Introducing... MODKID® Micro Minis!

It is reveal time, ladies and gentlemen! We are over the moon excited to announce this brand new product for us, called MODKID® Micro Minis!


Micro-Minis REVEAL

haha... now that I got your attention, let me tell you about these. MODKID® Micro Minis are a collection of sewing-card-style patterns that fit in the palm of your hand, are easy to sew and inexpensive to buy. These Micro Minis are perfect for classes, workshops, gifts and more.

Here are some specs for you:
  • Finished size 4.25"w x 5.5"h
  • Full color inside and out
  • Printed on coated card stock
  • Packaged in a crystal-clear resealable poly bag with a large hanging hole
  • MSRP $4.95 USD

Micro-Minis REVEAL-2

Those of you already familiar with our line of MODKID patterns will notice the same high quality and attention to detail we are known for, from the detailed assembly instructions to the easy-to-follow diagrams, just in a new teensy-tiny format. Also, we did not skimp on testing. All of our patterns are thoroughly tested by sewists just like you from all across the country. A special thanks goes to Liz Mouse, Andrea Thomas-Lambe, Cheryl Santos, Bridgett Wright, Kristen McVane, Terri Hoffacker and Pat Alberts for your helpful feedback!

OK. Let's go through these one by one.

Layered bow tie and adjustable suspenders in child and adult sizes.


For the little (or big) man in your life, we've designed this set of layered bow tie and adjustable suspenders perfect for all special occasions. He has never looked more handsome!

Finished size: 50" w x 70" h


We designed this bright, modern and bold quilt based on my Vintage Houndstooth print from my Textured Basics fabric collection. It looks equally as adorable made up in 2 colors, like this:


Sizes XS-L women


Our easy-to-sew wrap skirt for women is feminine, figure-flattering and fashionable! This is the perfect canvas for that bold print you've been dying to use. Best suited for XS - L women.

Quilted roll-up bag with several compartments


Bring your favorite jewelry pieces everywhere you go with this fabulous Jewelry Roll. Inside, it has two necklace and ring holders, six separate pockets of varying sizes and a zippered pouch to keep your most valued possessions safely tucked in. It rolls up into a sweet and compact little package that will fit easily into your purse or carry-on luggage. Finished size: 19.5"w x 9.5"h (Open)

Quilted ipad, iphone and eyeglass cases with accessory pockets

Protect your most prized possessions with these quilted designer cases. These are the perfect stash-buster projects because they use small scraps of fabric, but look oh, so cool when finished! 

Finished Size 10"h x 7"w x 6"d

Be fashionable — even at lunchtime — with this super chic insulated lunch bag. It has plenty of room for your food and drink, plus an extra little interior pocket to hold an ice pack. It features a padded handle and Velcro® closure.

All of our Micro Mini Patterns are currently in stock and ready to ship! RETAILERS: If you will be attending the International Quilt Market next week in Houston, please come by my booth (#1318) to see these in person. The first 10 store owners to come by will receive a free sample set of all 6 patterns!

And for all of you out there, please leave us a comment and let us know what you think of this new format and the projects we've offered. We'd love to know what sorts of projects you'd like to see for future Micro Minis (or regular-sized patterns). We will draw a winner next Wednesday who will receive a sample set of all 6 Micro Mini Patterns!

Happy Sewing!

UPDATE! Contest is now closed. We used to choose a winning comment and it was... lucky number 6!

Love these! I am really drawn to the minis already available in my LQS because of the price. I would love to see more clothing for women/girls, purses, and especially more quilts. Thank you for coming out with these!

CONGRATS, Kelly! Please email us with your mailing address at info AT modkidboutique DOT com to claim your prize!


  1. super cute! love the mini's - easy to take with - I ate trying to remember fabric requirements. i like to sew for my girls and i want to sew more for myself so I'd think those are a good area to expand into. I've never used a modkid pattern before - even though I love them

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    The format looks wonderful. It seems especially well suited for things like skirts or bags - things that wouldn't ordinarily be quite enough for a full sized pattern but are great for smaller projects. Love the wrap skirt! More for women, please!

