Get Your Own!

haha... I didn't mean that title to sound mean. ;) I just get so many compliments every time I go out with one of my mom's purses that I thought I'd share my source with you so you can get one too. See? Isn't that nice?!

My mom has been at it again and this time she has loaded up her Etsy store with all kinds of new goodies... all made with Michael Miller fabrics.

(click on each photo to be taken to the Etsy listing)

First up is her most popular purse design, this time made with my ModBlooms baby wale corduroy...


She also played around with Laura Gunn's Lantern Bloom fabrics and made a couple of gorgeous purses...



Another version of her most popular design, this time with Michael Miller's Dandy Damask...


A large tote made with corduroy and my Andalucia Mod Dots ribbon...


And finally this sweet little tote, made with lots of Mezzanine, that would be great to take along as a craft purse for those who love to knit or embroider. I also thought this would be perfect as a sleepover bag for a little girl... with plenty of pockets to store her toiletries, toys and treasures!


OH, and she even re-listed her most popular design yet... HERE!

All of the purses shown above are READY MADE and ready to ship. So, go ahead... get your own! :)

Oh, and if you've been wondering what's going on with The Name Game, we're still working on it. This week we've been a little busy but I promise to choose the winners soon. Contest isn't closed yet, so if you still have suggestions... go ahead and leave them under the Name Game post.


  1. Oh - that birdcage bag is to-die-for! I got the one she made in Mezzanine (the blue/green one) and I love it.
    The size is perfect for me. I can even fit my lunch into it.

    I would love that bird cage one ... I'll have to look into that ...

    Did your mom design the bag herself? Or is it possible to find the pattern somewhere?

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Wow...I guess talent doesn't fall far from the tree! :) Those are gorgeous, as are your fabrics.

  3. Annie9:39 PM

    LOVE them all!!! I couldn't even pick a favorite... and I see she's already sold some! Way to go, mama!


  4. Wow...great bags!I love all!

  5. Such beautiful work. I'm going to go check out your Mom's shop now!

  6. So cute! I can see where you get your talent from....

  7. Wow! These purses are gorgeous!
    I am not a purse gal, but I'd proudly take one of these.

  8. Wonderful colors, wonderful fabrics !
    Ciao, elena°*°

  9. Um I'm in LOVE!! Adding to my Birthday wish list right now!!!

  10. Beautiful!! Love the fabrics.. Mom did a great job and I see where you get the talent.

  11. Love them all!Great bags!


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