1. I'm so happy to announce that I'm official!!. Yep, as of yesterday, Andalucia is on the Michael Miller Fabrics website, along with a fun banner featuring some of my fave pictures & projects from my sample sewers! You have no idea how long I've been waiting to see this page come to fruition. WOOOHOOO!


2. And speaking of Michael Miller, have you guys checked out Kathy Miller's blog, Making It Fun? She's got a great Quilt Market recap on there right now, even showing some great photos that I failed to capture! I adore the picture of the crew receiving our award for 2nd place on the Multiple Booths category... it was such a fun and proud moment after 2 whole days of painstaking set-up!


3. My Andalucia ribbons are up for purchase at the J. Caroline Creative website! Wish you could see these in person! They are super soft and the stitching is perfection (and I'm a tough judge!) There are 16 designs total that mix & match beautifully with each other and with the fabric! Go check them out!


4. And speaking of J. Caroline, they got mentioned on Decor8's blog (thanks to my blog reader, Carole, for pointing this out late last night!!) and I think their exact phrase was: "I’m quite smitten with the Andalucia Ribbons by Patty Young too, I mean how cute for craft projects and little girls dresses!" (**blush**) And kudos to my buddy, Melissa Averinos, for the fabulous mention in the same article! From now until November 21, 2008, you can get 20% off anything in J. Caroline Creative by mentioning code, Decor8. Yes, that includes the ribbons! Happy shopping!!


5. I'm ON TV! Quilter's TV, that is! Jon just emailed me this link... I actually can't see it on my Mac but he can see it on his PC. (I wonder if it's a Mac thing or a Firefox thing!? UGH!) Please let me know if you can view this video:
Patty Young, Designer for Michael Miller, has only been in the fabric market for about 6 months and shows us her new collection. Shares her inspiration for this new collection.


6. In case you missed it before, check out my interview in Quilter's Buzz. I met Gina Halladay in person several times at Market and she was such a joy! Hope to see her again at the next show. I also got to meet the sweet Jocelyn from The Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber blog! Look for a Patty Young interview on there soon! :)


7. So where can you buy Andalucia? Well, it has not officially arrived in stores yet, and it probably won't for at least 2 - 4 more weeks (or so Ive been told) but I have spotted a few online stores with Andalucia in their "Pre-Order" or "Coming Soon" screens. Here's what I've seen so far:
(I know this list is short right now, but if you own a fabric store and have Andalucia in your Pre-Order or Coming Soon screens right now, please email me at and I'll add you to this list!)


8. And, where can you find Andalucia goodies? Christmas is fast approaching... ;)
  • My mom has a few ready-made bags for sale in her Marieliz Creations etsy shop.

  • Heather Kaeb is getting ready to list a few ready-made fabric balls in her Etsy shop, thepolkadottotspot, so look for those this weekend!

  • I'll be closing my MODGREETINGS store just prior to the Holidays in order to concentrate on other creative endeavors (more on that soon!). All of the greeting cards have been priced at clearance prices (AKA wholesale price!) so stock up for Birthday, Christmas, Valentines, Graduation or any other event you might have coming up! The Variety-10 Packs make great stocking stuffers & teacher gifts! ;)

  • Purchase quilt patterns for Miss Molly and Now & Forever at the Abbey Lane Quilts website

  • Purchase quilt patterns for Spring Up on the Lizzy Anne Originals website.


8. And, last but not least, if you Flickr and are a fan of Andalucia, please join my Andalucia Flickr group. I'd love to see what kind of goodies you create with it, and you can peruse what others have been creating so far and get some fun ideas!


9. OK... now for some fun miscellaneous pictures:

I just adore this photo I spotted on Kathy's blog! I didn't get my own version of it so I am snagging it to share with all of you. This was snapped right after we received the award for 2nd place in Best Multiple Booth category.

(L to R: Patty Young, Benjamin Rubin, Christine Osmers, Sandi Henderson, Kathy Miller, Deb Buchanan, Paula Prass, Becky Bennett, Terri Hempfling, Susan Day.)

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  1. Hey Patty, just bought 200 yards of your ribbon from JCC (woo-hoo!) and was hoping you can tell me when and where I can get the fabric? ...So much colourful-ribbony-fabricy-goodness is more than I can handle *whew*!
    Thanks so much

  2. Annie1:05 PM

    AH, cool! I just saw that video of you on I can see it but I'm also on a PC, like Jon. Don't know what to tell ya! Great video, though! CONGRATS!!


  3. Patty, I found your blog while I was looking at all the blogland recaps of Quilt Market. I check it everyday! I'm so excited to get some of the fabrics from your new line. I really love the rich colors. Can't wait! And those cute.

    I'm on a Mac and I just watched the video with no problems. But I'm using Safari, not Firefox. So who knows?!

  4. PATTY! You are the next big fabric star and I'm sooooo happy for you :) Your fabric is awesome -- I have an order in and am waiting (im)patiently to get it. Ribbon is next :) WTG girlfriend! I have the biggest smile on my face for you :)


  5. hey patty! I was able to view you on the video and I'm on a mac as well! (I used safari). Wonderful interview! Great post! LOVE the pictures!

  6. Hey, everyone! Thanks for the feedback. I'm super frustrated here... I've downloaded the latest version of Firefox AND Safari and with both browser all I get is a blank screen. UGH!

    Jenny, whoa 200 yards of ribbon?! Can't wait to see what you make with it!! Check out item #7 on the list... I listed a couple of online retailers that have Andalucia shown and will be adding more soon! Promise! :)

    Everyone, thanks for the sweet comments and your support! :)

  7. Congratulations on your range - it's gorgeous - such rich fabulous colours, I can't wait to get some down here in Aus so I can get stuck into turning it into clothes for my daughters.

  8. Aahhhhh, so many links and so little time! Will have to come click away on another day.

  9. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Beautiful fabric line. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one. Thank you.

  10. Well YAY, YAY, and more YAY!!!! :)

    I couldn't be more thrilled for you!

  11. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!!I just bought hmm-hmm...yards of your new fabrics on etsy! (Had to block that out in case the husband ever finds this somehow! Not only that, I had to have one of those bags your mom made, so I ordered it a week or so ago. Now the wait will surely do me in! For those desperately seeking the fabrics, search etsy in the supplies category.

  12. Sherri... thanks for mentioning it. So far the stores I see on Etsy that have Andalucia IN STOCK and ready to ship are: and

    I'll blog tomorrow and include these links!



  13. Patty, seeing those pictures make me miss market! I'm ready for sleepless nights and sore feet! hahah

    great shots! Thanks for posting them!



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