I mentioned plusing in my last post and now feel like I need to expand on it since I've been experiencing lots of it lately. The word is a common industry term that is not found in the dictionary because it is considered "jargon," but I did find this great definition of it while doing a Google search:

Plusing n. the act of continuously improving something; adding detail and tweaks to something already satisfactory. Also plus-ing, plussing.

I thought that pretty
much summed it up! :) Well, a great example of plusing happened to me just recently with my Frida pattern. One of my testers suggested I add a different option to the sleeves to make them more "capped" instead of "flared". I experimented with her suggestion and VOILA! Love it!

Check out the new capped sleeves on VIEW C of Frida. Oh, I love how different this view looks from A & B and believe it or not it uses all the same pattern pieces! And that's what it's all about... having different options to play with so you can keep re-using the patterns and get a different outcome each time. :)

Since I was in an experimenting mode, I decided to try out some different fabrics too. I did the bodice in a really soft baby-wale corduroy and lined the whole thing with a coordinating voile. Turned out great and is perfect for layering during the cooler month
s! Plus I had fun adding a trim to the skirt ruffle. Here is a close-up showing the Flora Petal ribbon in 7/8" width. I could totally see this done with ric-rac, vintage lace, pom-pom trim.... oooh, the possibilities are endless.

Frida is now off to the testers for one final look and should be going into production soon.

Update on the other patterns: Lil' Chef is back from the testers, has been edited and is ready for production! WOOHOO! Kyo
ko is still in development but should be ready to test soon! You should see how cute the short-sleeved version turned out! I'll photograph it this week for you all to see. Pattern #4 should be ready for a sneak peek here in the next couple of weeks.

To all who have asked when these will be available, I wish I could give you a concrete date. I hope to have them up for pre-order a few weeks before Quilt Market (so, maybe sometime in late March-April?) but at the latest I'll have them ready for the show in May, and for ordering through my website soon after. If you are a retailer or a distributor and would like to be added to the pre-order contact list, please email me at

I've been working non-stop on these and have had very little to no time
to play lately. But, since all work an no play makes Patty a dull girl (heeheee), I decided to take a personal day on Saturday. Ohhhh, it was so much fun!

First we went out to lunch, then we caught a matinee of Coraline. If you haven't seen it yet, I would highly recommend it. I think this movie would especially appeal to anyone in the crafting, sewing, artsy industry as every aspect and every detail of the movie set was handmade... from the hand-painted popcorn that doubled as cherry blossoms to the minuscule hand-knitted gloves and hand-sewn PJs that Coraline wore. It was AMAZING to say the least! I'd seriously watch that movie over an over again. :)

Then we went to Old Navy so I could pick up some jeans for the girls. They had kids' denim on sale for $9.99, what a deal! I plan to embellish them with some of my woven ribbons. :)

Then we headed off to Bath & Body Works to pick up some yummy smelling stuff for the house. I especially love these and these.

And finally, since it was getting dark and we had no groceries back at the house, we went out to dinner. I was craving buffalo wings for some strange reason. LOL!

I haven't had a day like that in ages so I felt so spoiled... movies, shopping and dinner all in one day?!?! I was almost tricked into believing I had a life.


  1. Amy Peacock2:24 PM

    I Love option C for the sleeves...very cute.

  2. Very cool! I like the change of the sleeve -- very sweet and a fun option.

  3. fabulous! Love the fabric combo and the sleeves are so Sweet!

  4. Annie4:40 PM

    AHHH! See, I knew you'd keep outdoing yourself! LOL! Looking great! These are gonna be a huge hit, I just know it!

    OH, and my kids & I loved Coraline too!! So cool!


  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    LOL at the term Plusing. Sometimes I call it Fussing. Amoung other things I am in the floral industry and this week being Valentine's we are doing alot of Plusing and Fussing!

    I have been dreaming about your fabric desing line since it came out in December and it won't leave me alone! Everytime I see the wonderful little girl outfits, those fabrics call to me. They're wearing me down, when I said I wasn't going to buy more project fabric until I get a few WIPS done.
    oh, well.

  6. We were at the mall Saturday night also. :-)

    I think we'll end up seeing Coraline also.

    I've been making spring/summer samples like crazy. I'm trying to get the knit/crochet stuff out of the way first before tackling the sewing. Busy is fun.

  7. Anonymous8:04 PM

    patty, what a difference some pigtails and bows make ! Perfect additions! And the photo of your little one ...omg ... Could she look a little more like you?! Wow! Crazy little carbon copy of you! She going to take over the business one day? I'm training mine already! 9 months and she's on my lap at the machine all the time. She laughs crazy at the serger! Love the sleeve change on frida. And kyota? Twirl factor...what girl wouldn't love that?!

  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Glad you all like the new cap sleeve option! I have Kristen to thank for that. :)

    Beth, its a miracle you and I don't run into each other more. This is such a tiny town!

    Colourdujour, LOL @ "fussing". Yes, there's times when you just have to stop! ;)


  9. Patty,

    I love the flair sleeve option. Please make sure to include it in your pattern. It adds a little different look than the tradition cap sleeve you see all the time with peasant dresses, etc.

  10. I am going to take the kids to see that movie.

    You have an award over at my blog :

  11. Bree, sorry if I made it sound like I was substituting the flared sleeve for the capped sleeve. I am definitely including BOTH versions in the pattern! I still adore the flared sleeve (for the same reason that you pointed out!) so I want to give my fellow sewers options to pick their fave! :)

    My Trendy Tikes, thanks so much for the award! That's so sweet of you. :)


  12. I love love love the cap sleeve option! Leave it to Kristen (she really is amazing)! Everything is looking so cute!

  13. I love the new sleeve option.. i am soo looking forward to get your patterns! i love em all

  14. I love the options for the dress...
    I may be a bit behind here...but did you see Anthropologie's new home line also called Andalucia? Must be an inspiring place. :)

  15. Jessica, no I didn't know about that, but thanks so much for telling me! I just went and checked it out. Looks like they *just* unveiled it. PHEW!

    I'm sure their creative team has been working on that collection for a while but all I can say is: I'm so glad I did it first!!! hahah

    Even their intro paragraph sounds surprisingly similar to mine from last August! weird!

    Oh, and yes, it is a beautiful place so I'm not surprised to see lots drawing inspiration from it. :)


  16. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Thought you may enjoy seeing your fabric....far, far away...

    Ran across this and thought it was absolutely adorable.

    It should be such a compliment to see your fabric used by such talented designers.


  17. Kate, thank you so much for that link. Yes, I've seen that lovely purse by iinu before. She added a picture of it to my Flickr group... that's how I get to see everyone's amazing creations! :)



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