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I'm taking a teensy-tiny break from Quilt Market prep because I just received my copy of the latest issue of American Quilt Retailer magazine and I want to tell you all about it. Have you all seen this publication?! For anyone in the quilting, textiles or sewing business it's THE industry pub to read. It is chock full of useful info like product reviews, free patterns and expert advice on a multitude of topics from networking to setting up store displays to the hottest industry events and tradeshows to attend.

The November 2010 issue (Vol 16, Issue 96) features our first ad of many to come on page 22, featuring the amazing photography of Stephanie Lynn Photos...


And on page 64, I've written a 2-page article on Sewing With Knits, geared especially toward the textiles retailer, with a little sneak peek of my new Sanctuary knits available this Fall through Michael Miller Fabrics. Learn tips and tricks on how to demystify knits and arm your customers with the information they need to know to start sewing with knits.


Even if you don't consider yourself a "large business", this publication will help you get started and grow your business. There is even an article on buying and selling on Etsy! To subscribe to American Quilt Retailer, follow this link.

I also wanted to let you all know that our Fall 2010 Patterns are in stock and ready to ship! WOOHOOO! Retailers, if you haven't already done so, you can now place your orders online by logging into our wholesale page. Consumers, check out our list of preferred retailers at the bottom of this page to purchase our new patterns.

If you'll be attending Quilt Market next weekend, please stop by Booth 931-933 to see all of our new products including our newest fabric collections... and stay tuned for a full reveal coming up next here on the blog...


  1. More knits! Hooray!

  2. Annie1:37 PM

    WOW! I didn't know about this mag. You are always in the know, Patty! Your ad and article look wonderful... off to check out the link! Best of luck at Quilt Market next week... I'm sure your booth will be stunning as always. :)


  3. Looks like a neat publication.

  4. Thanks for sharing your insight and expertise, Patty. Have fun at the Quilt Market and and safe travels.

  5. Thank you all for your comments!


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