There's more to life than the birds and the bees!

HA! Made you look! Sooooo.... this past weekend I was having a conversation with my new fabrics (yes, we talk) and it was brought to my attention that in the big Flora & Fauna reveal post, I went on and on about the super cool bees and the gorgeous hummingbirds, and of course, the ever so versatile double border daisies, but I made virtually no mention of some of the other -- just as cool -- designs in the collection. Some feelings were hurt and it was not my intention at all. So, since I'm an equal opportunity fabric lover, I wanted to make it right.

A very important component of Flora & Fauna is this series of Dandelion prints, which, as a matter of fact were the building blocks for the collection, since they were the first drawings I made. We loved them so much that we decided to offer them in a spectrum of colors that can work all the way from nursery layette to women's wear.


Then, as I was doing my research for the winged creatures I wanted to feature in my new collection, I came across the Luna Moth and was completely inspired by it. I loved its interesting shape and vivid color and had such a fun time drawing it and adding my little mod-ish touches to the drawings. I consider my Luna Moth the most "sophisticated" and "grown up" of all my designs and cannot wait to see it in purses, women's tops, flirty skirts and the like.


Then there's the Blossoms. Oh, where do I even begin? These adorable little bunches of flowers were plucked right out of my Hummingbird print and turned out so fun and whimsical that we decided to make them in just about every color combination we could dream up. Just check out my blog background! I am using these everywhere... you'll see!


So, now that you all probably think I've lost my mind (talking to fabric & all) let me just add that I feel so mushy inside just seeing how my family and friends have come together to help make the Flora & Fauna debut our best yet. Seriously, folks, just look at these amazing pieces...

Kristen made the sweetest Frida dress, using fabrics from my Turquoise and Raspberry palettes, and shipped it to me in a flash. Hop on over to her blog where she has promised to give away some fabric if you leave a comment...


Then theres, Val, my little sewing bee friend. She is such a hard worker, she actually makes me look lazy, if you can believe it. She made this Sydney hoodie out of my mustard palette...


Then she made this Ava Halter set from my turquoise palette...


And even surprised me with a mini-version of Ava. Yes, folks, mini-me will be traveling with us to Quilt Market next week. I simply cannot wait to show her off!!!


Heather made a whole new slew of jingle cloth balls. I cannot even pick a favorite! They are all so precious!!!


And my mom has been super hard at work down in Florida on some items that apparently are so amazing she can't even show me a sneak peek. Seriously! I've begged but she wants me to see everything in person... 2 more days! She flies in this Thursday evening. The suspense is KILLING ME!!!

Oh, but don't you even think for one moment that I've been sitting on my butt while I let all these nice ladies do all my work. I've pretty much become one with my sewing machine & serger these past few days.

I made a Kyoko...


And an Isabel. Oh, remember the Double Border Daisies? Well, they also come as all-over daisies just in case you love the design but don't need it as a border. :)


And a Julia, which Sydney was more than happy to test drive for me...


or should I say "test twirl"?


And... drum roll please... I went out of my comfort zone (AGAIN) and made a men's tie for Jon to wear to Quilt Market. Nope, I didn't make it up. I used this tutorial and even though it required more hand-stitching than I'm comfortable with (especially while being so pressed for time) I think it went together without a hitch and turned out FANTASTIC! What do you think?


So, I know you're all wondering who won the contest. I promise to announce the winners this week. My goal is to get these little bundles of goodness out to the lucky winners BEFORE we leave so you all can be the first to have them in hand. When I announce the winners I'll also tell you some important Quilt Market info, like where my booth is located and when my schoolhouse session for Brewer is (yes, freaking out here... more on that soon!)


  1. I love them all!! They are beautiful!!

  2. Patty -

    Ho-ly cow! What a gorgeous post, with such fantastic pics of all of the fabric. I am just amazed at the talent...both for the designs, and the work everyone did putting the garments together.

    Honestly, that tie is to die for.

    Congratulations on F&'s awesome.


  3. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I admit I like the dandelions and blossoms best and get "agree and envious" that I can't have them ... I just Looooooove the variations everyone did ... once my Laptop is ready, I try to add a KYOKO picture to flickr, made with german westfalenstoff (dead expensive but beautiful, too) ...

    Best wishes from Luxembourg

  4. Annie4:32 PM

    WOW! Patty... I'm speechless. And I just realized that I totally forgot to enter the contest. I was so taken by the beauty of it all that I didn't even know what to say. But seeing it all like this made up in your gorgeous dresses and other items it makes the designs just jump off the page. This is my favorite fabric collection yet. Seriously, so beautiful! KUDOS!


  5. They are all fabulous Patty! Can't wait to see photos of your booth!

  6. Thanks for the more detailed fabric pics, they are all so pretty. The dandelion print and all-over daisy prints are my faves, oh I love the birds and bees too. I love all the new outfits with the fabric choices too. I am seriously drooling over here! :)

    I can't wait for your Quilt Market booth pics. I hope it goes smoother than last time.

