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Is it just me or has anyone else out there noticed how many more people are embracing the Handmade Pledge this year? Maybe it's been like that for a while, but it just seems like every blog, website & tweet I come across promotes handmade items, whether it's handcrafted holiday gifts, baked goodies, ornaments or even handmade wrapping paper, boxes and cards... it's everywhere and such a delight to the eyes!

In the spirit of my Handmade Holidays, I wanted to share a little surprise I received in the mail from my favorite aunt, my Tia Olga (plus it's more proof that this sorta artsy-crafty, OCDish madness really runs in the family!)

She made these handcrafted felt stockings for the girls and they totally blew me away! Can you imagine how much time went into these?? Every little feature on every face was hand stitched. Every sequins and bead was hand applied. All the little toys and figures were carefully stuffed to give it that 3-D look...


There are balls, puppy dogs and teddy bears spilling out of Santa's bag...


There are pretty ballerinas and old-fashioned train engines gathered under the tree...


Each stocking is beautifully personalized...



She even autographed them for us...


I can assure you right now these will be cherished forever. If I could display them all year long, I so would!


And speaking of 'made by hand', the girls finally sat down to write their letters to Santa. Here's Sophie's. It's gonna be darn near impossible for me to stick to my handmade pledge with these sort of items (especially the top 2!)


Sydney's list (dictated by Sydney and written by her big sister, since Sydney can only write her name and the numbers 1 - 7 right now) is a bit simpler... I think I can get creative and still please her. ;)


P.S. In the past couple of days I've made about 120 gift tags out of my recycled greeting cards and two batches of peppermint bark, one with dark chocolate and one with white (remember my obsession with this candy goodness?) My family seems to prefer the dark, which is quite fine with me because I adore the white! More on that at a later post. I need to get back to work... deadlines approaching! :)


  1. LOVE the stockings! Shawn and I have felt stuffie ones I made, though mine is a bit fanicer with sequins like Tia Olga's, Shawns is plain...still haven't done the girls ones though, LOL!!!!
    Let me know if you need any help finding a Hedgie for Sydney

  2. Those stockings are amazing!!! Truly amazing. What a precious gift your girls can cherish forever.


  3. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Love the stockings! Heirloom quality, for sure.

    I have noticed a big jump in the handmade pledge (finally!). When I signed on last year, it was less than 11,000. When I went there this week, it was over 32,000!

    Buy handmade! Support indie designers!

    PS: I've just ordered some Andalucia (yummy) and cannot wait to start sewing for my little one with it.

  4. wowie, wow, wow. Tia Olga must have ALOT of patience! i know i dont have that much patience, i like 2 hour or less projects.

  5. Yes - I started one a YEAR ago - and it's not quite done. :-) We all have one - my husband's is over 30 yrs old and it IS cherished forever! What a great present!

  6. I really love the stockings, but is it crazy that I noticed the peppermint bark in the background!?!? YUM! Will you share the recipe??

  7. Thank you all for the stocking love! They are really special and can you believe my Tia Olga is 80 years old?!? The fact that she can still do this sort of detailed work at hert age gives me some hope! ;)

    Myrinda, please share any hedgie goodies you might have. Sydney is obsessed with them!

    Sarah, can't wait to see what you make with Andalucia.

    Trishavan, it IS funny that you spotted the peppermint bark in the pics! You have a good eye for detail. The recipe is REALLY easy, but I'll put something together and share soon! :)

  8. Those stockings are unbelievable! I have never seen anything like it! What a treasure. Love your blog and watching your new career with fabric and such develop! Congratulations on AndaLucia. It's truly beautiful. (I'm a wanna-be! -- maybe someday!)

  9. Your Stockings are a real Work of Art to say the least...Truly Beautiful...

  10. Definitely try making peppermint bark with both dark and white. Uber good. I posted a recipe on my site - who needs William and Sonoma?!

  11. Those little Santa lists are too cute! I think you can pull off making some doll clothes so at least they threw you a bone!

    Your Tia Olga is amazing (80?!)! Those stockings are such a treasure!!

  12. Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! Words fail - sure you can't display them all year round LOL?

  13. Thanks for visiting, friends!

    Cheryl A, I would totally make them with both dark & white chocolate but my family members are pretty divided on which version they like (Jon won't come 10 feet from white choc) so I have to keep them segregated! ;)

    Jona, yep, she's 80! Can you believe it! Hope I have that much energy & will at that age!

    Cree, I just might! ;)


  14. What a fantastic tia you have!! Truly,truly wonderful :)


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