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Monday, July 13, 2015

When you think about home decor fabric, does your mind automatically turn to curtains, pillows, and maybe the occasional tote bag? I'm hoping to help you branch out of that box maybe just a little bit today. Home dec fabric actually has a place in the apparel world. All home dec fabric may not be created equal, but Riley Blake's Home Dec fabric has just the right softness combined with sturdiness to suit the right apparel pattern. 

Pants, shorts, and skirts are ideal pieces in which home decor fabrics might be used. Here, I've used Patty Young's Vivid Lattice in Navy for a pair of Zoey Shorts.

The body of the fabric yields a very clean pair of shorts that will stand up to lots of toddler play. I would also suggest Riley Blake home decor patterns for a Pleated Skirt and Sophie Pants.

I've also paired the shorts with a modified Zoey top made with Patty Young's Vivid Knit for Riley Blake. So, have a little fun with mixing prints and experimenting with unexpected fabric choices for apparel patterns.

Stay tuned for another post about the modification I made to the Zoey Top.

If you are looking for a cooler weather apparel option, the Paige Hooded Blazer might be the perfect thing!!

There is only one stop left on the Home Dec Love Blog Tour, but be sure to check out all of the previous inspiration!!

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