WDT, Part 1: Atlanta
Intown Quilters

I'm finally back from my whirlwind Tour of the South (part of my World Domination Tour). There was lots of driving, eating, drinking, talking, world-cup-game-watching, and even though I didn't do any shopping (shocking, I know) I did come home with lots of nifty goodies thanks to the generosity of some pretty awesome ladies we met.

On the evening of Wednesday, July 7th, Jon and I walked in the door of one of the most awesome quilt shops I've ever laid eyes on: Intown Quilters, in Decatur, GA. I was immediately drawn to this section of the store right near the front, not sure why....


I loved how Sarah & team had the store laid out, so organized and pretty. There was a rainbow of fabric bolts and colorful baskets filled with fat quarter bundles that you could just grab & go...


Everywhere you looked there were sewn samples and neat store displays like this one...


This store is a crafter's paradise, with an immense selection of fabric, patterns and books to choose from. They even had trims & notions galore, including the full collection of Andalucia jacquard ribbons and Michael Miller printed bias tapes...


You step downstairs and it's a whole other world with a huge room dedicated to classes. This is where we spent most of our evening. The sweet and talented (and soon to be published author) Mary Abreu, of Flourishes fame, introduced me. It cracks me up how much shorter I am than her even though I'm wearing like 3" espadrilles and she's wearing flats!


I talked and talked and talked some more to a room filled to the brim with sweet Southern women. I'm not sure what I'm doing in this next photo... I'm either "raising the roof" or explaining just how big something was. Hey, I'm Hispanic... I talk with my hands!


We brought a full trunk show of MODKID samples for show & tell, and sweet Mary was the perfect Vana White.


I spliced two audience photos to try to show the whole room... not my best Photoshop work but you get the idea.


After the presentation, video and giveaways, it was time for photos...


And of course we had to take a group shot before leaving... here are Intown Quilters' employees and friends in front of the Wall o' Patty Young.


What a wonderful time we had! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Sarah Phillips and Mary Abreu for putting this event together and for your wonderful Southern hospitality!! And thanks to all who attended that evening! xoxo

stay tuned for more tour photos...


  1. All of the colors are so very lovely....love, love, LOVE!!! Go lady go!!!

  2. What a fabulous looking store! I'm sure everyone had such a fun time!

  3. Thank you for sharing the fun photos! I always enjoy seeing other quilt shops.

  4. Darn, Decatur, GA isn't all that far from me. I wish I had known you were going to be there.

  5. Love that wall of Patty Young...what a great display!

  6. The shop looks devine, but I'm really loving your skirt.

  7. wow, what a gorgeous shop!! and it looks like it was a wonderful time was had by all! Good luck on the next leg of your World Domination Tour! (is there a trip to Oz on the agenda?!) and Patty, Patty, Patty!!!, I am not above begging, design some Christmas fabric for me!! :o)!!!!!
    Hugs, Jen xo

  8. That display is gorgeous. Everything is gorgeous. I love your skirt too.

  9. Thank you all for the comments! The store was fantastic indeed, hope I get to visit again. And I am so glad to hear props for the skirt... this will be part of a new sewing pattern design for women! Stay tuned! :)

  10. Well, your pictures sure make the shop look nice. You must have really inspired folks to buy a lot of you fabric because the shelves look really empty right then.
    We loved having you here! Thanks for coming!

  11. Awww... thanks, Sarah! Glad you were able to sell a lot of fabric that night! :)

  12. Thanks for a wonderful evening. You are so wonderfully talented and very inspiring.

    As promised I posted pics on my blog. Just a bit later than I thought.


  13. Thanks so much for the kind words, Andrea! It was a pleasure meeting you!! :)


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