When the cat's away...

... the mice (and their grandma) will play! Check out these adorable Halloween crafts my mom made with the kids while Jon and I were down in Houston for Quilt Market!



1 medium-size pumpkin
1 can of gloss black spray paint
1 package of pipe cleaners (extra fuzzy black pipe cleaners found at Hobby Lobby)
2 large googly eyes (also found at Hobby Lobby)
Small piece of red cardboard, felt or fabric for mouth

Spray your pumpkin black and let it dry overnight. Use a toothpick or wooden skewer to poke 4 little holes on each side of the pumpkin near the bottom. Insert one end of a pipe cleaner in each hole and shape the "legs," as seen in the picture. Dab a little glue on the back of each googly eye and place on the pumpkin. Cut out a funny mouth shape and glue to the pumpkin. Let eyes and mouth dry overnight.



1 medium-size pumpkin
1 can of gloss green spray paint
Black yarn
1 mini witch hat (found at Hobby Lobby in the craft department)
2 large googly eyes (also found at Hobby Lobby)
Black sharpie marker or black tempera paint
Pumpkin carving knife

Spray your pumpkin green and let it dry overnight. Dab a line of glue on top of the pumpkin and lay the black yarn over the pumpkin's top. Shape and trim "hair" around face. Place mini-witch's hat over hair and glue in place. Dab a little glue on the back of each googly eye and place on the pumpkin. Using a pumpkin carving knife, carve out a funny mouth shape and fill in the negative space with a black marker or paint. Let eyes, hair and hat dry overnight.

And my personal favorite...



3 latex balloons
3 plastic cups
1 package white cheesecloth
White glue
6 large googly eyes (found at Hobby Lobby)

Blow up your 3 balloons in different sizes. Place each balloon on top of a plastic cup for added height. Layer the cheesecloth over the balloons and trim to size at the bottom. You'll need at least 6 layers of cheesecloth for each ghost. Prepare a mixture of half white glue and half water in a large bowl (it should look like skim milk). Dip each layer of cheesecloth in the glue mixture, squeeze out excess liquid and drape over your balloon, shaping as needed. Repeat for each layer of cheesecloth. Alternate sides, as seen in the picture, so that the corners of the cheesecloth cover the bottom of the ghost. After all ghosts are draped, dab a little white glue to the back of your googly eyes and place on the face. Let ghosts dry overnight. The balloon will peel off easily the next day and the cheesecloth will be stiff enough for your ghosts to stand on their own!

For an added spooky effect, use clear fishing wire to hang the ghosts from light fixtures around the house. :)


(pssst... in case you're interested, my mom just listed some Flora & Fauna goodies in her Etsy shop!)


  1. Annie4:26 PM

    Awww... these are adorable! Looks like your kids had fun with grandma. What a great feeling that must be! Off to check out your mom's shop (always fun stuff to see there!) ;)


  2. Thanks, Annie! Yes, part of me always worries sick about leaving them for so many days but the other part of me knows that they'll be spending quality time with grandma and having a great time. :)


  3. Adorable!!! I am going to try those ghosts at home - the kids will have fun making those i think. Thanks for posting the instructions :)

  4. Your mom is amazing! What a fun grandma to have! I'm just happy when my mom folds my laundry (which is no small task)!

  5. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Gracious! How darling! Now we know where you get it from!

    Sewing a Kyoko right now! So darn cute! Good pattern. Easy to follow.

  6. These crafts are adorable! What a wonderful way to spend time with grandma ... memories in the making! I have to tell you how happy (and sad) it was to see that many of the craft supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby! I LOVE Hobby Lobby....when I lived in Illinois (Mundelein), Hobby Lobby was about 5 minutes from my house! Now that I live in North Carolina....not a Hobby Lobby to be found! (Boo Hoo!!)

  7. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I think the ghosts are fantastic ...& so easy!

  8. Wow, super cool! I can see where your craftiness comes from. :) I bet the kids had fun crafting with their grandmother.

  9. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Yeah, I think they had a good time. :)

  10. Love these little projects! The ghosts are my favorite too!

  11. I love the ghosts. What talent.


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