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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

I've been wanting to try this little hack for a while now, because A)  I love a hack B) I love this dropwaist dress! The great thing is that the sewing instructions for changing the Avery Dress from a button front dress to a button back dress are essentially the same! The advantage to a button back, other than a different look, is that you can different details to the front without the obstruction of buttons. Don't forget that the Avery pattern comes in both a paper version and a PDF version!

Like I said, the sewing process is really the same, so I'm just going to show you the alterations you would need to make to the pattern pieces. Don't forget we have the Avery sew-along posts for reference!

First overlay the back bodice piece over the front bodice piece aligning the side seam. Draw a vertical line on the front bodice piece at the edge of the back bodice piece. 

This will be your new fold line. Fold back the front bodice piece along the line, and cut two front bodice pieces on the fold.

Measure the distance on the front bodice piece from the fold line you just created to the edge of the bodice pattern piece.

Now, add that distance you measured to the back bodice with another piece of paper, tissue paper, or freezer paper. Transfer the bottom notch mark. You will need to adjust the buttonhole locations slightly since the back bodice is longer than the front. You will now cut 4 back bodice pieces, not on the fold.

Finally, add a curved back to the collar. You may want to extend the collar instead of just curving it if you want the back of the collar to come closer to the center than mine did. (I forgot to take into account the seam allowance. Opps!) You will cut 4 collar pieces instead of two, and make sure they meet at the center of the front bodice when you baste them in place.

The sewing instructions will now just flip in reference to the bodice button closure.

I'm sharing more about the applique over at Sweeter Than Cupcakes.

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