Modkid Modkified: Cassidy with Piped Heart Pockets

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we have a little heart inspiration for your sewing using the Modkid Cassidy pattern. We took adding a heart to a garment to a whole new level by creating a heart shaped pocket tutorial. We've added piping to ours, but omitting the piping makes for an even simpler sew.

First cut two heart shapes from your fabric for each pocket you plan to sew, 4 total for the Cassidy. I used the Cassidy pocket pattern piece to gauge the size. If you are using thin fabric, you may want to interface one side.

Start pinning your piping right sides together raw edges aligned to one heart shape. I don't pin all the way around. I just adjust the piping as I sew. You can see I started to clip the piping seam allowance where the piping would curve around the top of the heart. Start your stitches about at the pin I show, so you have a 1" tail.

Using a basting stitch and a piping foot or zipper foot on your machine, stitch the piping around the edge of the heart close to the piping stitches. Clip the seam allowance of the piping as you go around the curves.

As you approach the top point of the heart mark where the point will fall at the seam allowance. When your needle hits that point, leave it in the down position, lift the pressure foot, and pivot the heart and piping to turn directions. You will need to push the seam allowance to the side you have already stitched to continue.

Use the same method of marking and pivoting at the bottom of the heart. Clip into the piping seam allowance in at least two places at the point.

As you near the tail, stop with the needle down. Trim your piping so it with overlap the tail about 1". Open up the piping and pull back the seam allowance to expose the cording. You may need to seam rip the piping stitches.

Trim the cording so that it will butt up with the end of the tail cording.

Fold the piping end to the wrong side and wrap it around the loose tail piping enclosing all of the raw edges.

Continue to baste the piping in place overlapping your stitches.

Place the other heart pocket piece right sides together with the piping sandwiched between. Stitch around the heart with the piping or zipper foot on your machine with standard stitch length and stitches just inside the basting stitch line (You can see the basting stitches in the photo below). Be sure to leave a 1-2" opening along one side of the heart for turning.

Trim the seam allowance and clip into the seam allowance around the curves and at the point of the heart. 

Turn the heart right sides out through the opening. Mark two spots toward the top of the heart where you will stitch the pocket to the dress. Topstitch around the top of the heart between those marks for the pocket opening.

Pin the pocket to the dress front in the desired location using the original pocket markings as a guide. Topstitch the pocket in place between the dots along the lower section of the heart.

 Repeat the process for the pocket on the other side of the dress. Now, your dress is all set for Valentine's Day!!

This pocket technique isn't limited to the Cassidy pattern. Try it on the Harper Dress, Katie Skirt or Zoey Shorts as well!!

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