There's never a dull moment when I do photoshoots with Sydney. Like any typical 4-year old, she's all over the place. Yesterday's shoot was no exception. I got some amazingly good shots (which I will reveal later with the pattern info) but the outtakes were so funny I couldn't resist sharing some of them...





Many photos did make the cut and the chosen cover shot is so awesome it actually makes me teary eyed. I'll share soon! Promise!

And speaking of sharing soon... the studio redux is about 98% complete. Jon built me a new tabletop for my cutting table and I've been busy putting the little finishing touches in every last corner and empty wall space. Stay tuned for the full reveal in a couple of days...

In the meantime you may want to check out this site and bookmark it for future reference. During the months of August and September they will be featuring a baker's dozen tutorials of awesome projects made with Andalucia.



  1. LOLOL! Love the "uninterested bored" set :) Love it love it.

  2. OH what a doll she is loved all the expressions especially the i got to go potty - priceless :D

    Cant wait to see your studio!

  3. OMG! What a riot! Your outtakes are better than my "good" shots. LOL!!

    Every time I come to your blog it's like eye candy. LOVE IT ALL! I seriously can't wait for this new pattern and whatever else you got up your sleeve. I have your first 6 and LOVE them all. One of these days I HAVE to get my own blog so I can show everyone what I've made with them. :)

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!


  4. Super Happy... Super Mad... I say "Super Cute!" Absolutely fantastic!

  5. What cute pictures! Love the dress.

  6. All I know. Is that is a SUPER cute kid. In a SUPER cute dress. Love it all. Great fabrics...

  7. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Hee hee hee! Great photos, Patty! :)

  8. AWESOME AWESOME AWSOME!!! I am SO excited for this new pattern! Just bought the Sydney Hoodie/Dress and Sophie 3-way pants patterns. I love how much thought you've put into all of your pattern instructions & booklets! They are very organized, easy to read, easy to follow and have amazing photos. I really need to upload some of the pics of the pieces I've made from your patterns! Congrats on the Sew 4 Home. That rocks! I can't wait to see the tuts for the projects they're making with Andalucia! Keep up the great work Patty!

  9. really cool about the 13 projects with Andalucia! the cover shot looks great!! and love potty picture too!

  10. She is soooo cute - love the outtakes!

  11. Thank you all for the comments! So glad my little ham brightened your day. ;)

    Annie & Nicki, I'd love to see what you've made with the MODKID patterns! If you have a Flickr account, I invite you to upload them to the Modkid pool. If not, you are welcome to email them to me. :)


  12. Adorable. What a ham! I have one of those too.

    Love the dress. Can't wait for the pattern. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  13. When is this new pattern coming out? it is adorable, and so is Sydney in it. Is this dress shirred in the back? I am shirred challenged beyond belief. I have tried every tutorial possible. I just ordered the latest 2, and can't wait to get them in. Thanks for making these super adorable patterns. I need to get to doing the Flickr thing.

  14. Your daughter looks like a miniature Heather Bailey! ....I'm just sayin'

    You have the coolest blog...great photos, great prose. Wow....very nice.


  15. haha, this is the BEST post! i'm especially partial to "gotta go" and "singing big." we have GOT to get our girls together! 2009 is the year! i can feel it! :)

  16. My daughter (she'll be 5 in less than a month now) was laughing so hard at the outtake pictures, and is begging me to let her see the pics again!



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