Looking ahead to 2013
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Yes, yes, I know it's already mid-January and I should've done this post a couple weeks ago. But with the kids being on Winter break and me trying to catch up on all the work that piled up, I'm just now getting to this. Well, 2012 is over and I find myself reflecting on all that we did last year.
WOW! That was a crazy busy year! And... 2013 is already shaping up to be even busier than last year (based on the amount of contracts I've had to review in the past few days!). But... before we get into the nitty gritty of designing and producing, we would like to hear from you! Yes, YOU!

In the comments section, we would like to hear your ideas:
  • Fabric themes (more of something, less of something?)
  • Fabric Colors (again... more of something, less of something?)
  • Fabric substrates (anything besides quilting cotton? or are you happy with just the cottons?)
  • Sewing patterns: any specific requests? (more girls, boys, baby, toddler. women's, plus sizes, home decor items?)
  • Tutorials and PDFs. We do have a couple of PDF patterns on YCMT and Craftsy, but would like to do more! Anything in particular you'd like to see in downloadable format?
  • Classes, workshops, lectures, events of any kind?
  • Other products. What other products out there (does not have to be sewing-related) would you like to see Patty or MODKID lend their signature style to?
Tell us anything... this is your chance to be heard!

For your time, we are offering you:
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This coupon code expires 1/15/2013.

But, also, we will review all your suggestions and choose our 3 favorites. Those 3 people will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to our web store, so make them good, people!! You have until this time next week to get your ideas in! GO!


  1. I was a big fan of the Playdate line--and so were my girls! More of that kind of whimsy would be fun and inspiring. I loved the little dolls in particular.

    I'd like to see more women's clothing--especially dresses and tops that go up to XL/XXL--that can be made from wovens -or- knits.

    ~Nicole sewingphd (at) yahoo (dot) com

    1. Ooh! And a pattern for a cover to fit the Kindle Paperwhite!!

  2. Anonymous2:29 PM

    I am in Favor of a few boy-pattern ... shirt, trousers, Jacket?
    There a millions of cute girl pattern (as you know my favorits are from you and Madita loves them, too), but I so miss fun and nice pattern for my son, Linus ;)

  3. I would love to see more purse patterns. For colors, teal is my new favorite, but I think you usually have plenty of teal. Home Dec weight fabrics would be great too.

  4. Fabric themes - my favorite line are Mezzanine, Flora&Fauna and Heaven&Helsinki - I would love to buy more of such designs. I love especially these designs of you which are tonal (one of my favorite is blossom in lime and dandelions in mustard).
    Fabric Colors - more lime, definitely more lime! (I love especially this from Flora&Fauna - your lime fabrics from this collection are the most precious to my heart and I've got special amount in my stash) I love also your mustard (from Flora&Fauna) and amaranth.
    Fabric substrates - quilting weight and flannel - I would love to make a blanket having quilting cottons on one side and your flannel at the back!
    Sewing patterns - another book would be the best:) I know that it would be hard to publish it in 2013, but we can wait:)))
    Tutorials and PDFs - some simple dress for mum and its daughter
    Classes, workshops, lectures, events of any kind - I'm international, so I won't give any ideas (I don't want to be dissapointed that I won't take part in it...)
    Other products - I love ribbons and I would love to see more of it with your designs.

  5. Michele2:42 PM

    Would love to see Boy patterns, using knits, Boy themed knit fabric, loved playdate for the girls, but maybe something boy themed.

  6. I would like to see more Women's patterns and more boys patterns. I do like the girls patterns too so keep those coming too.

  7. For fabric themes, first I just want to say that the basics are great - keep expanding on those. I also like flourishes, swirls - prints that can be done in girlie and neutral colorways, but not always with flowers or butterflies.

    For colorways, I usually go for aqua, purple, gray, orange. And fabric lines with colorways that focus on just two or three colors.

    I mostly use cottons, but also love to find matching minky's for backing and baby items.

    For patterns, some more for purses and bags would be great, as well as accessories. And maybe a pattern with baby accessories that coordinate - like boxes, burp cloths, receiving blankets, changing pad, diaper organizer, etc.

    I usually purchase quilts and bag patterns in downloadable format - these are the type of patterns I make most and don't often require many pattern pieces.

    I'd love to see a bunch of sewers make one design, and see all the variations. Maybe like a blog tour? It's so fun seeing how one pattern looks amazing in so many different fabric combinations and little variations in detail.

    Your coordinating ribbon and rickracks are a lot of fun, maybe you could expand on those with embellishments? And have matching thread to your lines? And every time you have a new line, you could offer a free quilt download that showcases all the prints?

    You're doing an amazing job, and your designs are beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2013!

  8. I love your Andaluica 2012 line, especially the bright pinks/oranges, but I am a sucker for bright colors! I think some of the prints in that collection would make really fun yoga/workout tops, so maybe something similar in a knit?

