Oh, Stella!

I've been itching to have my own purse pattern since I started MODKID. I am a bag freak – own several dozens of them — but there was just one problem: I'm not a bag maker. I had (note: past tense) never made a purse, mostly because my mom always made them for me, so why bother, right? So, naturally, I turned to the expert for this one. Many of you have purchased Marieliz Creations purse designs on Etsy and have been clamoring for a pattern from her. Well here it is!


My mom and I stayed up late one night chatting on the phone about purse designs ideas. And if you know me, you know I was talking a million miles an hour and jumping from one thing to the other. Our conversation went something like this:

ME: I want it to be a structured bag... ya know... the kind that stand on their own... not slouchy.
ME: And... I want it to have a cell phone pocket... on the outside... so I don't have to dig in my purse to find the phone every time it rings.
MOM: Uh-huh
ME: Oh, but I also want it to have some pockets on the inside... at least 2... so I can put my car keys and my chapstick and other things in them...
MOM: Yup.
ME: I also want it to have only 1 handle because when I wear purses with 2 handles, one of them always falls of the shoulder and it is so annoying...
MOM: OK, listen, sounds like you really know what you want, so why don't you just send me a drawing and some dimensions and I'll go from there...

So, I did. I sent her this...


And then I thought we should offer some more options so I also sent her this...


Mom went to work on this idea. There was silence for about a week and then she resurfaced with an awesome pattern that just made me tear up in excitement. AND... this sewn sample:

Stella by Maria Prann

I couldn't believe how my drawing had come to life, not one detail overlooked! The handle, the pockets, the shape, the size... all was there, just right! I digitized all of her drawings in Illustrator and typeset her instructions in inDesign and then the inevitable... I was gonna have to sew up my very first purse. SCARY! I needed to (whether I wanted to or not) because I had to make the step-by-step mechanical drawings and how could I draw them if I didn't even know how the darn thing went together? So I did.

I made my very first purse (so friggin' proud!):

Stella by Patty Young2

And the other side showing the patchwork design:

Stella by Patty Young

Then the true test came... my pattern testers. I sent the test pattern to Valerie Haberer, and she sent me this beauty back:

Stella by Valerie Haberer

Then I sent it to Amy Priddy and I got this gorgeousness back:

Stella by Amy Priddy

What more could I ask for? Sooooo gorgeous! And just how I envisioned it, down to the very last detail! I went to work on finishing up the pattern edits based on my testers' awesome feedback, played around with a few cover shot options...

Three Stellas

... and VOILA! May I present to you STELLA: Modern Handbag sewing pattern.


This, and all of our new patterns, are currently up for pre-order on the wholesale portion of our website only (new patterns are only viewable after you log in). Retailers, log in using your email and password to place your order. New patterns will be in stock the first week of May. Consumers, please check with your favorite retailer and see if they've ordered the new MODKID patterns. See the bottom of this page for a list of retailers that currently stock MODKID patterns.

Next up... Mini-Nina! :)

**UPDATE** Forgot to show a top view of the bags. They close up with a zipper. :) Thanks to Rebecca for reminding me in the comments section.

Stella-View from the top


  1. This is the one I've been truly waiting for! I admit I was stalking your Flickr and blog just waiting for the information. Stella is gorgeous... off to find out who will carry it!


    P.S. I'm a bag freak too! :)

  2. What a great pattern! Kudos to you & your mom! It's a great way to showcase your beautiful fabrics, too!

  3. Great pattern. The Stella bag looks beautiful.

  4. Patty, you definitely have another winner! I loved the pattern and love the finished product even more!

  5. Wow! How wonderful! I too love bags, but don't want to make them. Your pattern looks great - a nice mixture of designs!

  6. What an exciting process of an idea evolving! Great pattern!

  7. Thank you all for stopping by and for your comments.

    SillyMama, if you don't want to make one yourself, keep checking my mom's Etsy store (link in the post). She will be selling some ready-made purses from this design for those who don't wish to make it. :)


  8. Those turned out just lovely!

  9. Love it! I will definitely be making one for myself as soon as I can get my hands on the pattern!

  10. Love it!! Do you have any pictures of the top of the bag? How does it close? I am a complete bag-a-holic and can't wait to have a go at this one!!!

  11. I love the playful use of the fabrics on the Stella, the stripes and squares with a solid panel, great stuff.

    But then I saw that one sentence at the end of the post...the one that made my heart skip a beat..."mini-Nina"! I can hardly wait, thanks so much!

  12. Thank you all! So happy you like Stella.

    Rebecca, the purse closes up with a zipper. I just added a picture of the top view to the bottom of this blog post. Thanks for asking!

    Victoria, Mini-Nina details are coming on Wednesday. She is so cute! :)


  13. Gorgeous!!! Yet another one to add to my wish list :)

  14. Love love love it..
    Congrats on your first bag...this is what i love about sewing you can make anything you want and customisation isnt a problem..arent we lucky we know how to sew?!

    This is defintely high on my wish list..

  15. Okay Okay! Of course I'm going to need this pattern!! Don't know how many purses I've made (definately over 100) but this one is sooo adorable! Especially like the black one since I use alot of black and always try to throw in some colorful polka dots! Well done Patty and mom!!!!

  16. What an adorable bag! I love the the size of the bag. Super cute!!

  17. Nicki C K11:53 PM

    OH MY GOSH Patty, you never cease you amazing me! THANK YOU! I really, REALLY want to make this bag! LOVE IT! Thanks to your Mom too--she ROCKS!
    I swear, every time you post new patterns I want to take a week off work just to make them all and the variations! One of these days I really need to post to the flickr group!

  18. The Stella bag is gorgeous, I love it! Congratulations on making your very first bag too, you should be proud, it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing the process with us, it's nice to know how it all comes about:)

  19. What a gorgeous bag!
    I hardly ever comment on weblogs, but I just had to compliment you with this great idea. I love it. I'm a beginner sewer, but my mum's not and with her help this should be my first sewn bag. Can't wait for the pattern to be released! :D

    One tiny suggestion: maybe design a wallet to go with it? My current wallet matches a bag I bought one day and I love the concept. Would love to see your idea on a wallet to go with this bag :).

  20. Wow, I love these. I hope your mom makes them because I would love one!!


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