A new bag and a new do

I'm carrying a new Marieliz original on my shoulder as of yesterday! Not that my old one wasn't good enough anymore, cause it so is! But with all the hand-beading and special details, I thought my Birdie Damask purse was better suited for special occasions. My new ModBlooms purse will be my everyday bag... big enough to carry all my junk (and those of you who know me well know what I mean!) but still stylish enough to turn heads. Get your own here.


I'm also sporting a new do as of this morning. I cut off all my red tips, which were not even red anymore but some kind of yucky, faded, in-between shade, and made it more of a blunt cut. No layers this time... long and straight in the front and a tad shorter in the back. Sorry about the blurry picture... best I could do in a bathroom mirror with terrible lighting...


If you're wondering who's jewelry I'm wearing, my necklace was custom-made by Erin of The Vintage Pearl using Andalucia fabric scraps and my ring was also custom-made by Ash of In Full Bloom.

Support Indie artists. Buy handmade!


  1. Love the new do!


  2. Great new 'do, Patty! And I love the bag. Of course, I lust after pretty much all of the bags your mom makes. LOL!

  3. Great haircut and good photo - nice camera too! I LOVE the purse. I love the pockets inside and the beautiful fabric outside. Guess I am just loving everything today.

  4. LOVE-ING the new hair!!! And the fab bag!! Finally got UPS notice that my Andalucia has shipped!!!

  5. Annie7:50 PM

    LOVE IT ALL!!!!


  6. Love the bag and the new do! We have been trying to buy a good bit of handmade gifts this year too. I bought my Mom a necklace stamped with the 3 grand babies' names. Jon bought me the camera strap cover. We ordered our Christmas cards through Sugarhouse Ink and they are soooo good and came super quick!

  7. Awww... thanks, everyone!

    Traci... YAY! So glad you're finally getting Andalucia!! WOOHOOO!

    Amber... it's good to hear you guys are embracing the "handmade pledge". I am trying as hard as I can not to stray! ;)

  8. Love the bag and the new do!! I soooo can not wait to get my hands on your fabric! It's been a while since I have been excited for a new fabric line. xoxo

  9. i adore that purse!! what a perfect size.

    and your hair is HOT...i love it! =)

  10. Love the hair! You look fabulous. I've been drooling over your mom's shop for a while now. Hopefully I get some cash for Christmas!

  11. Love the hair! I want mine cut like that now.

    hee hee

    Drooling over the purse too....


  12. My GOODNESS your blog is fabulous!!! I'm so happy I've come across it while browsing Wishpot. Keep up the great work, I look forward to reading more!

    Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing"


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