We listen!

Since the moment we launched our MODKID sewing pattern collection, now nearly two years ago, we have been listening to your feedback, taking notes and planning ways to offer the best possible product out there.

The 3 most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our sewing patterns are:

  1. Can you make them in larger sizes? (our first 10 patterns went up to size 7)
  2. Can you include the sizing chart on the back page? (these were generally located on page 2)
  3. Can you break up the fabric requirements by component/piece? (the fabric requirements were shown as a whole, not broken up by piece)

These were all valid requests and we've made it our purpose to address each and every one of them in all the new patterns we launch but also in new re-prints of popular, now sold-out, patterns.

As you know, our new girls' patterns, Maddie and Penny, do go up to a size 10, which is 3 sizes larger than our first generation of patterns, and we've also designed women's versions of these patterns, Madeline and Penelope (in sizes XS - XL), to satisfy another popular demand. And I should also point out that all new patterns also include detailed sizing charts and fabric requirements on the back page as you requested.

But in addition to the new patterns, we've also reprinted two of our most popular first generation patterns that were currently sold-out, Emma and Frida.



As you see above, the new and improved patterns showcase the latest fabric line on the cover (more on that soon, I promise!) to give them a longer shelf-life and now go up to a size 10... YIPPEE!

The back pages have also received a whole new facelift! Let's take Frida for example...


As you see, the top row of inspiration photos has been updated to show garments made with fabric collections that are currently available in stores (the old version of Frida only showed garments made with Andalucia, which is now retired.) The potty girls now have faces, as opposed to the faceless versions on older patterns. But most importantly, the fabric requirements chart now shows the yardage broken up by piece, just in case you want to make the sleeves, hem band and pocket in a different fabric than the main skirt and bodice. And, last, but not least, the sizing chart is now on the back page and shows US and Euro sizes in addition to the child's height, to cover all bases.

Hope you are pleased with these improvements. As older clothing patterns go into out-of-stock status, we will try to address all your concerns and hopefully launch with a better product every time.

RETAILERS: You can pre-order new Frida and Emma for your store by logging into the wholesale portion of our website. Together with our new Fall 2010 patterns, these will be in stock and ready to ship by the end of October.


  1. I, for one, have been one of your fans always requesting larger sizes. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Oh, you're so good to us, Patty!
    Love the new covers, BTW!!!


  3. they look great - I will be ordering my shop :)

  4. Sorry if this comes through twice, I'm having internet problems.

    Everything looks great! Is there any way/chance we could get a copy of the back (for fabric breakdowns) if we already own the pattern?

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  5. WOW, awesome job! Your girls look so big on the new covers!

  6. I cannot tell you how HAPPY I am about you going up in sizes. I think size 10 is perfect(now watch, my baby will be a size 10 one day and I will be begging for 12!! Hahaha)Just pleeaaase upsize the Kyoko. I can see myself making it every year. I still get lots of glow about the Kyoko's I made. And can you come out with a mommy version? I get lots of, "Does that come in an adult size?" I know I would wear an adult variation of it! I would say that is the most popular thing I make. That and the Feliz. And can I say I adore the new fabrics! I love the fabrics in the Emma in particular. The petals are perfect!
    Okay and I will tell Quilt Haus you patterns go up to bigger sizes. That it actually something she looks for when buying patterns for her shop. Thank you girl!

    Oh OH and so funny! Yesterday my husband came in humming "Rock Lobster" Seriously??? What are the odds?? Especially since he doesn't listen to anything but classical! He heard it on a radio I had on in the other room.

  7. Thank you all!

    Sarah, great idea! I'll go ahead and post those fabric req. charts on the website for all to reference. Just give me until tonight.... I need to create the web graphics and give to our webmaster (a.k.a. Jon) to update the site. ;)

    Jenny, how funny about your hubby! I love that song!

    Kyoko is next on our list to offer in larger sizes. Next time we re-print, it'll be done! :) As for adult Kyokos, I need to seriously consider it since we do get that question a lot. Maybe if I make it with knits it won't look quite so juvenile. I'll think about it. :)


  8. Thanks Patty, I'd appreciate it! And you're so on top of things. :)

  9. замечательный блог!))

  10. Thank-you SO much for the wonderful improvements. I am especially excited by the new sizes on those two patterns, neither of which I had purchased yet, as my daughter is just getting too big. I cannot wait to order them now!!!

  11. Awesome! Thank you so much. My little girls and I adore your patterns. These updates are fantastic and the new materials look great, too!

  12. how beautiful everything looks!! i cant wait to get ahold of the lemon print, so perfect for us here in south florida!! and i have made so many pairs of leggings from your knits, so i will be adding those new prints in knits for those too!! great collections, thanks so much for all of it!!

  13. Thank you all again for the great comments! I went ahead and posted the Frida fabric requirements on the website as promised. We will try to get all of them put up there as soon as there's more time available.



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