Playful Designs Blog Tour // Sweeter Than Cupcakes

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Today is the very last day of the Playful Designs blog tour, and it happens to stop over at my personal blog, Sweeter Than Cupcakes. Come see how the book made me a bit nostalgic and enter for your last chance to win a copy.

Monday, November 10th

Patty Young @ Modkid

Tuesday, November 11th

Susan Yates @ Crafterhours

Wednesday, November 12th

Melissa Mora @ Melly Sews

Thursday, November 13th

Heather Valentine @ The Sewing Loft

Friday, November 14th

Teresa Behr @ Dandelion Drift

Saturday, November 15th

Elizabeth Evans @ Simple Simon and Co

Monday, November 17th

Jenny Fish @ Sew Pretty Dresses

Tuesday, November 18th

Courtney Davis @ Sweeter Than Cupcakes


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