Zoey Sew-Along // Day1

Monday, March 16, 2015

We're kicking off the sew-along with a little prepping and cutting.

First, head to your computer and print out your pattern. Here are a few tips I like to use for printing:

  • Print the instruction pages on two sides (front and back). For the Zoey pattern, these are pages 2-8. I like to save ink by not printing the pretty cover and inspiration pages (1, 9-10), but that’s up to you. You may even choose to not print the instruction at all and have your digital copy handy while you sew.
  • Print the pattern pages (11-31) on a single side only. Make sure your scaling is set to “none”. 
  • Above all, utilize the test squares to make sure your pattern has printed at the full scale.

Next, cut all pattern pieces of your desired size and view (A or B and C or D). Be sure to include the gray/shaded areas in your cuts.

Overlap the shaded areas, as indicated on the pattern pieces, and tape each piece together to form the full pattern pieces.

Now you are ready to cut into your pretty fabric! You’ll need to refer to the cutting diagram in the pattern for the layout and pattern pieces based on the different views. 

Note: If your bodice has a linear print, you may want to cut the left and right side individually rather than on folded fabric, so you can be sure your prints align.

Transfer button marks to the front bodice. Notch the neck and armholes for view A only.

For view B, mark the elastic casing on the wrong side of the font and back bodice pieces.

For View A we are going to go ahead and prepare the collar. Following the manufacturer's instructions, fuse interfacing to the wrong side of one collar piece. Note: All seams are 1/2" unless noted otherwise.

Cut your ribbon into two 9" lengths. Pin each ribbon right sides together to one of your collar pieces at the notch. Baste in place.

Place each collar piece right sides together. Pin and stitch around the outer curve and straight edge. Be sure your ribbons do not get caught in the seam.

Trim the outer curved seam allowance and clip. Also, clip the front corners.

Press well and topstitch the sewn edges.

Optional: Apply interfacing to the facing pieces at the buttonholes per the manufacturer's instructions.

That's all for today!

See the rest of the Zoey Sew-Along here:

We’d love to see your progress!! Show us your photos in our Facebook group. You can also share photos on Facebook and Instagram tagged #zoeysewalong.

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