    Kimberly 4throse(at)bellsouth(dot)net

  3. super cute! Love it and I think I'm going to have to order some really soon :))
    I would love to see some more items for boys as those are harder to come by in general - what about a nice blazer? I can't seem to find one anywhere - or let me rephrase it - I can't seem to find one with good quality instructions. I love Modkid patterns - the style is great and the instructions are so professional - very easy to follow. Keep them coming, Patty :)

  4. Annie1:23 PM

    Another slam dunk for the MODKID team. What a great concept and great price. I'm sure I'll be seeing these everywhere from now on. Love, love, love the quilt... so fun! I want to make each and every one of these projects. Would love to see some for girls too! :)


  5. These are great! REALLY excited about the wrap skirt! So cute!!

  6. Love these! I am really drawn to the minis already available in my LQS because of the price. I would love to see more clothing for women/girls, purses, and especially more quilts. Thank you for coming out with these!

  7. Adorable! I would like to see a wallet pattern!!

  8. Awesome! I've been looking for a good lunch bag pattern. Now I've found it.

  9. Love the small size and the variety of projects~ including the boys! I would love a wallet pattern and maybe some kitchen stuff~ like potholders or dishtowels?

  10. Love this idea! So practical where pieces can be given as sizes of rectangles & squares! I actually use the measurements and cut by rotary cutter whenever I can, rather than using pattern pieces

  11. Awesome!!!!!!
    I love the wrap skirt, what about one with kids sizing.
    Boys, boys, boys so glad you included them :)
    I like the idea of kitchen stuff.

  12. I really like this idea. The lunchbag and wrap skirt are the most interesting to me.

  13. Love the new patterns! Seems like it would be a great format for some pillow patterns!

  14. I love these!! What a great idea, and a great set! I particularly like the wrap skirt, and I would also make the lunchbag, jewelry roll, and suspenders!

  15. Okay, TOTALLY disappointed that the wrap skirt doesn't go up to XL. :(

    1. Technically the wrap skirt can be made in any size because it is made based on your body measurements, but we added that note about the size because since the main skirt panel is sewn from one full width of fabric, it will be less gathered (and less wrapped) on sizes larger than L. Hope that makes sense!

  16. Love these! The most ingenius idea so far!! Can't wait until they are available.

    1. Theresa, they are available now on our website.

  17. Anonymous9:09 PM

    what a great idea

  18. I think the minis are a great idea! How clever of you to recognize the market for smaller, less complicated, less expensive projects. But I'll be honest, when I saw the title, I was hoping for doll things! ;)
    j-j-s AT juno DOT com

  19. Very cute stuff! I love that most of these are so useful for friends asking me to teach them to sew! Can't wait to get some :)

  20. Great idea! Love them all!

  21. Love it! I'd like to see more of these in general since it looks like a good way to maybe get some friends interested in learning to sew. A small "Mod" project would be the way to go!

  22. What a great idea!! I totally want to try the skirt out! I think an e-reader/tablet case pattern would be aweseom!

  23. Neat idea. I like the quilt and the lunch bags.

  24. Would love to add these to my collection. Id love to sew that quilt.

  25. I LOVE all your patterns, but these are AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to pick some up!!!!

  26. This looks like a great format and easier to manage than regular patterns. like the variety of these patterns. I personally would like to see more clothes and bags.

  27. So cute! I love the bow tie and the quilt. I'll definitely be buying the quilt pattern. If I don't win, of course ;)

  28. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I think those formats are fun, thought the "normal" ones are suitable, too for bigger pattern ... I so adore your style, so it doesn't really matter to me ;) <3

  29. How fun! Great collection and great idea! for new ones, such a variety here already....maybe something for the littles, a softie or pillow?

  30. I love these! I already loved your regular patterns but these are also very cool. I'd love to see you put the skirt from the austrailian mag on one of these cards!

  31. These are so cool! The cases are a grat project for my 4-H'ers!

  32. I love the new minis, simple and fast projects, for my teen girls. They are just so cute! I would like to see girl assesories, hat scarfs, jewlry and maybe some boot bling.

  33. What a wonderful idea! Easy to store and reuse. This is perfect for my family, 3 girls and 3 deterrent size one pattern for all and that leaves more money to buy fabric!

  34. i think these are SO fantastic! I, like Jarie, have three girls, and i love to sew coordinating sets for them. Would love a quick and easy twirl skirt (they LOVE to twirl!) and would love a quick and easy peasant top/dress/tunic. THANK YOU!


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