What's in a Name?

I'm still blown away by all the responses we received after I asked for sewing pattern name suggestions. Boy, I should've thought about this long ago! Thank you all for all your ideas! Choosing names was soooo hard for us... there were literally thousands to go through. We grabbed some popcorn & drinks and got cozy in the studio. Jon read the names aloud and I wrote down those we really loved. There were tons of names on that list but we needed to narrow it down some more. At the end we came up with about a dozen must-haves, so you may see your name suggestion pop up here in the near future... you never know!

The 3 winners for this contest were:

SewMentalMama said...
What a great idea for a contest, but I don't know how you are
going to choose between all the great neames suggested. There are four
I would like:

1. Clara or Carla
2. Lucy
3. Nina
4. Emily

nheimberg said...
How about Abigail or Abby. Ruth is a nice classic name also. Natasha is a good one too. :)

Dottie said...
Wow, I think my list could go on and on..how about:
1. Ella
2. Cambrie
3. Stella

I know lots of you suggested these names, but we had to go with the first person who did. Winners, please email your mailing address to info@modkidboutique.com.

In addition to these 3 awesome names, we have a few others we just cannot do without. And I don't know about you, but I'm a visual person so when I heard a name, I immediately envisioned a "look". Like for example, when I heard the name BETTY, I imagined a super cute, retro apron set... like maybe a mother/daughter matching pattern? Then when I heard MARGOT, I thought of an elegant winter coat. PENELOPE could be the elegant party gown to match the coat. And the name MATILDA conjured up all kinds of playful, retro A-line dresses. And then there was LUCY and MAYA and CLAUDIA... oh, so many lovely names! Ahhh... I definitely have my work cut out for me! I better get to designing some Ninas, Abigails, Stellas, Bettys, etc., etc.

Speaking of names, I'd like to introduce you to the 3 lovely young ladies that have occupied most of my time these past few weeks. May I present AVA, ISABEL and JULIA, all due out in October and available for pre-order at Quilt Market (in conjunction with a couple others I'm working on!)


And, of course, you can't have a MODKID Sewing Pattern without the notorious "potty girls" so here they are...


I may be a bit quiet around here while I prepare for the Fall International Quilt Market, coming up in just 4 short weeks. This will be a big one for me because I will be debuting a new fabric collection with Michael Miller Fabrics (more on that soon!) plus a whole new range of sewing patterns.

In the meantime I will be appearing at Sew Much More this Thursday, September 10 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. If you are local to the Central Illinois area, don't miss Sew Much More's OPEN HOUSE. There will be food, drinks and door prizes galore! I will give a short talk around 6:30 then judge a sewing competition. It should be loads of fun so come on out!

1520 E. College Ave. Suite O
Normal, IL, 61761
Phone: 309-452-7659


  1. Annie8:24 PM

    Congrats to the winners! Those new patterns are absolutely FAB! I want 1 of each!!!


  2. I'll see you Thursday night!

  3. yay, they're beautiful! ^__^

    (pssst, if the whim strikes you to design boy clothes, pleeeeease go for it! Imagine the grimm-style possibilities!)

  4. Congrats to the winners - I imagine that was a hard process. Love the new patterns and wishing you all the best at the upcoming Quilt Market!

  5. Anonymous9:18 PM

    I cannot wait for these to be available! I have plans already of what I want to make with them!

  6. Congrats to all three winners!
    Love the new patterns!
    I must say I was very proud to see you may use my one and only name used in the contest "Matilda" later for one of your patterns. I can't believe no-one else mentioned it with it being a popular children's movie a few years back.
    Also, good luck with your quilt show!
    I love your fabrics!!!

    Jamie S.

  7. I love the new patterns!

    Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to you Patty for being able to narrow down the winners.

    So many great submissions!

    I hope you do it again... so fun.

  8. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Wonderful patterns, names and possibilities!
    I was so happy to see my middle daughter's name up there- even if I wasn't the first Abigail, I know she'll be tickled! Super happy to see my Betty up there too!
    Can't wait to get sewing! Looking forward to even more patterns!

  9. Love them Patty and can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  10. Patty,

    Oh my goodness! The new patterns are GORGEOUS! I can't wait to try them out. And the name contest did give you some amazing ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing Nina & more.

  11. Thank you all for the pattern love! :)

    Cathie, I had to look up your blog to see who you were since you mentioned coming to the Open House. OH MY! You were the one who made that adorable baby girl 2-pc. out of Mezzanine! I truly love it! Great job!


  12. Nicki C K11:35 AM

    Just GORGEOUS Patty! I can't wait for the release of these patterns! Congrats!

  13. hi patty,
    Oh, how wonderful to see my girl's name on the post! Margot is such a special girl, she is wonderful and always laughing with her 11 month! I will be a proud mom when i see her name on "a elegant winter coat- pattern"! Congratz to the winners and i cant wait to get them released, i will be sure to order them all for me personally and my shop!


  14. I can't wait to get my hands on the Julia pattern. Love it!

  15. This is amazing!! – I can’t believe you picked one of my names when everybody gave such sweet suggestions.

    I am sooooo delighted that you like the name Nina and absolutely can’t wait to see the pattern.


  16. Oh my goodness, Patty! Great minds must think alike....I also have a Stella and Abigail coming out for Fall Market. Imagine my surprise when I read this post! Of course, mine are for big girls...Stella is a skirt and Abigail is a bag. I thought it was so funny that we gravitated to the same names, though!

  17. I am loving your new patterns Patty and that sneak peek of your new line is awesome! I can't wait to get some. I just did a pattern cover in Mezzanine and I really love the way all of your prints came together.


  18. Kay & Chelsea, thank you so much for visiting and for your lovely comments. I'm so flattered, coming from the "pattern queens" :)

    Kay, great minds do think alike, eh? Can't wait to see you and your lovely new patterns in a couple of weeks.

    Chelsea, I'm honored that you used Mezzanine for your new pattern cover. I saw it and it looks fabulous! THANK YOU! And see you soon too! :)


  19. Anonymous9:22 PM

    When I first glanced over this post, I thought you were expecting a baby!


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