They grow up so fast!

My little Potty Girls are all grown up and demanding their very own MODKID wardrobe. The new ModGirls are hip, chic, sophisticated and just a tad Beyonce's Single Ladies. Stay tuned for a full MODKID Fall 2010 Pattern Reveal coming up in the next few weeks. Our testers are hard at work testing all versions of all patterns to make sure the sizing is accurate and everything sews up the way it should.

Of course, all of this sewing has generated a huge pile of scraps, so as promised here are the scrap bag contest winners... thank you for all the comments! picked #46 and #145 out of 153 comments.

Blogger #46
FeatherBunkle said...
Your girls look so cute for their first day back to school! My gals still have a few weeks of summer left and they’re living it up every chance that they can get.
As much as I’ll miss my older two girls during the days when they go back to school I am looking forward to having a quiet and (mostly) tidy house again! I’ll still have two at home to keep me company though so no tears!
9:01 PM

Blogger #145
Sew Pretty Dresses said...
Your girls are precious! I have one more year and my daughter(she is also my youngest) will be in kinder too. Sniff. I just got some of your knits to make some samples for a local shop. Girl they are SO HEAVENLY SOFT!!! Love em! I bought a little extra since I have not worked with knits to practice with. So exciting!
10:28 AM

Please contact me at your earliest convenience. You will each receive an assortment of knits and quilting cottons scraps from the studio. CONGRATS!!!


  1. I can't wait!!

    And how exactly does one become a tester for future endeavors?? :)

  2. Hey Patty--I'm beyond thrilled to have won something from your coveted scraps! You can email me @ mapakunk @ yahoo
    ::happy dance::

  3. Annie2:58 PM

    WOW! She sure is Mod and Posh and all of the above. I've seriously been waiting 2 years for this! YAY, modkid patterns for meeeee! LOVEEE!


  4. GET OUT!!!! GET OUT! I WON!?! You are not going to believe this, I have been tracing patterns today and reading up on tips on sewing with knits to sew YOUR KNITS!! The samples I was talking about! Oh yay! And a big hug and a thank you girl! So exciting! And I am REALLY excited about the new knit patterns. You know how much I love your patterns. You make it all so easy peasy. Thank you again!

  5. Sooo if we make these new little dresses does that mean we are gonna look as good as Beyonce and her dancers? Better start practicing putting my hands on my hips like her just in case....

  6. liz.fancher@yahoo.com4:53 PM

    The new patterns look fun. I can't wait!

  7. Your ModGirl is great! Looking forward the patterns you have in store for us!

  8. Anonymous11:19 PM

    I am so excited!! Can't wait to actually try something for me!! Hope we don't have to wait too long for a peak??

    And if you ever need a beginner/ intermediate sewer to test something, I'm your girl:)

  9. Looking forward to seeing some tween type patterns...they can be tricky to find!


  10. Wow, can't wait for them to come out! I'm so excited! You are one busy woman!

  11. Hi all! Thanks so much for the sweet comments and sorry I dropped off the face of the Earth. We are working on some pretty cool stuff that I cannot wait to share. It'll be soon, soon, I hope (at least within the next 2 weeks! )



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