Day at the Museum

Last Saturday we took an impromptu road trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. I say impromptu because we had planned to go to Chicago but due to some unforeseen circumstances we were not able to go, so since we were all psyched up to go somewhere we decided to visit the #1 rated children's museum in the nation. It did NOT disappoint!

We saw gorgeous Chinese dragons...


... and HUGE dinosaurs!


Some of these had real fossilized bones, so that was exciting!


Then we saw miniature villages...


And played in tiny doll houses...


Even had lunch with the three bears...


We tried to stand as tall as the polar bear...


And pretended to be "under the sea"...


We saw incredible glass sculptures by Chihuly...



And marveled at the beauty of the glowing, colorful organic shapes above us...


All in all it was an amazing trip. And hey, did you notice that Sydney wore her Frida dress and matching head scarf? Yes, we finally gave it a test drive and it passed the Sydney test with flying colors! PHEW!


  1. COOL!!! That polar bear has a really long neck...looks funny hahahaha

  2. You mean I could have met a real live celebrity if I hadnt been deathly ill (okay not deathly) and had taken my kids to the museum on Saturday!?!?!!?!?!?

    That stinks! Next time you come....let me know!

  3. Anonymous8:46 AM

    That looks like so much fun!

  4. Em, true, that's a mighty long neck, isn't it! LOL!!!

    Jess, are you trying to give me a big head?! ;) I'm far, far from celebrity status, but thanks for the vote of confidence. We'll definitely be heading back there sometime in the near future. It was really cool!

    Wondermommy, yes, it was loads of fun. Thanks for commenting!


  5. So sorry we missed spending the day together. Please come to Indy again and we can make a fun day of it. Your photos are awesome, as usual.

  6. ooh yes, we do love that museum. i love frida on's so cute and stylish. i'll bet you got stopped a bunch by other moms asking where you got her clothes. :)

  7. The dress looks great on Sydney. :) It looks like you all had a blast at the mueseum! We have been debating a trip to it every time we visit my parents but always decide Emma is too young still. So since we know no one that has been there in at least 10 years - do you think almost 3 year old (and my almost 2 year old nephew) would enjoy a trip to the Children's Mueseum or hold off another year??

  8. Paula & Nic, we definitely have to meet up next time we go there! That wouyld be so much fun since our youngest girls are the same age! :)

    Amber... I think Miss Emma would have a wonderful time there. They have a "preschool" area (I think for 4 & under) that is supposed to be really cool. We didn't go in there because our oldest is 7 and we were trying to do things they could BOTH enjoy together. But I'd bet Emma & her cousin would love it!



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