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My new iPhone5 and super cool case featuring Textured Basics came in just a few days before I flew out to Quilt Market, so the night before I left I made an executive decision: not bringing my big camera! This is the first time I've done that and for those of you who know me well, you know that that thing is practically an extra appendage for me. But, being that I was traveling alone this time, and it was a quick trip for me, and the new phone boasted such an incredible camera, I figured it was worth a try, so let me know what you think!

I did have a booth, a tiny little thing (5' x 8'), but bursting with color and pattern! Here are a few shots...

The big square quilt in the back was designed by the wonderful Ellen Maxwell and it will be a free download on the Michael Miller site, once the fabrics come in. The small table runner on the left side was designed by none other than Debbie Taylor of Fat Quarter Shop and It's Sew Emma patterns, and it's currently available on the Fat Quarter Shop site as a FREE download!

I did manage to play with the Panoramic photo feature that comes built into the iPhone5 camera app and I must say, I LOVE IT! (click on it to enlarge)

I *heart* going to Quilt Market not only because it affords me the opportunity to show off my newest projects, but also because I get to visit with dear friends, some which I only get to see once or twice a year. This has quickly become my family away from home and I truly look forward to catching up and sharing a good meal (or drink) at one of the many fabulous events that surround the show.

I had the pleasure of spending some QT with these wonderful ladies... from left to right Shannon Robinson (of Fabric Nosherie), Laura Gunn, Trenna Travis (newest licensed designer at Michael Miller Fabrics), me and Heather Bailey.

I love the vintage feel of this Instagram pic of Kait Witte (of Michael Miller Fabrics) sporting a gorgeous skirt which she sewed herself out of Textured Basics.

At Fabric 2.0, I documented the very moment in which Quilts, Inc. "bought the party" from Caroline Devoy. heehee

Then Bob Ruggiero (Quilts) tried to make Jon jealous. I used this picture to remind Jon to never ever skip a Quilt Market again. ;)

After the party, a few of us headed across the street  to The Grove for dinner and lively conversation. Here I am with Aneela Hoey and Roxane Cerda (C&T Publishing). Not pictured, Carla Crim.

The following night it was the Modern Quilt Guild Party and I am sad that this is the only picture I captured that evening. Here I am with Jessica Levitt (left) and Jenean Morrison. (sorry, so blurry! I guess the photographer must've had one too many glasses of wine!)

In addition to the parties and dinner, I also love visiting my friends and associates at their booths... you never know what you'll find and what sorta trouble you'll get into.

At the GenerationQ booth, I spotted my quilt hanging right at the front! This design will appear in a future issue. And... in case you haven't heard... the *current* issue is pretty darn special to us. Go get it! Seriously!! (more on that soon)

At the GenQ booth I had a photo op with none other than Betz White and Thomas Knauer (pssst... Thomas, a.k.a. waycoolkid, graces the cover of the current issue I was talking about! Don't miss it!)

And here's me being silly with GenQ's picture quilt...

Speaking of quilts in booths (not that there aren't enough at this show! haha) I also spotted our Houndstooth Quilt -- a version made by Kristen McVane of Stash Quilts -- in the United Notions booth! Doesn't it look gorgeous all made up in Heaven & Helsinki?? WOW!

Over at the Westminster booth, I got the pleasure to speak with Ty Pennington, who was there to promote his newest fabric collection. What a nice guy!

And last, but certainly not least, I visited for a while with the dynamic duo of Kim and Kris of YouCanMakeThis and The DIY Dish fame.

While we were chatting it up, Lizzy House showed up and we couldn't resist taking this The View-esque photo... haha

Yes, we were discussing very important matters... can't you tell?

Well, I guess for not having my camera with me I didn't do too shabby of a job of documenting the show, eh? Thanks for coming along with me on this crazy ride... especially to all of you out there who kept me virtual company while I spent much-longer-than-I-wanted-to in airports last week. (that's what I get for flying out on Hurricane day!)

OK, one more and then I'll go. I leave you with a sweet pic of me and my booth mates. I love these gals!! (photo courtesy of Trenna Travis Studio)
Stay tuned for GenerationQ magazine info and giveaway... coming shortly!


  1. Looks wonderful! I love the Houndstooth quilt in H&H!

  2. Annie2:54 PM

    Gorgeous as always, Ms. Patty! I love living vicariously through your adventures!



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