Modkid Modified // Brynn Top with Double Piping

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

You will notice in the notions section of the Modkid Brynn Top pattern for girls and tweens/teens, piping is listed as an alternative to the ruffle trim that outlines the bodice and arm opening. I took the piping a step further with double piping!

Double piping is a unique technique that really pops! I followed the detailed double piping tutorial over on the Martha Pullen site. The main fabric for the top is Flit and Bloom, Bloom Geo Blossom in Teal. The coordinates for the piping are Riley Blake solids in Green and Fuchsia.

I have a few tips for sewing and applying the double piping that I will pass along. After preparing the piping per the tutorial, be sure to trim down the piping seam allowance to 1/2" to match the pattern seam allowance. The trickiest part about working with the double piping is the resulting thickness of your seams. Once way to reduce thickness at the seam allowance is to trim away the cording of the piping. To do this, pull the cording out of the end of the piping. I used the Turn & More Tool here. Trim away 1/2" of the cording and pull the piping back in place, so the end of the cording shrinks back into the piping fabric. Trimming and notching your seam allowances around the curves will help the seams lay flat.

I also employed hand stitches along the front neckline curve to stitch the seam allowance to the bodice lining. Had I trimmed and notched this seam allowance a bit more before I serged, this step may not have been necessary. Keep in mind though, that a few hand stitches can make your finish all that more professional looking!

Will you give double piping a try? The technique can lend a great detail to collars too. You might try it out on the Avery Dress for example. Have fun experimenting!

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