Let the fun begin!

Today I'm feeling especially thankful and proud to live in a country where freedom and democracy rule. No matter who you voted for, I hope we can all look past this, stand tall and proud. I'm not a very "political" person so you will rarely hear me talk about these issues but for some reason, this election seemed to reach a bit deeper into people's emotions than any other I've witnessed. My extended family was/is extremely divided in their political views so I had to endure months of heated discussions on the matter.

Today I am thankful that the election is over so we can all get back to normal... whatever that might be! I'm thankful that I won't be seeing any more political ads or getting those awful political emails, tweets and facebook posts ... really, does anyone ever change their mind just because they saw a You Tube video on their Facebook Super Wall? Come on! Well... so glad that's all over! :)

Now, it's time to have some fun! Last time I attended Quilt Market I went as a spectator so I had a lot of time to walk around and make a fool of myself at times. After I returned, I wrote a little post titled Come see the softer side of... Market, which from the looks of the comments, lots of you really enjoyed. Well, this time I didn't have the luxury of walking around or getting into any sort of mischief, so I've scoured Flickr for some of YOUR photos and compiled some of the funniest here (with your permission, of course!)... hope you enjoy!

Let's start with a couple from my own photo pool. Check out this picture of my dear hubby, Jon, at the Fabric 2.0 party. Looks like Paula & I are holding him up cause he's either too wasted to stand or just walked out of a horrible car accident -- with a smile on his face! LOL! In reality, this picture was shot within the first 5 minutes of the party, so he's neither drunk nor in pain...


As the night progressed, Jon got very well acquainted indeed with our celebrity at the party, Jay McCarroll (winner of Project Runway, Season 1). The next day Jay signed an autograph for Jon that read: Dear Jon, Thanks for last night! Love, Jay. Hmmm... don't ask me, I swear I just walked away for 5 minutes to go to the bathroom! ;)


OK, OK, enough picking on Jon. I can dish it but I can also take it! Check out this photo of Caroline & me looking mighty toasted... again, this was shot within the first 5 - 10 minutes of the party, so I guess we just look this way all the time!


Oh, and speaking of going to the bathroom... I spotted this picture of myself on Jona's blog. I swear I was just resting my feet... no chairs were harmed in the shooting of this picture!


And, yesterday while reading Sandi's latest blog posting, I spotted a picture of her beautiful booth with my hind quarters covering half the picture! So I made a comment about that and she emailed me THIS PICTURE! WTH?!? Sandi... next time just holler at me or push me out of the way! I swear, I don't mind!!!


OK, OK, how 'bout I pick on other people, eh? This picture sums up Myrinda to a T! Poor Jay was just trying to enjoy the Houston skyline! Check out the guy on the far right of the picture observing the situation. LOL!!


I can't stop laughing at this picture I spotted on Traci's Flickr account. This is Mary trying to run off with one of my dresses. HEEEY! And since I just love looking at the hidden details... check out the woman in the background (far left) running across the aisle... WTH? This is Quilt Market... what's the hurry? Also, check out what's going on in the far right of the picture. This is Sheree taking this picture of Myrinda with our Pullip dolls. Cool, eh?


Quilt Market is always an adventure! I am so happy to be able to share these fun times with friends & family.


  1. ok in my defense, I have to say that I just wanted to WELCOME Jay before he was mauled by the rest of the crowd ;) Janet actually said she appreciated that I just came up and said hey...but that is a dang funny pic!
    Jon looks trashed! Must've been all the market prep, lol!
    And I all ready told Mary she could "borrow" that dress when PA outgrows it, but I need it back for baby z ;) LOL!!!!
    Had such an AWESOME time hanging with friends and buying your fabric...now what's up your sleeve for next time?

  2. These are great pictures! It's fun to enjoy the party without being there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I want to go to market as a spectator. Wah. Must try pimping myself out to different quilt shops who get invites.

  4. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Have you noticed that there's not a single picture of Myrinda with her mouth closed? LOL!

    The funniest part of that picture, for me, was you hollering, "what are you doing?" right after Traci snapped it. I had no idea you were still there! LOL!

  5. I love these Patty! It looks like a blast. Hope to meet you in the Spring!

  6. Annie2:55 PM

    OH MY GOODNESS! I literally laughed out loud at some of your descriptions. So funny! Thanks for brightening my day... I really needed that today!


  7. It was so fun to meet you and see your GORGEOUS fabrics and trims at market! I can't wait for my things to get here, and am already thinking about what else to order!

    I had such a blast and can't wait until next year!

    Can't wait to see more from you...keep up the great work.


  8. it's fun to see what I missed! Gald to see buzz from market going up everywhere. I am still trying to link around to everyones blogs!

  9. You should frame that autograph (if Jon's okay with it!) from Jay. That is so funny!

    I love the Myrinda picture. It makes me think of that song by Blondie: "One way or another, I'm gonna find ya. I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha...".

    And I'll never look at that picture I took the same way again (it's my "Patty potty picture" now!). Good times!

  10. These pics are hilarious. We did all have fun, didn't we? Pittsburgh, brace yourself!

  11. Looks like fun! I just saw a link to your adorable ribbons mentioned on the Decor8 blog-congrats!

  12. so glad you are all enjoying "the lighter side of Market" :)

    Carole, thanks for telling me about the Decor8 link... I will mention it to my blog readers in a a bit!


  13. The dress that's getting stolen--is that something I could get my hands on? (A pattern, anyway!)

  14. Mercedes, please look for my new line of patterns coming this Spring... including one for this hoodie dress! :)



  15. Thanks for the wonderfull pictures. I am still new to the blogger world and have been keeping up with your posts. Beautiful fabric, can't wait to use it.


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