Happy Halloween!

Sophie had a very specific request. She not only wanted to be a WITCH but she came to me with a design in hand and said (her words) "No ruffles. No sparkles. No frills!" She explained that she didn't want any pretty details or fancy fabrics... that she just wanted a plain ol' witch.


I headed out to our local fabric store to find the plainest black jersey I could find and resisted my urges to embellish. After all, this was her Halloween costume and I had to respect her wishes. She was really happy with the outcome... and so am I! :)


These are from the Halloween party at her school yesterday...


And the costume parade. Happy Sophie = Success!


When I approached Sydney about her Halloween costume, it was a totally different story. She said she wanted to be Tinkerbell. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Me: "Do you want ruffles?"
Sydney: "YES!"
Me: "Do you want sparkles?"
Sydney: "YESSS!"
Me: "Do you want frills?"
Sydney: "Uhm. What are frills?"
Me: "Well, ya know, like lots of extra special things to make the costume extra pretty..."
Sydney: "YESSSSSSS!"

So here's what I came up with: (excuse the dead flowers... although right now they kinda fit the Haunted House mood! haha)


Sydney is thrilled with her costume! (SUCCESS x 2!)


And before you ask, nope, I didn't make the wings (although I have made some before). These are old wings I bought at Gymbo several years back.


Sparkly fairy shoes from Target...


Now off to get ready for trick-or-treating. I'll probably post more pics tomorrow. But I'll definitely be blog-surfing to see what you all are doing! Feel free to post a link in the comments section if you have something extra special you'd like to share! I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

Feeling a tad lazy and sugar-logged on this Sunday afternoon so rather than writing a whole new blog post, I'll just add the trick-or-treating pics down here...


LOVE this one!


After a couple of houses, I lost my precious natural light so this is the only good one I got of the actual trick-or-treating action...


Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!!!


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Oh ... good girl listening to her daughters ;)

    I like the outcome of both costumes ... I agree with Sophie, that a witch does not need frills, sparks or such fluff ... but on the Sydney costume all the above are essential ;)

    Happy Halloween and a successful "Trick or Treat" for your girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u know the banana from Luxembourg ;)

  2. Annie5:12 PM

    FANTASTIC! What lucky girls! Happy Halloween to you and yours. I love coming here...


  3. Adorable! Wow...you are so very talented! I love the design your daughter drew for you...too cute! they look great! Happy Halloween!

  4. Oh Patty... your girls are so adorable!!

    Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!

  5. haha..i can totally see my daughter saying the "no mom, don't go crazy on my costume!!" love the pictures and the costumes!!
    Happy Halloween

  6. Lovely costumes. My baby girl was a cupcake fairy. It's going to be hard for me when she starts to have opinions about her costumes.

  7. Thank you all for stopping by! We just got back from 1.5 hours trick-or-treating and I am exhausted (and fighting the urge to eat all these sweets!)


  8. i know that i've mentioned this before (along the lines of my toddler thinking your little girl was princess jasmine), but i will say it again (and i know as a mom myself, you never tire of hearing it)...your daughter is beautiful. just gorgeous. and i would love to trade hair with sophie!

  9. Patty, I am so thrilled with the way my little Emma's witch pattern turned out! I used your "Emma" pattern, and I have to say, it was so easy! Not to mention darling! Thanks so much:). Looks like you had a great Halloween also. Your girls are darling! Have a great day~Paige

  10. Oh man I love that tinkerbell costume!

    I had a grumpy chicken!

  11. SO beautiful! Check out my boys if you get a chance! http://buddhataxi.blogspot.com/

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  13. Awwwww!! LOVE the costumes! I love making my kids' costumes every year :D Trying to link y blog, but I guess I can't... www.vincens.typepad.com

  14. I love the girl's designs on costumes! Must be inherited. :) Happy Belated Halloween!

  15. Your girls are just gorgeous! They look like they adore those fabulous costumes, too ;o) I only managed to make costumes for 2 of my 5, which kinda disappointed the teenager, but the boys didn't care at all ;o)

    Oooh - I'm working on a Frida right now because my kindergartener requested it for school. Only problem is that it has to be khaki, black, or navy, per uniform standards. But they never said no ruffles or frills or special details lol! I just feel so wrong cutting that fun pattern out of one single, solid fabric...

  16. Beautiful Girls and the costumes are adorable.. Love the drawing your daughter drew, precious..

  17. Hello Patty...
    I am sure you have heard this millions times....Your doters are gorgeous and uber cute! Both have very different characters it seems...
    just like my 2 doters as well!

    Well, this is what we did for halloween every year!


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