  7. Wow!
    Double Wow!
    Triple Wow!

    I can't wait to see these next week in real life :)

  8. I love the aqua and red together! Great color combo.

  9. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I didn't think I could get more excited about Flora & Fauna, but I just DID! Waahhh! So many gorgeous fabrics and so many beautiful projects!

    My daughter will go mad for the dandelions, bees, and hummingbirds, for sure.

    Your booth is going to blow everyone's mind!

    Jeepers - I hope I win the contest! :)

  10. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Wow, I don't think I saw the dandelion print before, but seeing it all colorways, I love it!

  11. the dandelion is amazingggg!!!! And I ADORE the tie, it looks so so so rad!

  12. OH MAN! I didn't even know about Julia! now I have to buy like...I don't know, all of them so I can crank out a midkid wardrobe for jackie! so many ideas!! and I totally love the tie idea! I have two boys and that would be perfect for coordinating clothing for Easter.

  13. Patty, you are so talented. I can't wait to get my hands on some of that fabric.

    Where could I find a pattern for the mini Ava? We've got a few of those dolls around here.

  14. How will I ever choose where to start? Love them all so beautiful!

  15. Goodness Gracious! LOVE the Luna Moth! Love all the new fabrics! WOW!

  16. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Beautiful! All of it. Can't wait to purchase some : )

  17. Ramona8:20 PM

    It's a feast for the eyes!! I can't wait for some border daisy to make a skirt for moi :)

  18. Patty they are all beautiful. I have so many ideas in my head I cant wait to get the fabric. Best of luck at market.

  19. Love it! All of this looks great!

    I just ordered the full line for my shop today and I cannot wait until it comes. My daughter will be getting some outfits made with these lovelies, for sure!

  20. I simply love all the fabrics and designs! I'll have to check out the tutorial for the tie. Thanks for sharing and have fun with the quilt show.

  21. The more you show, the more I love and want............


  22. You are busy, lady.... Your fabric told me so!! Everything looks fantastic. Your new fabrics are beautiful. Have fun at market!

  23. LOVE them all. I really look forward to getting some.

  24. Thank you all for the lovely comments. Glad you all don't think I'm crazy! LOL!!!

    Annie... there's still time to enter the contest. We haven't chosen the winner yet, so all comments will be entered until we do. :)

    Cindy... the mini-Ava pattern is something that is "in the works" so to speak. I'll announce it when it's a done deal. Isn't it sweet?

    Thank you all again!


  25. Okay, now that I have seen a full view of the dandelion prints I think they are my new favorite! I love them all though.

  26. Ok, I am not so much into flashy colors like you but really fell in love at first sight with Flora and Fauna and especially with the stone palette ! So I already have 2 of your beautiful patterns so tell me now, any seller in Europe for your fabric (even UK, Holland ??) I'm French, that's why I am asking.
    PS: my favourite are the blossoms and dandelion prints, they really are wonders !

  27. My husband is going to kill me because now I want ALL the patterns and the fabric...your so gifted! The Luna moth is so pretty, but my favorite is the daisy prints, oh I just love them!!!


    Seriously I could cry, I need those so very badly for Disney at Christmas, even tho I know that they are Daisy's, they look so much like the fireworks that make my DD smile and me cry at the awesomeness that is being blessed as a mama to her and her brother.

    Every color way, every piece is just amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on some!

    And that Frieda, hold my heart! That is gorgy!

  29. Everything looks fabulous! I love the tie!!!

  30. Gorgeous Patty! Can't wait to see what your mom has up her sleeve(s)!

  31. My hubby is digging the tie! Now he wants one :)

  32. I can't wait to get my hands on the new patterns & fabric!! I am so jealous of the testers, lucky peeps. All of your fabric has been beautiful, but the Flora & Fauna is really speaking to me. So excited to add to my Patty Young collections.

  33. Hi IL, I'm originally from Normal, IL but I am in FL now. I love the fabrics - great designs and the garments (oh, and the jingle balls). The tie is so gorgeous. I make purses out of 1 tie (from thrift stores). Blessings, Janet

  34. Love everything Patty! Good luck @ Quilt Market:). I'm debating coming, but not sure. I've got to sew a million pumpkins for my Bunco group and that's put a kink in my schedule. Any way have a great time! Paige

  35. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Thank you very much for the extra pics of those designs! :) It made me realize the Dandelion print is even more lovely than I thought! Now I want some to make myself new clothes. ^^ The dark pink and grey ones are my favourites, but all are yummy!
    Love your idea of making a tie! It looks great.

  36. Hi Patty,

    It's so amasing, i love your design so much.
    and, where I can buy your fabrics ?


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