I know you all are waiting patiently (NOT!) to hear who were the 3 winners of my blog contest, so without much farther ado...

Winner #1 -- (comment #59)
Always Inspire said...
Your fabrics are just fabulous! What to say....hmmmm, well, I'm
just about 35 weeks pregnant, and feel like a whale! I am beyond
excited to meet our third little guy, but a little sad to know that
this will be the last time that I experience being pregnant.

Winner #2 -- (comment #160)
sgraham said...
Gorgeous fabrics, and the patterns are fabulous!! My girl just
got into juniors sizes, do the patterns come in those sizes? I hope

Winner #3 -- (comment #235)
Karen said...
As always your designs and fabric (and daughter!) look gorgeous Patty.
I made a shirt for one of my 3 year-old girls in Andalucia Mod blooms the other day and asked her if she liked it.
Her response - "It's a ripper".
Good enough foe me!

Ladies, please email me at at your earliest convenience to claim your prize!! Thank you all for entering! Wish I could give each & every one of you a prize. But don't worry, more contests are coming soon! I already have a fun idea for one! ;)

Check back here soon... my next post will have some major eye candy!!! :)


  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Congrats to the very lucky winners! :)

  2. Oh yay - I won!!
    So excited, even though I made a typo in my comment!
    Have emailed you Patty.
    Thanks so much.

  3. Congrats winners!!!

  4. Hey, if they still do not come forward, i will claim one prize!! hehe

  5. Oh my gosh! I'm so thrilled!!! Thank you so much!!!
    I've just sent an email, thanks again!


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