Slippin' and Slidin'

Hope everyone is having a great Winter break! We had a great time over the Holidays with Jon's family. All we did was eat, watch movies and play Wii for 3 days straight, but we made up for that extended period of inertia with an afternoon of fun in the snow today.

We made some snow angels...



Had a snowball fight...



And headed out to the local hill to do some sledding...


Uncle Sean & Auntie Alicia joined us.


And even went down the hill a few times...


Jon and I did too...




And survived a few collisions on the snow...


Grandpa Jim joined us as well...


Then Auntie Alicia and Sophie did a tandem run...


Oh, how great it is to see her smile like that!


What a Winter Wonderland!

It's a Christmas miracle!

The MODKID "Potty Girls" have sprung to life, donned their holiday best and are here to wish you a holiday season filled with dreams, creativity and inspiration.


Thank you for your great support in 2009!

May you and your loved ones have health, happiness and prosperity in 2010.

Your friends at MODKID
Well, hello there!

So nice of you to pay us a visit. Please, please, come in. It's so cold outside.


Let me take your coats. It's really so nice to have you here in our home. What did you say about our tree? That you expected me to have one of those matchy-matchy Martha Stewart-like trees? Nope, not me. This is a big-ole eclectic tree with all sorts of ornaments we've collected through the years... anything goes, really.


We have our glittery ornaments, of course!


And some fun "smores" themed ornaments that the girls just adore (and me too)!




I truly treasure the handmade ones my kiddos have made for me. This is one of my favorites! Those snowmen are actually Sophie's fingerprints on the glass ball! Makes me smile every time. :)


And this is one Sydney made for me in pre-school:


And of course, our tree wouldn't be complete without some of our favorite characters:




OH, OK! You noticed that my gifts are matchy-matchy. I couldn't help myself. I fell in love with this wrapping paper I found at Hobby Lobby and just went crazy with it. The ribbons are from there too. I *heart* that store!


What, this? I just covered a large stretched canvas with some of my Fire Jester print from Andalucia. It coordinated so well with the wrapping paper... uh, there I go being all matchy-matchy again. Oh well.


Well, let's not stand in the entryway all day. Come on in and make yourself comfy by the fire. You can sit wherever you'd like.


Yeah, sure, you can sit closer to the fire if you're still a bit chilly. That's what it's there for. Oh, those are some gorgeous stockings my sweet Tia Olga made for my girls last year.


These? My girls love snowmen so I've decided to start a little whimsical collection for them. Yeah, I know, not much of a collection so far but you gotta start somewhere. By the time the girls are 18 we might need a whole room for these guys!


Awww... leaving so soon? Well it was so nice of you to stop by! Please come back anytime! And stay warm out there...

Here, let me get the door for you.


Giveaway Winners and 2010 Pattern Reveal!

WOW, what a week! First I want to thank each & every one of you for the well wishes, comments, emails and tweets regarding the procedure I had done last week. Your jokes, poems and funny stories had me smiling from ear to ear... THANK YOU! I must say that I'm floored at how many of you out there have experienced similar situations. I guess it's not the kind of thing everyone wants to talk openly about, but hey, it's life. I feel I need to clarify that I did not have a hysterectomy (VH), although I can see how some of you could have assumed that. I had a HydroThermal Ablation (HTA) also known as Endometrial Ablation. If you're not familiar with the procedure, you can click the links above to learn about it. I'm so thankful for modern medicine allowing options for women with my symptoms. Twenty years ago, there was really only one solution and I would've been bedridden for weeks. Time will only tell if this was the right choice. Who knows, I may have to go for the VH eventually, but for now, I'm feeling great... knock on wood.

OK, now on to the fun stuff! 260 of you commented on the pillow giveaway and and here are the lucky winners:

Hummingbird Patch Pillow:
SoBella Creations

Ragged Blossoms Pillow:
Debbie in South Carolina

Busy Bee Hive Pillow:
Amy Priddy :||: Priddy Creations

CONGRATULATIONS to each and every one of you! Please email me at to claim your prize. And thank you again to all who visited and commented!

We've been super busy here at the studio these past few weeks cranking out the next line of MODKID Sewing Patterns, due out in mid-January, 2010. Here's a preview:


A closer look and description of each:


This dainty rag-style quilt packs a lot of punch yet it’s easy to make. Any beginner sewist can tackle this project in one afternoon. Our pattern comes with full size appliqué templates and detailed step-by-step instructions for constructing this beautiful hummingbird scene. Our 8-page full-color booklet comes loaded with inspiration photos and even includes a Quilting Glossary on the inside back page.


This Pillow Trio pattern has something for every level of sewing expertise. A beginner sewist can start with our Ragged Blossoms pillow, which is a simple, easy-to-sew raw-edge appliqué project. Then move on to the Hummingbird Patch pillow which requires more cutting and piecing and finally tackle the more challenging Busy Bee Hive pillow. Our 12-page, full-color instruction booklet comes loaded with inspiration photos and even includes a Sewing Glossary on the inside back page.


