I spotted a resell!

Just wanted to make you aware of a couple of resells I've spotted on eBay for those of you who are looking for a bargain. ;)

Sarah, of mm*designs*boutique, is reselling a EUC 2T Primavera. Click here to see this auction. It ends in only a few hours, so act fast or it will be gone soon.

And Susan of *confetti*kidz* has listed a brand new with tags 3T Autumn Blooms Jumper Dress. Click here to see the auction. This is at a very low price (lower than on her site) so it is an amazing deal!!

Happy shopping! :)
Petit Champignon is up!!

It's my new listing as part of the Indelible launch, honoring Joel Dewberry. So excited! Go check it out... HERE.
Meet & Greet and a Sneak Peek

Today was Sophie's "Meet & Greet" at her Kindergarten. Pretty much we went in for an hour, met the teacher, toured the school, put away all of her supplies, asked questions, met the other students and got familiarized with all the procedures. Sophie was so excited about this day, even though tomorrow is the "official" first day of school.

At Target this past weekend, Sophie announced to me defiantly that she would NOT wear MODKID on her first day. I was heartbroken to say the least but I knew this day would come sooner or later. Well, I always encourage individual thinking in my kids and I applaud their decision-making skills, but I guess somewhere deep inside I was hoping she would "decide" to wear one of my originals.

So, up we went last night to her room where she would pick out her "first day of school outfit" ... NOT A MODKID, she reiterated. I was holding back the chuckles and smirks when she came out of the closet holding this dress. It didn't have a tag on it because I made it as a sample for her to wear so I never put one on... or else she would have recognized it as a MODKID right away. Even though she cannot read yet (because she's only 5), she can recognize my logotype every time.

The meet & greet went great! She was the best dressed kid at her class and a few of the moms commented on her outfit (which of course made me extremely proud). :)

Now we are back home and I am getting ready for and amazing launch that starts tomorrow. You may have seen the teal & tan logo on my sidebar that reads "INDELIBLE". Well, if you haven't heard about it, let me fill you in: I am joining 50 other ebay designers in a launch that showcases the scrumptious fabrics of Joel Dewberry. The man himself has joined us on the board to say hello and chat a bit. It has been an incredible experience to be among such talent and such amazing women. I have seen a lot of sneak peeks and let me tell you, you will be blown away. Eva and Michelle have done an incredible job at leading this group and I just cannot wait until tomorrow when all of our listings will be up.

So, tomorrow, search "Boutique Indelible" on eBay to see all the gorgeous pieces that will be up for auction. Here is a sneak peek of mine. > But I guess if you want to see more, all you have to do is click on my Flickr Badge >>>>>> over there >>>>>> on my side bar. :)

See you all tomorrow!
Sophie's World

Sophie: Mama, what are you doing?

Me: Cleaning.

Sophie: Who's coming over?
New "Autumn Blooms" listed!

I just listed two custom auctions featuring some Autumn Blooms pieces that are NOT being carried by retailers. I will not auction these again, so if you are interested in these pieces, here is your chance to get them.

This knit top is a brand new design of mine -- created out of the need to have something to pair up with these skirts & pants that was not already ordered wholesale -- and I think it turned out soooo cute!

Both of these auctions are offered in a wide range of sizes, 12 Months to 8 years, so hopefully, they should be able to fit any of your kids (well, those who are still wearing children's boutique, LOL!)

The twirl skirt & top auction comes with a super cool pom-pom keychain that is easily removable before washing (washing the set... not the keychain!). Click here for this auction.

The pants & top auction comes with a pair of crocheted hair flowers mounted on Sc√ľnci clips... so cute! Click here for this auction.

Also, don't forget to check out the auction for the matching crochet hat made by the fabulous Becky of Lullaby Lamb. You can find that auction here. Her work is amazing and this hat would be a perfect match for any of my Autumn Blooms items, if you are shopping for any others at stores.Again, don't forget to check out Autumn Blooms in stores, here and here. Thanks!!

UPDATE! Anna Kate's Closet is all SOLD OUT of their Autumn Blooms set, so that's why you may be seeing an empty link above. Confetti Kidz still has some jumpers left.

I am so excited to finally be able to share these links with you! Thank you to everyone who has inquired lately about where to purchase Autumn Blooms... and my sincere appreciation for your patience while the pieces got created and shipped out. But the wait is over, and I can finally share links to the first 2 retailers that are carrying ready-made, ready-to-ship Autumn Blooms!

NOTE: As a courtesy to the retailers who so kindly ordered from me, these particular pieces will NOT be offered by me or anyone else on eBay or as custom orders. These can only be purchased through the stores I will mention here.

