Market Prep, Part 8.
Quilts, Quilts, QUILTS!


First of all, thanks so much for all your help in deciding which 2 of the 4 dresses to bring to Quilt Market and which 2 to send to the L.A. Textile Show. The race was close at first but by the end, the winners were pretty clear. I am bringing .... drum roll, please ... #1 and #3 with me to Houston and #2 and #4 are already boxed up and on their way to MMF. Phew! Glad that part's over!

But now onto something that I have been waiting for just as long as you all have... THE QUILTS! I had the absolute pleasure of working with 2 very talented quilters that were not just amazingly creative but also fun, easy going and professional to the max.


Elizabeth Cramer created this amazing quilt you see up there and to the left. It features a Mod Blooms design on the left side and a Flora design on the right. The appliques are done "rag style" so it is super soft and cozy. This quilt is HUGE... it measures 70" wide by 100" high so it would be big enough to cover a child's bed or just to hang on the wall as artwork. Elizabeth will be offering the pattern for this quilt at my booth at Quilt Market, so if you will be attending, please stop by and check out this fabulous quilt and maybe get yourself a pattern. And before I forget, go check out Elizabeth's blog where she has documented the whole quilting process from the minute she received the fabric, through making a "practice quilt", which, by the way, she is giving away to a lucky winner!

Next up, I had the pleasure of meeting Marcea Owen at the Spring Quilt Market in Portland and we connected soon after to talk about quilts, quilts quilts! She is one part of the dynamic duo they call Abbey Lane Quilts, based in my old stomping grounds, Central Florida. Janice, her partner in crime, is one talented lady for I hear she pieced and quilted this Earth quilt all by herself. Isn't this AMAZING!


This quilt features one of my favorite prints... Birdie Damask and it is complemented so nicely by Moorish Tile, Jester and Tiny Flower. I just adore looking at it and can't even imagine how long it would take to piece something like this together... my head spins just thinking about it!


Marcea and Janice also created the most darling lap quilt which they've nicknamed, MISS MOLLY. This sweet little quilt, measuring at 44" x 56", features the Mod Blooms design. While the background was done in a traditional quilting method, the flowers and leaves were put on with a method called raw edge applique. Oh, and check out this close up... I absolutely adore that the quilting is in shapes of miniature "mod blooms"... how clever! (click on the picture to super-size it and check out the quilting on it!)

Abbey Lane Quilts will also be selling the patterns for both these quilts at Quilt Market next week. The quilts will display at my booth, so please come by to check them out! Also, check out Abbey Lane's blog where they have also been documenting the quilting process all along.

I am so lucky to have paired up with these amazingly talented ladies! Thanks so much, Elizabeth, Marcea and Janice. See you all next week!


  1. The quilts look great, my favorite is the one by Elisabeth Cramer, I love pink, and that one is full of it wich might be why I like it so much. The ladies did a great job on all of them.

  2. Annie8:35 AM

    WOW! All quilts are divine! Way to go, ladies!


  3. Your fabric looks great on the quilts:)

  4. JamieZ9:52 AM

    They are all gorgeous but I have a weak spot for that first one!! WOW I could totally get into quilts like that!!!

  5. becky2:10 PM

    I love the quilts! Can't wait to see them in person.


  6. Your booth is going to be the belle at the ball! look at all this talent going into your fabrics! This is just so exciting!

    Thanks Patty!

  7. Can I just brag and say that Elizabeth Cranmer is my sister-in-law??!! :) I'm so proud of her, she's got talent coming out of her eyeballs!

    Thank you Patty for showcasing Liz and being such a supporter of her. It means so much to me. You're a gem!
    Love you,

    I can't wait to see all of these in person next week! They turned out just beautiful!

  8. Thanks for the comments, ladies! Yes, I am one lucky gal for having paired up with these amazing ladies!

    Oh, Daria & Liz, it is my pleasure! Can't wait to see you both next week!

  9. They are all stunningly gorgeous!

  10. these are beautiful!!! seriously in love with that first one! thanks for sharing!

  11. Anonymous8:46 PM

    OMG! These quilts are BY FAR my fave Andalucia project!

  12. Wowsa! Those are amazing! Can't wait to see them in person.

  13. Oh my goodness! Those are so beautiful. I'm totally in love with your fabrics. Your booth is going to look so fabulous and chic.

  14. These quilts are just beautiful. I love Liz's really shows off your fabrics in a large way.

  15. Liz is So Talented! Congrats to you to have someone so special helping you out!
    Ps Totally in Love with your new line!Can't wait to get my ahnds on some!-Nena

  16. I just stumbled on to your site, and I have to say that I love your fabrics. They are beautiful! As for the quilts here, my favorite would have to be the last one, Miss Molly. Which ever of my lucky friends has a girl next will be getting one of these!

  17. the quilts are just breathtaking



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