Introducing... Textured Basics!

I am thrilled to announce my newest fabric collection with Michael Miller Fabrics, being revealed next week at International Quilt Market (Booth #1318) and shipping to stores in November. My heart skips a beat when I look at it... Textured Basics features six basic geometric prints, designed in six delicious colors (plus a "multi") and printed with a faux canvas texture, for the “look” of canvas but the “feel” of quilting cotton. There is even a Natural Basic Texture, which is perfect for quilt backgrounds and sashings, all printed on premium quality quilting weight cotton.


Here is a full color card of all 43 SKUs... if you'd like to print it, just click on this image, which will take you to Flickr, and download the largest file size, so you can get a good quality print-out.


Of course, as it is always the case when we release a new fabric collection – which usually coincides with Quilt Market booth prep – we have been busy little bees creating items made with Textured Basics. Below are some of our projects and ... pssst... here's a little secret for you: you will be seeing some sneak peeks of new patterns for the Fall. These will be fully-revealed tomorrow (hopefully) as soon as we get them up on our site. It is a new format for us, so we're super excited!

First of all -- and possibly the project we are most enamored with -- is this Houndstooth Quilt. It came out so bold, modern and fun! And yes, there will be a pattern... more like a sewing card... well, you'll see tomorrow!


I designed this easy-to-piece quilt, Emalee pieced it in one afternoon and my friend Lisa Feeney of Sew Memorable Quilts quilted and bound it for us. Isn't it awesome?


And because we loved this design so much, we even came up with a lap quilt version of it in pinks and creams, which we thought would be perfect for a baby's nursery:


Here's my girl, Sophie, modeling this woven version of the Hailey dress (View D) made up in Diamonds Tangerine with a ruffle made of Vintage Houndstooth Multi. Doesn't she look adorable?


A trio of MODKID  cuties... from left to right, Piper in Houndstooth and Shoreline, Baby Hannah in Cool Dots and Swell Stripe, and Kyoko in Hexies and Shoreline.


And because we love that fabric combo for Piper so much, we created another colorway of it, which can be seen in the United Notions booth next weekend at International Quilt Market!


This fabulous wrap skirt for women will be another pattern being revealed tomorrow, so this is all I will show or say about that for now.


Same goes for these mod cases. I just adore how the bold prints work so well for these!


Emalee sewed up some bold pillows for my mini booth. You can never have enough pillows and I'm thinking some of these would make awesome free tutorials for the blog! ;)


Last, but certainly not least, this is all I can show you at this time of this super fun quilt. If you are attending Quilt Market next week and want to see the full thing in person, head on over to the GenerationQ booth (#960). For the rest of you, you'll get to see the full thing soon, soon... in a future issue of the magazine. ;)


OK, that's it for the fabric reveal. Stay tuned for the new patterns reveal coming tomorrow. If you have an iPhone or iPad and would like to sport some Textured Basics, check out the cases I've designed on Zazzle. I got mine in the mail yesterday. It's this one.


So, what do you think of Texture Basics?


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    That is soooo lovely! It's going on my "must buy" list! Woohoo!

  2. MY! MY! This is gorgeous! A collection that you could never have too much of and that will never go out of style! Love it! All of it, but especially the multi, so fun!

  3. Annie6:25 PM

    WOW! I agree with Kristy up there. This will NEVER go out of style. You have another winner here Ms. Patty! CONGRATS! Cannot wait to get my hands on it. mmmmm


  4. I think they're fabulous! It's so strangle because I was just working recently with the dashed stripe from Lush thinking that you always have such wonderful basics in your collections. And here you have a ton of them! These will be perfect stock-up fabrics!

    1. Wonderful! I do love my basics! :)

  5. Love it, Patty! Especially love the orange dress on Sophie! She looks beautiful!

    1. Awww, thanks! I think so too (but I might be a bit biased). ;)

  6. This might be my favorite collection yet! Only because it's so versatile. It makes me want to sew!

    1. That's wonderful to hear! Sew, sew, sew! Thanks!

  7. This is wonderful fabric, the kind you can use for childrens clothes and have no fear they will be laughed at in school! Patty thank you very much for creating fabric for sewing and other crafts. It's time someone did.

    1. As a mom of two young girls, I understand that all too well. Thanks for your sweet words.

  8. I love the collection! The colors are so bright and the designs so easy. I was wondering if the colors match any of the previous collections or if they are all new.

  9. AWESOME!!! Those are all beautiful! Congratulations on a job amazingly done :)

  10. Patty the new line looks amazing! I can't wait to see it in stores and I love the quilt! I must make it!!!

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