Kyoko Sew Along // Day 1

Monday, May 01, 2017

Welcome to Day 1 of the Kyoko Sew-Along!! We hope you've gathered your supplies, and are ready to get started.

The primary tasks for today are preparing your pattern pieces and cutting your fabric. In order to preserve the size ranges on your paper pattern, I recommend tracing the size you intend to make. I typically use freezer paper from the grocery store since it is somewhat transparent yet sturdy. I have also heard of using medical paper and Swedish tracing paper, but I do not have experience with either. When tracing your pattern pieces be sure to include labels, size, grainlines, foldlines, and notches. 

Use the pattern layout guide based on the view you are sewing to cut out your fabric pattern pieces. Be sure to transfer the notches and pattern markings.

Note: The lining for the bodice is optional. I did not include a lining for this sew-along.  
See the rest of the Kyoko Sew-Along here:

We’d love to see your progress!! Show us your photos in our Facebook group. You can also share photos on Facebook and Instagram tagged #kyokosewalong. 

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