Bags, totes and purses... oh my!

I love purses so much I could easily be nicknamed The Bag Lady. But I'm sure I'm not alone so I wanted to pop in here today and share a few fun finds of cool bags made with my Sanctuary line.

First off, check out this great big tote made by my friend, Dana Rainwater at Bug A Boo Baby. I have known Dana for nearly two decades (oh my, how time flies!) and she never ceases to amaze me with her creativity. Dana currently owns her own business here in Bloomington, IL designing custom bags like this one and baby items galore!



Dana also designs these super stylish clutches...



Speaking of clutches, I ran across these photos in my Sanctuary Flickr group and couldn't help but share. I had to do a little digging but I finally found the Etsy store where Tickled Paisley sells these.



I also love this other find from my Flickr group, a gorgeous Dahlia Lama purse from Mama Roux.

Seafoam Dahlia Tote

Seafoam Dahlia Tote

Have you guys seen this Sanctuary version of our popular Stella purse pattern that my mom has for sale in her Etsy store? This is a one-of-a-kind creation, so if you don't grab it now, it'll be gone for sure! :)


My mom designed this pattern for me last year, based on a simple sketch I emailed her. How cool is that? She got it spot on! :)


If you're wondering what's kept me so quiet and distant for the past few days, well let's see if I can sum it up. I've been...

  • Reviewing strike offs for my next fabric collection. I am so in love with this one! (and yes, I know I always say that but that's how it goes!) Rich, exotic, happy colors. So different and yet, so me. Can't wait to show you.
  • Sending out tester packages for the next round of MODKID patterns... Girls, Tweens, Misses and Women's Plus. It's all there! No, no boy stuff yet, but I promise I will tackle that in a future release. I need more time.
  • Finishing up the final chapters of my book for Wiley. Yes, I can't believe I said FINAL. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel... it's getting brighter and brighter (hope that doesn't mean I'm dying!)
  • Preparing and finalizing artwork for 3 new licensed products that I am over the moon excited about. I can't spill the beans till it's all a done deal (I know! That kills me more than you know!) but all I can say is that my mom will LOVE the first two but my dad will SQUEAL when he sees the third! (well, that is, if my dad's way of showing excitement was by squealing. In reality he will probably just smile and say "WOW! That's great. Can I have one?"
  • Working on a FREE tutorial for this quilt. Yes, I know I promised that tute like 5 months ago. I usually don't stall like that (well, you know) but as you see, I've been a little busy. I hope you guys still want it...

Now it's back to work for me. But, while I'm here (since I don't know when I'll get the chance to pop back in) I wanted to tell you guys about a fun game going on over at FatQuarterly. It's the fabric aficionados version of March Madness... called Modern Madness. I had to have Jon explain the whole brackets and predictions thing to me, haha. Instead of basketball teams, they have the top 64 fabric lines on a board (or do they call those brackets? I dunno!) All I know is that I am thrilled and honored to be included twice: Flora & Fauna and Sanctuary made the cut. WOOHOO!

Round 1 Region 1 is on right now, with Flora & Fauna in the running! So fans, please pop on over and vote for your adorable hummingbirds, bees and moths... oh and don't forget those sweet daisies, blossoms and dandelions. heeheee If you need a refresher, click.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [04 Mar 12:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  2. Can't wait for the new patterns And the knit quilt tute! Probaby can't wait for all the secrets, too-especially something a man will squeal for!

  3. Cute bags, Patty! I already voted for F&F even before I read this... so there! haha I also can't wait to see all your new stuff and I'm with Diane up there... hmmm wondering what's cool enough for a man to squeal for... tools?


  4. Hi: This doesn't have anything to do with the bags on this entry, but I have a question about the Madeline & Penelope patterns. Would they be relatively easy to alter, since I am a plus size person and your patterns are too small for me? I really like them and am willing to put time into making them my size if it's not too hard for me to do. Thanks

  5. I had no idea you lived in Bloomington! I grew up in Normal! I moved to Jacksonville in 1989 but my family still lives there. Small world! Love the purses.

  6. Trisha, if you wouldn't mind waiting for about 4 weeks, we will have our Penelope pattern available in Plus sizes 1X (16-18), 2X (20-22) and 3X (24-26). At this point we don't have plans to make the Madeline in Plus sizes but it might be a project for a future release. Stay tuned for pattern release announcements here on the blog! :)


  7. Tracey,

    Yes, we currently live in Bloomington, but I am not from here. I actually lived for most of my adult life in Orlando, FL even though I am originally from Costa Rica. :)

    Small world indeed!


  8. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Patty - thank you so much for featuring my clutches - I'm so honored. I LOVE the sanctuary line!! The handbag your mom designed is gorgeous - love all the detail.

  9. Oh my gosh! I just LOVE that first bag. Just beautiful. And the others are just as inspiring. Dana does a great job.

    I knew you were in IL too but not that you were in Bloomington. Up until May 2010 we were in Bloomington quite often because one of my boys attended ISU. That is a great area. I have a high school friend that still lives in that area who just retired about 2 yrs ago too from his job as Sargeant on the ISU police force so we do get down that way every once in awhile still.

  10. This has your name all over it!

  11. Susan, you're very welcome! Your work is wonderful!

    VickyT, small world, eh?

    Heather, thanks for letting us know. We're certainly looking into it! :)


  12. I just now discovered that you featured one of my Mama Roux bags on your blog! How exciting! Thank you so much. I LOVE your fabrics!

  13. Ohh God!! what a designs this is perfect because I like to use colorful bags, I've gotten excellent ideas in here in order to make my owns.


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