Now I have no excuse

Before today, if my photos were of substandard quality (too dark or too soft or too funky-colored) I could blame it on my gear. Now I have no excuse! If my photos suck from now on I have no one to blame but myself. My new dream gear arrived in the mail this week! Well, most of it anyway. I'm still waiting impatiently for my 35mm lens which is actually the one I really, really wanted to play with (it always happens that way, doesn't it?!?)

Check it out:


Here's what it looks like out of the box (this picture taken with my Pentax *istDL)


And since my usual subjects are both at school right now, I was happy to use Lucy as my first guinea pig.


Lucy arrived last week -- a little surprise gift from the lovely and talented Elinor Peace Bailey -- and has made herself right at home in my studio. The girls adore her and I think she makes such a perfect model. She is sporting a dress and shoes made with my Andalucia fabrics and has the funkiest of headpieces.


I think this is my favorite photo (love these yoyo sandals and all the details! Mmmmm!)


He facial expression is just priceless.


Elinor, thank you so much again for this precious doll! We just love her. And she will definitely be accompanying me to Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks. So all of you attending Quilt Market, please stop by and say hi to Lucy!

Disclaimer: I just barely opened the box and took these pictures. I haven't learned how to adjust my manual settings or optimize my lens usage yet. I tried reading the user manual in bed last night but passed out by page 2 (why do they make those so dull?) Well, I'm more of a hands-on/visual kind of gal so I'll be messing with it some more and hope to be able to get even better pictures real soon! (not complaining here... I like what I have so far!) ;)


  1. Hi Patty--I've just recently discovered the wonders of a real DSLR myself. I just bought a Nikon D80, and the instant improvement in photo quality is AMAZING, don't you think? I'm no photo expert (far from it) but your photos always looked completely fabulous to me, even before the new gear, so I imagine yours will be one of those irresistible "eye candy" blogs now!

    I can highly recommend a book that's a bit less dry than the manual (though I read the manual as well): Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies by David D. Busch. I know next to nothing about photography and it's a great book for me, but if you're a bit more savvy than I, it might be to basic...

    Have fun with the new gear!

  2. Oh, and LOVE the doll, too!

  3. Ya know, to me it looks like the pics have great color. Hey, if you tossed Lucy in the air she would be Lucy In The Sky. She is adorable. Elinor knows how to make us all happy.

  4. congrats on the new gear! such a cute doll, too!

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Oh NICE...lucky you!! I`m wanting to upgrade also but can`t decide between this one and the Canon 50D or Mark II. Decisions decisions!!
    Have fun!!!! Do you ever do the quilt market in LA???

  6. Thank you all for being excited for me!

    Paula, I just popped out to my backyard and took a picture of "Lucy in the Sky" for you (no diamonds, though!)

    Nadine, I guess I should have explained before that I'm no novice. I actually have a Bachelor's Degree in Photography, but it was from way before the time of "digital". When I enrolled at UCF, way back in 1989, my parents bought me the Pentax K-1000 which was a film SLR and a great amateur camera back then. In the course of those 4 years I acquired 5 lenses for it and I shot with that camera for many years to come.

    Three years ago, I bought a Pentax D-SLR ONLY because I read I could use my old lenses with it (which was true!)

    But I've ALWAYS (at least for the past 20 years) wanted a Nikon, I just could never afford one. My prof. was a Nikon aficionado and so was my old boss at the camera shop I worked at briefly, so there was no question for me on what brand I would upgrade to. :)

    Laurie, the one in LA is the "Textiles Show" (not Quilt Market) and nope I haven't gone to it yet. Maybe someday! :)

  7. Ohhhh I love the new camera...and how sharp and clear the pic is! I love how the background blurs out! I love nice cameras! And Lucy is adorable...she is a showcase herself!

  8. Wow, Congrats on that fab camera!
    You will be amazing with it. I thought you took great pictures before, can't wait to see what you do now.

    Waiting to see Lucy in person. What a fantastic piece of artwork she is! I just ordered my ticket for quilt market!!:)

  9. Wow, Congrats on that fab camera!
    You will be amazing with it. I thought you took great pictures before, can't wait to see what you do now.

    Waiting to see Lucy in person. What a fantastic piece of artwork she is! I just ordered my ticket for quilt market!!:)

  10. Ooooh... I'm green with envy! Your new gear is top notch but you soooo deserve it! you've worked incredibly hard for it, girl! Enjoy it! :)


  11. Patty! Your Lucy doll is perfect (but she looks nothing like me) haha.Just kidding!;) But I LOVE her! Seriously! She's so great! Your camera is to die for and the pictures are FAB! Congrats! See you in a few weeks! Yipee!

  12. I'm just jealous. That's all I have to say.
    Going to the library this week to learn how to better use my Canon s5is

  13. That doll is absolutely fabbo!!!

  14. Thanks so much for your comments, ladies! I'm still over the moon with my new gear and learning something new every day. :)

    Ronda & Lucy... I'll see you two in just a couple of weeks! eeee!!!


  15. wiping the drool off my keyboard right now. You are going to have a blast playing with all that gear!!!

    take a bow Jenn

  16. Oohh, congrats on the new camera, I am soooo jealous, LOL! And Lucy is way too cute, love her! :)


  17. congrats on your new toy! I can imagine how excited you were when you purchased it. It takes great pictures, coming from one that shoots with a sony digital dinosaur LOL.
    Your little Lucy makes a great subject too!
    Happy clicking!

  18. oh and I hope you dont mind if I add you to my "I heart you" blog favs ;) I want to see more of your pics!

  19. Very nice Patty. I love the quality of your new equipment. How do you like your speedlite? I have one (borrowed from FIL) and it's okay, but I find it likes to spotlight things. :) Also, what lens are you shooting with? I love the crispness of your shots.



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