Thursday, December 18, 2014

I am so excited about my latest fabric release! In Bloom is my 3rd collection created exclusively for JoAnn Fabrics. I designed this collection a few months ago (around Spring-Summer of this year) so I drew inspiration from nature, flowers, and all the bright, beautiful colors around me. How fitting that this collection should launch right now while we are all dreaming of sunnier days, right?

Here's a sneak peek of the designs included in this collection. All designs are printed on Premium Quality Quilting Cottons, same quality as all my former collections! Look for them at your local JoAnn's store... and if they are not carrying MODKID STUDIO yet, please ask for it! :)

FREE Tutorial: Memory Board 

When my youngest, Sydney, asked me for a Memory Board for her birthday, I was ecstatic to finally be able to create something with my upcoming fabric line for JoAnn's, In Bloom (now in stores!). I knew right away that my Quatrefoil fabric would be the way to go and I could even use some of my own jacquard ribbon collections for this project.

Here is what you'll need:

  • 18" x 24" canvas. I found a 2-pack at Michaels for $14.00 and used my 50% coupon, which made it only $7.00 for 2 canvases... $3.50 a piece! SCORE! Now I can make another one for her big sis! :)
  • 22" x 28" piece of fabric. I used Quatrefoil Fuschia from  In Bloom, exclusively created for JoAnn Fabrics.
  • 21" x 27" piece of quilt batting or fleece (for padding).
  • 5 yards of ribbon at least 1/2" wide. I used Happy Dot from my Lush collection of Jacquard Ribbons.
  • 5 brads.
  • Staple gun
  • Ruler and cutting tools
  • X-Acto Knife (or any other sharp tool for creating small brad holes)
Now, let's get started...

1. Layer the fabric and batting/fleece over the front of the canvas, as shown below. The fabric will be a tad wider than the batting/fleece because you have cut it larger.

2. Fold the fabric over the batting/fleece to create a finished edge and wrap it over the edge of your canvas, placing your first staple in the center of one of the long sides, as shown below:

3. Repeat above step for all 4 sides, pulling the fabric taut each time, then proceed to work on your corners. For each corner, fold your fabric over the batting, as shown below. Pull tightly over the corner of the canvas and place a staple there, as shown in the second picture below...

4.  After all 4 corners are securely stapled in place, proceed to pull the fabric tightly along all the canvas edges, placing a staple every 2 inches or so. Be careful not to staple over existing staples.

Here's a close up of what your corners should look like:

5. Use a fabric marker to mark the positioning of your ribbons. I positioned mine at the center of all 4 sides of the canvas, spanning over to the opposite side center mark. These will form a wide diamond shape over your canvas. Then, the final two ribbons go from corner to corner forming an X shape, as shown below.  From my original 5 yards of ribbon, I cut 2 pieces at 36" long for the corner-to-corner (X) pieces, and 4 pieces at 18" long for the center-to-center (Diamond) pieces. The remaining 1 yard of ribbon will be used later for hanging the Memory Board.

6. Staple the ribbon to the back of your canvas, being sure to fold the ends of each ribbon in before placing your staple:

7. Use an X-Acto Knife (or your preferred sharp pointy tool) to pierce a tiny hole at the center of each ribbon intersection. Then, insert a brad in each hole for a total of 5 brads. The center-most brad will be a bit tricky to do, since there is a piece of wood back there for the canvas frame. No biggie... just lift the canvas away from the wood with one hand, while inserting the brad with the other. You'll have to maneuver your fingers in between the frame and canvas to secure the brad on the back side, but it's easy enough to do.

8. To create your board hanger, take your remaining 1 yard of ribbon and staple each ribbon end to the top 2 corners of the canvas, remembering to fold the ends of the ribbon down for extra reinforcement. Place 2 or 3 staples at each corner to make it extra sturdy!

And VOILA! Instant awesome gift for a little girl, your best friend or for yourself! 

If you are giving this Memory Board as a gift, you can include a box of Patty Young Designer Pins. They are so cute and perfect to use for this project!

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