MODKID goes Lalaloopsy

When my almost-8-year-old, Sydney, said she wanted a Lalaloopsy party for her birthday, I jumped for joy not only because I just adore those sewing-themed dolls (maybe even more than she does!) but also because I knew I could really craft an unforgettable party without stepping foot in the party store... I am a little crafty, ya know!

We started out with her outfit, which had to be done way ahead of everything because it needed to be part of the invitation.

Sydney's favorite Lalaloopsy doll is Berry Jars 'n Jam:

As soon as I saw this dress, I knew immediately that we could recreate the bodice by using two of our existing MODKID patterns: The adorable puffy sleeves are from Addison and the button-back bodice and Peter Pan collar are from Claudia. The skirt was just a series of straight cuts of fabric gathered to the max. Sydney and I went shopping for the fabrics (because, sadly we just couldn't find the right match in my extensive collection) then Emalee got busy recreating this adorable dress, down to the hairbows and shoe bows...

And I got busy designing the invite and working on the party favors, games, food and goodie bags.

Pinterest has been my friend during this whole party-planning ordeal. I'm making these cookies, this amazing cake (well, I'm having someone make it because I'm scared to mess it up), these fruit skewers, and these Nutella-filled croissants (YUM!). I also designed a coloring book for the kids to take home with their own box of crayola crayons and am in the process of crafting some button-related games. The party is this weekend, so I promise to share pics of everything next week!

In the meantime, I've been wondering how many of you out there plan on using a MODKID pattern as the base for a Halloween costume. After we finished this dress (which, by the way, she is also wearing for Halloween....SCORE!) I got to thinking about how many other MODKID patterns would work for Halloween costumes...
  • Emma would make an awesome Tinkerbell or a pixie costume.
  • Kyoko works perfectly for Mulan or just as a Geisha Girl.
  • Gretchen would be perfect for a Heidi costume or just a random German Barmaid... haha.
  • Lil' Chef well... enough said!
  • Addison's poofy sleeves and bodice are perfect for a Snow White costume.
  • The scalloped skirt from Addison is perfect for Sugar Cookie Crumbs and Jewel Sparkles.
Please let us know if you will be using a MODKID pattern for Halloween. I'd love to do a gallery of sorts showcasing your creations!


  1. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Wah I love it ;)
    Madita loves her Lalaloopsy dolls ... she would love the idea of having such a theme ... I better not tell her :D

  2. Your daughter is adorable and I love the outfit you created for her. Awesome job!

  3. That is fantastic, love how it came out so perfectly!!

  4. I wish you were my mom. That dress is adorable, I hope you make it into a pattern of its own. My daughter likes Lalaloopsies too and I've thought about making her a Jewel Sparkles dress from Addison.

    1. Thanks, Melissa. Let me know if you make the dress. I would love to feature it on the blog!

  5. What a fun party idea and outfit!

    I'm not using a MODKID pattern for Halloween, but I'm right in the middle of making a special book report/project outfit for my daughter with your Penny pattern. She picked on of the Just Grace books so I'm making her a shirt with contrast sleeve to match the main character's typical outfit. (I'm still working off some of the knits I won in a giveaway of yours years ago too! The main part of the shirt is the lime floral.)

  6. Actually, my younger daughter will be wearing a candy corn dress I made 2 years ago that was based on the Abigail dress, so we will have a MODKID Halloween!

  7. Love this party idea. My daughter is turning eight soon too and this is the theme I was thinking about. I'm really going to enjoy looking through all the links on this post. Yay! Thanks.

  8. Oh my, my girlies are in love with this stuff too and I'm really glad, I love all the stuff they want to sew now :) I can't wait to see pics of your little baby's party, I'm sure you will do an amazing job and that you will all have a wonderful time!

  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again... you ROCK at everything you do, Ms. Patty! And this is no exception. I can't wait to see the party pictures. I'm sure they will be fabulous!


  10. Great ideas! I just ordered the Addison this morning to use as an Alice in Wonderland costume :)

  11. Oh my word - how CUTE is this idea?!?! LOVE! <3

  12. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I made EMMA with pink and green swiss dot to make my daughter a Lillifee costume for halloween last year. ( )
    It was super cute!


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