Pattern Reveal: Mini-Nina

Valerie has done it again! She has waved her magic wand and miniaturized another one of our sewing patterns... and we are just tickled pink! Nina is one of our best selling patterns, not to mention the easiest to sew and most versatile. Now, we are pleased to present Mini-Nina, dolly-sized all-season's peasant top and easy-peasy skirt for your 15" and 18" doll. Yes, this pattern will fit all your American Girl Dolls, My Generation, Bitty Twins and Build-A-Bears.


Check out how cute the "Just Like Me" pictures look. Here is Melissa Baker's adorable daughter with her AGD modeling the sleeveless versions...


Sydney and her dolly are wearing the short-sleeved version...


And Sophie and her dolly are sporting the long-sleeved version...


My other tester, Ellie Roberts, made one of each... aren't they sweet!?!


Mini-Nina, together with the other 3 new patterns, are available NOW for wholesale pre-order on our website (new patterns are only viewable after you log in). Retailers, log in using your email and password to place your order. New patterns will be in stock the first week of May. Consumers, please check with your favorite retailer and see if they've ordered the new MODKID patterns. See the bottom of this page for a list of retailers that currently stock MODKID patterns.


Come back and see us tomorrow for THE MOTHER OF ALL GIVEAWAYS! ('nuff said!) ;)


  1. These are so cute!

  2. Annie2:43 PM

    Love this one too!

  3. Oh Patty I didn't want to be pushy but I have been stalking the site ever since you said there would be a Mini-Nina reveal on Wednesday! It was worth waiting the extra day...I love them!

    I don't think I can wait for them to come in to our local shop I will have to order on line!

    Thanks so much to Valerie and her magical shrinking wand!

  4. Oh my!! These are awesome!

  5. So sweet! Waiting on my mini Kyoko to arrive now! :)

    Can't wait to hear tomorrow's surprise....oooohhh!!!!

  6. Thank you all. Stalkers welcome too... haha.

    As we always do, we give retailers plenty of time to place the new patterns in their shops before we do on ours, so you may want to check with your favorite online store. Based on the orders we've been getting this week, it seems they all will have it, so you shouldn't have a problem finding Mini-Nina or any of the others. :)

    Mother of all giveaways coming up. Need to sit down and do this right now! :)


  7. Ahhh! I just barely ordered the Ava and Kyoko yesterday to go along with the mini Frida I bought last month. You are killing me with this cuteness! I make clothes for my and my daughters' dolls and I also sew things to sell on Etsy. Thank you so much for providing me with gorgeous, well drafted patterns and lots of inspiration!

    ...I just shared this link with my friends at the American Girl Playthings message board, there are a lot of amazing seamstresses who will be thrilled to see this!

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