairing up all the "pinks" for a girlie shoot in Sydney's bedroom...


Elephant by Kristen of gocksfrocks, Cube & Ball by Heather of thepolkadottotspot, Pillows by Patty Young

Oh, and I have to share this picture cause I think it's pretty funny (well, I find these kinds of things rather humorous... hope you do too!).

Concept pillow is on the right, real sewn pillow on the left:


Stay tuned! In the next couple of days I will be sharing sneak peeks of some of the most amazing quilts I've ever seen. You'll be blown away!!! I've also been keeping myself busy sewing outfits and upholstering chairs for my Quilt Market booth. I'll share those soon too. :)


  1. I groaned out loud with happiness when I saw the bag your mom made! I must add that to my Christmas list.

  2. Gorgeous! And I need to see if I can beg Lady M to make Maureen a kimono, too.

  3. Congrats..beautiful designs!!!

  4. oh patty I am so excited for you!!! everything looks great - your photos are gorgeous...wish I could hop in teh back of the truck and head to Houston with you!

    oh and I am also adding your moms purse to my christmas wish list!!!

  5. You go girl! Everything looks wonderful. Glad we'll be neighbors!

  6. Thanks for visiting, everyone! Yes, I'm lucky to have paired up with such amazing talent. They are definitely making this journey a lot easier for me.

    Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, my mom is taking pre-orders for Andalucia purses. She will have, I think, 3 styles to offer, so check her Etsy store or send her a convo! :)


  7. All the goodies are wonderful!! I want that purse!! i have been toying with the idea of pooling my scraps to put together a purse, if I don't have enough scraps i think i may just be forced to buy one!! there are worse things!

  8. Everything looks beautiful! I can't wait to see the quilts and upholstered items and a shot of your booth. Oh how I wish I could go!

  9. Gina Halladay8:19 PM

    Hey there

    Great line! I would love to do a feature on the of course see you at Market.
    email me if you have a second or two...I know that is asking a lot!

  10. I NEED that wiener dog...SO CUTE! Looks like everything is falling into place! I am trying to make arrangements to get to Houston!!

    Keep the sneak peaks coming!

    take a bow Jenn

  11. Patty!!! The fabric is beautiful!! I am so excited for you. I am having major bag envy right now after seeing that bag your mom made. It's official, I'm in love.

  12. Totally love it all! Can't wait to see more. My favorite is the purse.

  13. Absolutely GORGEOUS Patty! Heather, Kristen & your Mom did a fabulous job! GORGEOUS!!!


  14. Eva/freshandvintage2:59 AM

    Speechless Patty! I am so excited to see the pictures of your booth. Wish I could be with you for your Market debut. Love you tons, Eva

  15. I. Love. That. Bag.

    Hope you're doing great!! :)

  16. Patty, Patty, Patty... what beautiful delights with your beautiful fabric! Wish I was going to market... and now that you're going to have a booth it'd be easier for me to peg you down!

    Have a great time and I'm sure your fabric and booth will be a huge success! PS... I heard a rumor a little someone-someone was going to go too (Triskit is envious she won't get to meet her).

  17. Patty...your fabric ROCKS! I think I'm in LoVe!!!



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