OK, here it is:

First, we have Anna-Kate's Closet who is carrying my Autumn Blooms Embellished Denim Pants, Skirted Knit Top and Floral Headband (shown below).

The 2-piece set of pants & top is available in sizes 2T, 3T, and 4T for immediate ship. The headband is one size fits all and can be purchased separately to complete the look. Click here to view these items at Anna-Kate Boutique. Oh, and they still have one Bistro 2-piece set for sale in size 3T! These sets went super fast and will not be re-made so if you want to stock up for next Summer, you can purchase the last of these gorgeous sets here.

UPDATE! Anna Kate's Closet is all SOLD OUT of this set, so that's why you may be seeing an empty link.

Secondly, Confetti-Kidz is carrying my Autumn Blooms Jumper Dress in sizes 3T, 4t, and 5 (shown below).Comfortable and versatile, the Autumn Blooms Jumper Dress can be worn over a peasant top, long sleeve tee or a sweater to create different looks. The skirt portion is made with soft corduroy in tones of hot pink, lime green and chocolate brown. The bodice is made with dark denim, fully lined and accented with baby rick rack and crocheted flowers in coordinating colors. Shoulder straps are adjustable to 3 different lengths and finished off with a pair of silver-tone clips. A funky pom pom key chain provides the perfect complement as an accessory and can easily be removed before washing. Click here to see this item.

Again, these pieces will NOT be available on eBay or as custom orders, only through these retailers. But if you see an item from my Autumn Blooms Collection that is not represented above, or if the size you need is not available, please don't hesitate to email me at info@modkidboutique.com and I can point you in the right direction. More links to retailers are yet to come (as soon as the items are in stock).

Now... go support these fantastic independent retailers, just as they support so many independent designers like myself. :)
Feeling Lucky

I haven't posted in a week and I apologize. I was busy getting Autumn Blooms orders fulfilled this past week, but I am so happy to announce that the last of the paid orders went out today. WHEW! Soon, I'll be sharing some links with you so you can shop, shop, shop.

But first I wanted to share with you why I'm feeling so "lucky" these days. My friend Dayna suggested I try Lucky Labels after a few failed attempts at contacting another company that shall not be named to get my MODKID woven labels created, and I am just so happy that she did. Not only did these guys match my colors and artwork exactly, but their customer service was unsurpassed, their pricing was lower than any others I checked out (even including shipping from Thailand!) and their turn-around time was lightning fast! They had a first proof for me within 48 hrs. from the time I emailed them my logo. I made one tiny change and they produced another right away, which was perfect, and the 2,400 pieces were made and ready to ship 4 days later! I couldn't believe it!! And when they arrived at my door I was speechless... it was everything I expected & more!

I ordered the woven clothing labels and the matching seam inserts... and I just love them! I also went out and splurged on a new tagging gun so now I'm really looking professional! hee hee

Here are some pictures of Autumn Blooms in the midst of production...

And then ready to ship out...

Mmmm, those colors are so yummy... and the fabrics are super soft! :) Stay tuned for some online boutique links. I'll be posting a couple this weekend and more to come later.
Cover Girl

In the midst of dealing with my bum leg, plus finishing up "Autumn Blooms" and "La-Di-Dots," I also had the task of shooting Baby Gassy Gooma's Spring 2008 collection. Nope, it was not fun trying to follow a bouncy two-year-old while holding a digital SLR, leaning on crutches and keeping my right foot off the ground... but I managed to get some decent shots nevertheless. And I was so happy when I got the email from Gretchen at BGG telling me that Sydney made the cover of their "Spot & Kitty" line. WOOHOO! I guess all that hard work paid off. Here's the cover of the catalog.

We shot the "Spot & Kitty" line and the "Yellow Rose of Texas" line, but their entire Spring 2008 collection is now viewable on their site, so check it out here. Below are a few of my favorite pics from the photoshoot.
La-Di-DOTS is up!!

I just listed 2 auctions for LimeVine's first Fall launch, titled FIELD TRIP. For our Field Trip, Sophie & Sydney went to our local Children's Museum. Come check out what fun they had! :)

This first one is a 3-piece set... jumper, white underdress and pair of pom-poms with fully-customizable features and will be custom-made in sizes 12M - 6.

Click HERE to view this auction.

This second one is a gorgeous "Cupcake" skirt, a tunic top and a pair of pom-poms. Again, with fully-customizable features and will be custom-made in sizes 12M - 6.

Click HERE to view this auction.

If, for some reason, the above links don't work for you (because sometimes eBay and Blogger just don't like to "play nice,") just click HERE to view all MODKID auctions and then you can click to your favorite! :)

Also, don't forget to check LimeVine's launch listings... they are FABULOUS! :)

Thank you for looking! :)
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