Yup. It's definitely Autumn.


My favorite season of the year and it completely snuck up on me. I chaperoned a field trip for Sydney's pre-school class this morning to a local family-owned pumpkin farm. We all had a great time, despite the frustrating start of my day. If you follow me on Twitter you know that my SUV's keyless entry system decided to fail on me at the last minute and the car pretty much went on shut down mode. The alarm started blaring and all doors locked up. No matter what button I pushed, they would not open up. Finally it occurred to me to check the back/trunk door and it opened for me but that meant that I had to crawl through the back of the car while the alarm blared away in the parking lot of Sydney's school just to get to the ignition... good times!

After the field trip was over, I decided to drive straight to Jon's work to see if he could figure out what was the deal with this darn car but of course the car was at its best behavior in front of Jon. ARGH! Made me even more angry! Those of you who have ever worked in the corporate world will sympathize with me when I say that it was just like when your computer starts acting up and you call tech support but it acts perfectly fine when they show up. They always look at you like you're either dumb or crazy and mutter something under their breath like "user error"... blech!

But I digress, the field trip was such a wonderful experience for the kids. They got to watch a movie and munch on some popcorn...


We took a hay ride and saw a corn maze and a pumpkin field...


It cracks me up that every time I point the camera at Sydney she strikes a pose (I have her well trained, eh?!)



But actually my favorite pictures of her were the more candid ones...



They saw farm animals...


Played on the hay stacks...


And in the soy bean mounds...


Took a [very wind-blown] class picture...


And even got to take a pumpkin home... hmmm... which one should I choose?!


OK. This one!


Next up will be Halloween pictures. YIPPEE!! This year, after a very frustrating and unsuccessful trip to our local costume store where all we found was a bunch of poorly-made over-priced CRAP, I decided to make their costumes from scratch. Both girls had very specific and detailed requests (hmmm, I wonder who they get that from?) Sophie will be going as a witch and Sydney will be Tinkerbell. I didn't have time to make myself anything new so I'll just grab an old costume from the closet. Check back in a couple of days for pics!

What are you and/or your kids dressing up as this year?


  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    She just keeps growing! Miss you guys! Can't wait to see the girls in their their Halloween attire!

    Alicia & Sean (AKA uncle stinky shoes)

  2. Beautiful photos! Sydney looks fantastic... great outfit! I am truly jealous of your photography skills!

  3. Great pics...my girls will be a dragon and a fairy

  4. My 16 month old will be a cupcake fairy. I love that she doesn't have an opinion yet.

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  6. So cute Patty! BTW I just finished Emma's Halloween costume ( a Witch) using your EMMA pattern. It's was so easy to follow. Definitely the easiest Halloween costume pattern I have every used! Great job! Now I've got to order more patterns. I'll post pic's on my blog and your Flickr ASAP:) Happy Halloween!

  7. Han was going to be a pirate, but since we've been sick (thanks to her brother who came home from college with the flu), we've decided to use the fabric to make her a vampire-ish costume for Studio J Photography's Twilight movie night next month.
    Now, where is this farm? Is it Curtis or Tanners? Or somewhere closer?
    You make beautiful, babies, girl.

  8. Thank you all for the comments!

    Alicia... she sure is growing fast! Too fast for my comfort level! ;)

    Paige... oooh, I can't wait to see how Emma looks all witchied out! Please share as soon as you have pics!

    Beth... the field trip was to Raders Farm http://www.raderfamilyfarms.com/


  9. It looks like you had the PERFECT trip to the pumpkin patch =D Hate that about your car, though - what a pain!

    This year, I have a baby vampire, a little Spider-Man, a tiny Rosetta (Tinkerbell movie, if you didn't already know), a tweenaged ghostly bride, and a teenage daughter that I think is going as, well, a sulky teen lol!

  10. I agree, the pumpkin farm photos are beautiful. The lighting is just perfect. We bought all our costumes this year. The kids will be Princess Leia, Clone Trooper, and Hooded Guy with Glowing Eyes. Alan is going to be MC Hammer and I'm going to be a random 80's pop star.

  11. 11 y.o. is Nancy Drew
    10 y.o. is an ear of corn
    8 y.o. is Rebecca Rubin, her new AG doll
    7 y.o. is Cindy Brady

    Hubbie & I will be Mac & PC, shhh! The girls don't know we're dressing up. We want to surprise them!

  12. Anonymous11:05 AM

    oh ... brilliant pictures!

    I loooove the outfit Sydney is wearing ... I bet she had a brilliant day!!

    Well, Luxembourg doesn't celebrate Halloween as the US do, but we are invited tpo a small Halloween Party so, Linus will be a Gost and Madita "Jane Austen" ... hahahahaha

    Happy Halloween from Luxembourg



  14. I have 3 boys and they are all going to be ninjas that I made. Last year we did a Peter Pan theme with my neighbors 2 girls, I love H-ween.

  15. You take such great photos! Sydney looks like she had lots of fun... :o)
    I make my kid's costumes every year since my daughter was 2 ; she is 10 now. This year my daughter is a court jester in purple, lime green and red with black/white harlequin as the liner/peek-a-boo fabric. Lost of fun! My son wanted to be a solder in army greens. I sometimes wish they would want a costume from the store. Then like you, I see the poor quality and change my mind very quickly. Besides, it makes for better childhood memories. Have fun trick-or-treating!!!

  16. OK. She is seriously WAY too cute! Darling pics!

  17. Having a great time reading about all the costumes! I'd love to see them!!

    The Mac & PC ones are cracking me up... that could totally be me & Jon!!!

    Thank you all for stopping by... even all the way from Luxembourg! WOW! :)


  18. Your photos (and daughter!) are beautiful. Would you mind telling me what kind of a lens you use for those gorgeous portraits that you take?

  19. Gretchen,

    Thank you for your compliment! I have 2 lenses that I carry with me at all times... a 50mm f1.4 and a 35mm f2.0. I use the 50 for close-ups and the 35 for group shots. Hope that helps!


  20. Great Costumes. My youngest daughter was Little Witchie Poo and my oldest was Butterfly Beauty. Both costumes came from Chasing Fireflies. And they both had the sparkly shoes from Target also.

    The field trip looks like fun. Must be the week for field trips. My oldest daughter's class went to Green Meadow Farms and also got pumpkins.

  21. The Sydney pics are so gorgeous (I think your photos have started down the absolutley striking lane recently! Good work!), the Halloween costumes perfect and crafts are so darn cute! Well done, lady! I am cracking up picturing you crawling thru the back of your suv...at least you weren't in your pj's!
    Happy Halloween!

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  23. Sydney definitely looks like the best dressed in her class! Thanks for sharing these great photos...I think I missed this one its first out of the block. Loved the costume post too!

  24. I love the pictures! I'm a little late in reply but Kate is 6 and went as Hermione using an HP cape they found at a garage sale. My 10 yo went as a jester wearing a mask and his oversize Orange County Chopper jacket.

  25. The fabric in your daughters shirt is beautiful! Would you mind sharing what the fabric is called and who the designer is?

  26. Thank you all for the comments!

    Kristin Finch, the outfit Sydney is wearing is from my newest fabric collection, Flora & Fauna, out in stores SOON! You can view the entire collection here:




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