I'm still here!
and I come bearing gifts....


Nope, I didn't fall off the face of the Earth. I've just been totally buried in work, which is a lot better than being totally buried in snow! I was just telling my friend this morning that during the Winter months I basically become a hermit. I hate to drive in the snow and I hate what the frigid temps do to my skin and my mood, so I opt to stay in the warmth and safety of my home... for months! Cabin fever? Sure. Winter blues? Of course! But the upside is that I GET TONS OF WORK DONE! :)

Case in point, in the past few weeks, I've:
  • Turned in a new fabric collection to Michael Miller that I am completely, totally in love with and am counting the days (or months) till I can share with you all!
  • Completed about 75% of the book and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! It's dim but I can see it!
  • Conducted a phone interview for a national publication... more details to come!
  • Accepted and designed a cool project for another national publication... (you guessed it) details to come!
  • Turned in my paperwork for Spring International Quilt Market and Schoolhouse
  • Turned in my paperwork (and payment *gulp!*) for the SURTEX licensing show in New York. Big Apple... here I come!!!
  • Planned out MODKID 2011 sewing pattern production.
  • Got very little sleep due to all of the above.
Oh, and since I didn't think my plate was full enough, I prepared a sweet tutorial for this easy patchwork pillow that I call French Window (although Jon thought it looked more like Tic Tac Toe... to each his own!)


It uses my newest fabric collection, Sanctuary, now in stores worldwide, and like I stated above, it goes together like a breeze. Not to mention that it's fun to look at during those dreary, cold Winter months... a nice little reminder of warmer, more colorful days to come! :)

Here's what you'll need:
  • (1) One 24" pillowform. We used one the nice folks from Fairfield sent over to the studio.
  • (9) Nine 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" squares of assorted Sanctuary fabrics. We used: Building Blocks in Seafoam and Sherbert, Orchid Feng Shui in Ocean and Berry, Dahlia Lama in Seafoam and Espresso, Zen Garden in Pear and Sherbert and Glass Tiles in Aqua.
  • (6) Six 1 1/4" wide x 6 1/2" high strips of solid white fabric
  • (2) Two 20" wide x 1 1/4" high strips of solid white fabric
  • (2) Two 20" high x 2 1/2" wide strips of solid white fabric
  • (2) Two 24" wide x 2 1/2" high strips of solid white fabric
  • For the pillow backing: (2) two 15" wide x 24" high pieces of fabric. We used Aromatherapy Sherbert.
Here's how you put the patchwork-y front together:





And voila! You have a beautiful patchwork pillow front that looks like a french window (or a tic tac toe board!).


We did the back of the pillow envelope style, which is so easy and fun because you don't have to install any zippers or buttons and you don't have to hand stitch anything shut. The pillow just slips in and out of the envelope back for easy washing. LOVE IT!


Here's how we make our envelope backs:



On our sample pillow we sandwiched some lovely espresso brown piping in between the front and back of the pillow before sewing it together. It gives it a very professional finish, I think.

And that's it!

FINAL NOTE: I make all my pillow covers so the finished size is slightly smaller than the size of the pillow insert. I think it makes for a nicer fit, not too loose or saggy. ;)


Hope you enjoyed this little tute. Feel free to share it with your friends! And... stay warm out there!!

{the view outside my window}




  1. Thank you for the tutorial! And WAY TO GO!!! I wish my list of finished or almost finished was that long! Hope your day is good!!

  2. Annie5:49 PM

    GASP! I'm nearly speechless here! I love love love that pillow so much! I must make it a.s.a.p. I just got my Sanctuary fabrics in the mail so I am ready to go! Thank you so much and stay warm!


  3. Love this! Thanks for the tutorial! I've recently decided that my couch needs new pillows and they all have to be different... adding this one to my list :)

  4. Oh, I absolutely LOVE the selvedge on the pillow back! Very clever!

  5. Thank you all! Glad you like the pillow tutorial. If anyone out there makes it, I would love for you to post a picture on my Sanctuary Flickr Group. Here's the link:

    Happy sewing!


  6. SERIOUSLY, How do you get fabric lines done that fast?! I always love them & am totally amazed at how you just get them done so fast...way to go. Looking forward to the book!

  7. Thanks for the great tutorial - I love the fabric and the pillow design. I am going to make one for my college age daughter away at college. A nice little valentines love !

  8. If it's any consolation, the view outside my window is much the same as yours! blech.
    I cannot wait to see your new line, and your book, and your patterns! Stay warm...well as warm as you can...

  9. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Thanks for the tutorial! The pillow is awesome! My mom went to buy me the sanctuary line at the LQS and they were already sold out! Congrats on a successful line and look forward to the new one.

  10. Congratulations on everything you've accomplished or almost accomplished and it is still January in the new year! Wow! You have a wonderfully promising year ahead of you. I can't wait to see your new fabric line and book! Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. Anonymous5:46 PM

    So very pretty - a great way to use up scraps after making other projects as well!

  12. Great tutorial! The pillow is just lovely.

  13. Lovely pillow, thank you for the tutorial! Your Sanctuary line is my absolute favorite! I bought the cool palette and can't wait to make a quilt, and now a pillow to match! And I just love that you left the selvage on the back of the pillow! :)

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  15. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Very nice! I had never come across your blog till I followed from DIY Home Sweet Home. So glad I did. That pillow cover will get bookmarked for sure!

  16. lovely. wud like to learn

  17. Nice tutorial.I love your post very much.I love this design very much.So cute and amazing design.Your fabric and design is really great.Thank you for sharing this helpful post.

  18. Thanks for this nice and helpful tutorial. Pillows are really gorgeous.


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