    I got the Kyoko pattern for Christmas, I can't wait to sew one for myself! I would love to see some more tunic dress type patterns, I don't think there are enough cute ones!

  9. i would DIE to see a french and/or russian-inspired pattern for girls!

    also - would LOVE a pattern book using wovens....down the road, of course, LOL!

    lastly, PLEASEPRETTYPLEASE do some sort of mini tour that includes portland, OR! maybe a fun class, etc! :)

  10. I would love to see EVERYTHING in knits, please! Also, a kids pajama pattern?

    Love everything you do!

  11. More tween patterns - especially for the middle school set who are getting leary of having someone sew for them. And more knits-I think I have used every one you have produced, often in several colors.

  12. Hi! I have been bummed as my oldest daughter has grown over the years that pattern sizes generally cut off at 6 or 8...I know most of your go to 10, but if you could do patterns specifically for girls in 10-14, or just extend the sizing I'd be on cloud 9. Also, you should definately release some poplin, lawn, courduroy,rayon...whatever, just any apparel substrates would be cool and fun. Ohh, annnnddd as far as fabric design/colors go, I tend to love everything I see in MiniBoden, although that would be plagerizing them to the utmost, so I know you can't copy it, but their prints are so fun and graphic...anyway...love all your stuff, esp. the patterns, so keep up the good work!


    Hi. I usually sew for little girls. Especially like the pdf downloadable type patterns. Colors I am excited about now are purple, aqua, and green. A print with those colors would be great! I now have a grandson and find it hard to find "fun" clothes to make for my Campbell. So my request is for "fun little boy clothes." Happy Designing!!

  14. I love everything you do and can't wait to see what you come up with next!

    My idea would be for you to carry each fabric line a little further with coordinating patterns. For instance, I want a pattern for a purse for my girl shaped like a Heaven and Helsinki building! And I want a pineapple shaped purse to match the Andalucia fabric! And a dragonfly shaped purse, and a lotus flower shaped purse... It would make me want to sew dresses and accessories with your fabrics even more than I already do!!! Maybe even hair accessory guides that match the fabric lines... Maybe fun-shaped throw pillows to match each line... You have amazing colors and themes and the more you do with it, the more popular they will become!!!

  15. As someone who only quilts, and refuses to use patterns, my interest is in the fabrics - quilter's cotton of course! I'd love to see more cool colours (cool purple - greens) and some of your gorgeous feature prints done in a smaller scale so they cna be used better in smaller pieces.

  16. What a busy year you've had, and I can't wait to see what happens this year! I would love to see your designs on paper - gift tags, cards, wrapping paper, diaries ....... My only other suggestion is about colour, specifically [you did ask;-)] I would love to see more sky blue, and with strongly contrasting colours, eg orange, red - combined on the same fabric!
    Thanks for asking for suggestions - I love what you do.

  17. Jenny Jo12:51 PM

    I recently acquired your book about sewing with knits. In my single previous knit-sewing experience, the garment I made shrunk very badly, and I was sorely disappointed. In your book, you mentioned that your knits were of a very high quality and don't shrink as much. I'd love to see you release lots and lots of high quality knits! I also enjoyed reading over all the previous comments. I'd like to second the suggestions for women's XL patterns; flannels, corduroys, and lawns; small-scale prints (for dolls!); and ribbons.

  18. I love colors brighter the better. I have a daughter who loves her dolls and so I would love to see more doll patterns and also to match my daughter as well. I love Indonesian prints so that would be nice too. Green, earthy colors as well.

    Love you work.

  19. For Me i have fallen in love with your Silhouette Line but would love to see just small tuts on how to lay them best. I am using your Owl not as a stuffy but as an applique in the middle of a blanket. I am managing to use your material tutorial for making a stuffy but that is a bit off. I cant wait to look into more of your Silhouette line. I think your Fabrics Work awesome but I agree I like bright vibrant colors but almost all of them are girly so I can use them for my son.

  20. Can't use them for my son. Sorry heh.

  21. ooh, I love the different purses suggestion!

    Ok, I would love to see more PDF patterns as I love the instant gratification :D and also some boy and girly pj/slipper patterns, and just a few more boy patterns, pants, shirt, coat, hats/caps. I think you could come up with some more amazing patterns for little boys (a not so subtle hint that I would love some Modkid patterns for my boy). Another book would be marvelous.

    I would suggest some visits out to Arizona for classes but I know that is pretty far from you, I'll throw it in anyway :)

  22. I've been reading your blog for about 2 1/2 years now and I am always amazed by the almost limitless bounds of your creativity. It seems that you already do so much and yet are always finding new ways to expand your brand. You are truly inspiring and motivating.

