Sydney's 8th Birthday Party

Today is my baby girl's 8th birthday. I can't believe how fast time has flown by! Seems like just yesterday she was this tiny little 6-lb-baby with unruly hair and the biggest brown eyes I had ever seen! Well, her eyes are still huge, but her hair has calmed down quite a bit ;) This past weekend we celebrated with family and friends with the most colorful of parties I could dream up in this crazy head of mine.  Here are some highlights... (for info on the dress and the invitations, see my previous post)

The refreshments table:


Let's take a closer look at everything on here. I made every single thing except for the cake (you'll see why in a bit). These are rainbow fruit skewers:


Button (butter) cookies:


Nutella-filled croissants (like this):


Cheddar cheese-filled croissants:


Coconut crémes (I used this recipe but replaced peppermint extract for coconut extract and added about 1/4 cup of coconut flakes) YUM:


Fresh-squeezed lemonade and strawberry juice:


And then there was the cake, oh the cake! Like I said, this was the only thing I didn't make myself. I had a local cake maker do this based on this recipe. I just  wasn't ambitions enough to tackle it on my own, but you'll see in a bit why I wish I had. ;)


As far as activities go, I set up two stations for the girls. One was a coloring station. I designed my own Lalaloopsy coloring book, using downloadable pages from their Facebook page:


I pretty much just printed the pages -- 10 pages/dolls for each book -- and designed a custom cover for it. Then, I purchased crayon boxes for each girl.


Then there was a Sew-Your-Own-Button-Headband station. I used Scunci headbands and lots and lots of colorful buttons (like on this post). We used embroidery needles and topstitching thread.


There were 14 girls total, so I divided them into 2 groups. Half of them went to the coloring station...


And the other half went to the headband station:


Then, about 45 minutes later or so, they switched stations so that they all got to do everything...


But, by far, everyone's favorite activity at the party was the decorate-the-cake part! Oh, my, how much fun they all had with these edible ink markers!!!




One of the girls wrote "Eat Me" on the cake, so of course all the adults were giggling in the back like little school girls... haha


Then it was time to blow the candles...



This is what the cake looked like on the inside. And this is why I wish, in hindsight, that I had made it myself... the layers were NOT in rainbow color order as I requested! :( I know it's not a big deal but I am just anal like that and I wanted everything perfect! Can you blame me?


Well, the cake was delicious and no one mentioned the color issue (maybe they were just being polite) so I'd say the party was a success! Sydney opened her gifts...


And we took some group pictures with the birthday girl...


And of course, the obligatory "silly face pic" :)



Ahhhh... I can finally breathe... and rest! (well, at least until the next party!)
Happy, happy birthday to my sweet baby girl! Please stop growing so fast.


  1. So excited to see this post! Everything turned out awesome Patty. I'm anal too so little mistakes like the cake which no one probably noticed (especially if I paid for it) would bother me too. :) My soon to be 6 yr old requested a Laloopsy Party. I'll have to figure out how to make a coloring page cover. Yours is too cute!! Is that fondant on the cake?

    1. Thank you, Marie. Yes, that is a while fondant and we used Wilson's brand food coloring markers (found at Michael's but I also saw them at Walmart). Best of luck with your party planing!

  2. Oh sew lovely!! We just had a Lalaloopsy Party for my 6 year old. All the awesome names of the dolls led to such great party stations for 22 6 year olds. We had Patch's Treasure Chest, Blossom's Flower Pots, Crumbs Sugar Cookies, Bea's Spelling on a giant chalk board, etc.... I want to do it again for another daughter just to do it again and add to the festivities. Looks like your party was fabulous ~ and the cake think would have bugged me, too!!

    1. Thanks, Brandy! WOW... 22 6-year-olds! You are a brave woman. Your party sound fantastic! What a great idea to have stations based on the dolls' names.

  3. Annie9:28 AM

    Fabulous, Ms. Patty. All of it!!! And, it's OK to be "anal" about stuff like that. That is how you achieve perfection in everything you do. What lucky daughters you have!

    1. That's so sweet, Annie. Thank you!

  4. So I had told hubby that maybe my girls wouldn't get a party this next year (birthdays 5 days apart means 1 party) but this just makes me twitch with wanting to do one.
    Such amazing stuff you do, I love all the details you always add. Lucky girls and wonderful mama :)

    1. Tani, I will continue doing these until my girls tell me they don't want them anymore. My 10-year old is almost at that point, sadly, but after seeing this party she did tell me she wanted a Monster High party for her 11th b-day, so I guess I still have a few good ones left in me. ;)

  5. Happy birthday sidney, that's a beautiful party

  6. I can't seem to find the coloring pages on their facebook page. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    1. Jen, I just googled "Lalaloopsy coloring pages" and it brought me to this link:

  7. What a cute party! I love it all. I am going to look at michael miller fabrics to see if I can get buttons like that for my daughter's party. I think that is a great activity idea.


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