Toothless grin

Sophie lost her first baby tooth today. She had been feeling quite left out and sad because she was the last of her friends still left with a mouthful of teeth. Well, tomorrow at school she can finally join the league of the toothless grins.

My baby's growing up...sniff, sniff.


Luckily she's still young and innocent enough to believe in fairies...


The day that comes to an end, I believe, will be a sad one for me.

***UPDATE*** Sophie got up this morning, checked under her pillow and grabbed the envelope then checked around some more. I asked what she was looking for and asked if the Tooth Fairy paid a visit. She said a very feeble "Yesss..." and had a tiny frown. I asked what was wrong and she said "Nothing". She opened the envelope and smiled when she showed me the cotents. I congratulated her, went downstairs. Next thing yo know Jon comes to me saying that Sophie is crying and super sad because she misses her tooth. Wishes she could "look at it and keep it and now it's gone FOREVER."

UGH! I am such a novice at all this!! What do I do? If I show her the pretty place where I kept her tooth in hopes of having a collection I could show her when she got older, I will kill the Tooth Fairy fantasy. She lives for this stuff! :( Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma...


  1. Oh how sweet! We love the tooth fairy around here, glad she stopped in and love the notes!

  2. What a big milestone! Love that little gap in her smile.

  3. SO CUTE!!!

    I'd wait on showing it to her...she'll forget about it once she is at school ;)

    What a BIG milestone! Anna has 4 loose ones right now!!

    take a bow Jenn

  4. We had the SAME thing happen at our house:

    So...the next night we let him leave a note for the Tooth Fairy politely asking if he could have the tooth back AND still keep the money. (we told him she just wanted proof, but that she didn't really need to keep it!) So the next morning the tooth was returned. :) Now each time he leaves a tooth, he leaves a note asking to keep it!

    Good luck!

  5. Thank you, everyone! I'm such a novice at all this. Sophie went off to school this morning and was happy & smiling. Said she couldn't wait to show her friends and teacher that she had lot her tooth and to talk about the cute note the tooth fairy left her.

    I'm hoping she's forgotten about the tooth thing, but if she's still whining about it tonight, I will do what Betz suggested! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Thanks, Betz!

  6. We lost our first tooth here as well and while my daughter didn't care about where her tooth went, she was thrilled about the 'note' left her by the tooth fairy. I wrote it in super small computer font and mounted it on a pink piece of cardstock. You could leave a note for you little girl assuring her that the toothfairy keeps all teeth in a magical place until she's older, or whatever you think might make her feel better and sign it from the toothfairy.

    Although the note asking to keep the tooth is a really good idea too.

    Good luck.

  7. Hi Patty,

    I hardly comment on here but read your blog daily..Love it by the way!!!

    After reading this post, I wanted to share this clip I recently saw & thought you might find it a little funny appropriate for this occation.

    Hope you enjoy it & keep up all the hard work!!

  8. OMG, that's too funny!! Thanks for sharing that video, Lili! Totally makes my day! :)

  9. my daughter aubrey is on the verge of losing her first tooth....and is extremely excited! i can imagine the same thing happening to her when she learns that the tooth fairy takes her tooth....i'll have to keep betz's idea in mind and something to try if i run into the same issue with aubrey!!


  10. I totally agree with betz, I love that idea, I might adopt it myself if I ever have that problem, but Natalie (7) already figured the drill out so, I still have Claire {4} to look forward to hehehe.

  11. Anonymous9:10 PM

    A friend of mine tells her kids that the tooth fairy brings the teeth to babies so that they can have teeth. haha

  12. HAHAH.. that's hilarious.

    Well, Sophie is not whining about her lost tooth anymore so I guess my problem is solved. Although she did ask me today what the tooth fairy does w/ all the teeth. She caught me off guard so I said she builds castles with them. LOL! Sophie made the weirdest face and then I thought about it and got grossed out too. Oh well!

  13. i know this is an older post, but i wanted to say what my parents told me, cause you will have lots more lost teeth! haha.

    i was told that she takes them, throws them into the skies, and they become new stars. so when i look at the stars, to smile, cause i helped make them.


  14. Awww... that's really sweet, Cynthiaa. Thanks for sharing!


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