    As a mom of an 8 month old who is proving to be very difficult to buy clothes that fit her (I'm already starting to alter things she does have) I would love it if you would continue to expand your offerings of baby and toddler patterns - maybe even just adapting some of the existing designs like you did for the doll patterns. The great thing about your patterns is they are so easily adjusted for children with longer limbs, etc.
    I think it would also be really wonderful if some of your fabric collections could be offered as either fleece or flannel. Some Patty Young pajama pants and cozy throw blankets would be amazing. (Pajama patterns would also be cool now that I think about it.)
    Being a graphic designer myself and paper being my first love I would adore a line of scrapbook paper or card kits or maybe even a partnership with an online card company like Tiny Prints. I could soooo totally see your designs on birthday party invitations!
    Hope this are some helpful suggestions. Congratulations for all the success you have had thus far and I wish you many more successes in 2013 and can't wait to continue following your adventures!

  23. I would love to see knit patterns for women -- off-the-shoulder tops with structured waistlines/bottoms, a v-neck style blouse with no buttons. Flutter sleeves with a slim bodice...

  24. My favorite collection so far is definitely the Playdate fabric. There were so many bright colors and they really shouted little girl. The other great thing about the collection was the versatility of the fabrics. The fish and the leaves were able to be used for boys. I'm sure you remember the family portrait where I made clothes for the entire family from this collection.
    I would love to see more of that. Not just a "girl" or "boy" fabric collection, but one that is versatile enough that they can coordinate between the sexes.
    Another thing that would be great would be some costume-style patterns. The costumes in the store are cheap, and when the kids play in them, they fall apart. You can't wash the fabrics for fear of further destruction. Even costume patterns tend to be designed with shortcuts that make the clothing temporary in nature. Why not have costumes that kids can wear all day long?
    What costumes would I love to see? Princesses, Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, Dorothy, etc. Classic fairy tale designs.
    I'm also finally falling in love with knits. Could you make some cute swimwear fabrics and new swimsuit designs?
    Here's to a great 2012 and an even greater 2013!

  25. I'm so inspired by all you have done. What a resume'! I love pdf download patterns for two reaasons- print what I need (I hate to cut out pattern sheets), and pdf's can be read on my iPad while I sew. I'd love to see more doll clothes and more tween/teen patterns. My DD is now 10, and there's not much that is appropriate in the stores!

    I'd love to see the pattern themed challenges (or theme fabric) where everyone sends in their photos of what they did with X patter or Y fabric.

    I'd also love to be a tester if you ever need more!!!!

    Keep doing what you do- and thank you for sharing it with all of us!

  26. Ok, I thought of something else lol, I keep thinking about this stuff :)
    Tutes or Lite patterns for:
    curtains for kids' room, or other rooms (like cute and whimsy valences or something)
    sewing accessories (machine covers, thread catcher, pin cusion)

    What about decals of some of the fabric prints, for walls, or for laptops, I would love to be able to get a cordless mouse for my laptop with one of your prints on it too :)

    1. ooh, I forgot, what about a challenge for a new pattern for your line, entering pics of what each person designs and sews up that you would choose to add as a ModKid pattern? I don't know how easy that would be to really do but it sounds like fun to me :)

  27. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Womens maxi dress pattern.


  28. I'd love more patterns for tweens and teens. I love your style of patterns and know my daughters would too!!

  29. I love your fabrics - so bright and colorful. My favorite colors are the cool blues, turquoise, teal, purple... so keep doing what you do! I have wished a couple times to have them in flannels or thin-wale corduroys in addition to the quilting cottons and knits.
    As far as sewing patterns - I echo everyone else's requests for more baby and boy stuff.
    Downloadable PDFs are great for the ease of printing what I want (and no more), as well as the ability to read the pattern off my iPad while I sew.
    I would love to have time to come to a class, workshop, lecture, or any event that would allow me time to sew or craft with like minded folks - especially if you were teaching or working with us! At this point (as a nursing mom) I can't quite plan on whole day/weekend events, but look forward to that again someday.
    For other products - your ribbons are great, so keep the embellishments coming (buttons, elastics, lace trims, ric rac). I like to do other kinds of crafting too, so things like papers/cards, washi tape, vinyl or heat transfer material would be fun.
    I look forward to seeing what will be created in 2013. Thanks for inviting us to dream with you!

  30. Any patterns as you are awesome would be great but love Children's clothes for my grandchildren!

  31. More tutorials please - sewing with knits in particular. Love your style! How about a tour of your sewing areas and the modkid store for those of us who don't live nearby to shop there?

  32. I would love to see a fabric line made with cotton voile, and some women's patterns that showcase the lightness of the fabric. I think a flowy skirt or maxi dress would be lovely.

    I would also like to see the Hailey pattern in women's sizes.

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