Playing with Paper

I finally got my new Silhouette Cameo machine in the mail last Friday and I spent all weekend playing with paper, like a little kid. I've been a contributing artist on the Silhouette site for over 3 months now, but since I wanted to start designing some 3D shapes, I really needed to get a hold of one of these machines, to make the cutting and assembling that much easier. But, boy, I was not prepared for how much fun I was gong to have with this! I literally stayed up all night Saturday designing, cutting and assembling fun little treat boxes for all my loved ones. Check these out!

I designed them to be treat boxes (they are just perfect sized for small toys, candies or gift cards). But then I thought, how cute would these look as luminaries?!? So, I ran out to my nearest Dollar Tree and grabbed a couple sets of battery-operated tea light candles (they sell them in sets of 3 candles for $1!!) and now check them out!

Of course, after I snapped this picture I thought... hmmm... I should've slipped a sheet of vellum behind the cut outs, to diffuse the light a bit. So I ran out to Hobby Lobby (yes, it was a crazy weekend!) and got a few sheets of vellum. Then when I got back home, I had another idea for a luminary, so rather than taking the ready-made ones apart, I just made a new one. How sweet is this? I just adore this look! Sydney immediately claimed it for her room. :)

The possibilities are endless with this machine! I made these adorable Nordic Mitten cards and gift tags...
A nifty gift card holder...

...and these adorable flags to slip into gift bags this Christmas. This also helps me use up all those left-over paper straws from the kid's parties!

Guys, I think I've found my new obsession (like I needed another one!). All of my 3-D cut files are currently available as digital downloads on the Silhouette Online Store. They are only $0.99 each! (and the Christmas-themed ones are currently on sale for 75-cents each!)

These are SVG files and can be used on most machines, like the Cameo, that cut files for scrapbooking or card-making. After the New Year, we will put my shapes on our site, so you can get them directly from us for use on other machines.

Happy Holidays, all!!


  1. I'm LOVING them! Just cut some boxes today to stuff with treats!

    1. That's wonderful to hear, Erin! If you send me some pictures, I would LOVE to feature your projects on the blog. :)

  2. Annie2:10 PM

    This machine is on my Christmas wish list. Thabks for the amazing shapes. I can't wait to play with them!!

    1. Annie, you will love it! Great choice. Enjoy your Christmas gift and let me know if you end up working with any of my shapes.

  3. How fun, those are some gorgeous designs! I love the luminaries.

  4. nice post it looks very beautiful like garment bag


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