Now that you’ve outfitted your girl and her dollies in the highest of MODKID fashion, it’s time to give her a truly boutique-style set of garment bags to store and carry her new matching wardrobes. These sweet dress bags are perfect for sleep-overs, traveling and those much-needed trips to grandma’s house! Includes full-size pattern pieces and detailed instructions for constructing two sizes of garment bags.


A sweet two-piece set for your 18” or 15” doll with heirloom details galore. The halter-style top features a pintucked bodice and a pleated underskirt with a peek-a-boo overskirt panel. The drop-waist skirt features a series of pleats near the bottom edge and elasticized waist. When worn together Mini-Ava looks like a gorgeous multi-layer sundress with cascading pleats.


Loosely inspired by a Mexican housedress, Mini-Frida is a feminine, comfy and fun 4-piece set for your 18” or 15” dolly. Pattern includes the tunic, dress, pants and headscarf. For a “Just Like Me” look, check out our child-size Frida pattern (sold separately). Fabrics used in this booklet are from Patty Young’s, Flora & Fauna fabric collection.


Chic and sophisticated with an Asian-flair, Mini-Kyoko is a fun 4-piece set for your 18” or 15” dolly. Pattern includes the criss-cross shirt & dress, obi/sash and flare pants as seen on the front cover. For a “Just Like Me” look, check out our child-size Kyoko pattern (sold separately). Fabrics used in this booklet are from Patty Young’s Flora & Fauna fabric collection.


All 6 patterns are currently with the testers and I've already been receiving lots of great feedback and gorgeous photos that I cannot wait to share! We are right on schedule for our January release. Jon is putting the finishing touches on our pre-order screens and e-newsletter so, once again, if you'd like to be added to our mailing list shoot Jon an email at
(if you're looking for the giveaway post, click here)

My sweet little girl turned eight yesterday.

Dear Sophie,

It seems like just yesterday we brought you home, so tiny and frail, not quite six pounds, but with a bright tuft of red hair atop your head. We knew we had trouble on our hands! ;)


It's been an utter pleasure seeing you grow to such heights (literally... you'll be passing me in no time!) It's a good thing you got your daddy's genes in that department. And I've so enjoyed seeing your personality blossom from rambunctious toddler into a reserved young lady with great values and dreams.


Given the recent events in my own life I promise to cherish every day with you and your sister even more than before. I truly cannot wait to see what the future brings for you!


You are creative, thoughtful, generous, loving and kind.


May all your dreams come true, my sweet girl!

Pillow Talk

I had surgery this morning. It was a relatively short procedure but its results are drastic and permanent. So as not to weird out any male readership I might have out there, I won't go into much detail. I'll just say that I've been having, uhm... "female problems" for several years, well pretty much ever since my last labor & delivery. These "problems" left me with severe iron deficiency and the anemia brought on a whole slew of new problems. Those of you who've been long time readers of my blog may recall this incident last year.

Well, I tried some temporary solutions that did not fix my problem but just left me with less than desirable side effects. I had had enough, so I did it. After this, I won't be able to bear children anymore, but don't feel sorry for me. I am totally at peace with this. Jon and I had decided, even before getting married 10 years ago, that we wanted 2 children. That was always the plan and we were both so happy that we felt the same way. See, we both came from small families (Jon has one brother, I have one sister) so we are used to, and comfortable with, the dynamics of a small family. This just feels right, like it was meant to be, you know?

So now it's done and I am recuperating. In preparation for today, I went out a couple days ago and bought myself a nice synthetic down pillow (nothing against the real stuff, I'm just deathly allergic to it). And I've surrounded myself with all my favorite "comfort items": my laptop, my iPhone, TV remote, 7-Up & crackers (just in case), pain meds (of course!), pictures of my kids (to make me smile) and even a vase full of fresh daisies to brighten up the room. I know it sounds weird that I would find comfort in my computer & cell phone, but I do... I would go absolutely batty without them.

So now I just sit.
And wait.
And heal. (kinda nice not doing anything for a change)

Another thing that always makes me feel better is to give gifts... especially when I know the recipient will totally and utterly love it! I know that anyone who reads my blog must love fabric. And pretty things. And pretty things made with fabric. And how about pretty things made with fabric by ME? Ahhh, I see I got your attention! ;)


So, let me tell you about these 3 pillows. I made these for my Quilt Market debut of Flora & Fauna and they were a huge hit. So much so, that our Australian distributor, Mac's Crafts, took them home with him, along with my Hummingbird Quilt and a few outfits, to display in his booth at the Australian Quilt Market. In the meantime, while my beloved pillows were Down Under, I decided to develop a sewing pattern for these but since I didn't have the originals in hand to photograph for the instruction booklet, I had to make them all again. I didn't mind, it was a labor of love.

Well, the pattern is done and off to the testers and then I got my pillows back from Australia and I did a double take... I have 2 of each now! haha! So, how would you like to win one of these? I'll give away the original pillows... the ones that traveled Down Under without me... lucky ducks!

Up for grabs we have Hummingbird Patch:


And Ragged Blossoms:


And Busy Bee Hive:


I will draw 3 winners, 1 for each pillow, one week from today. And since it is Gift Giving time, I won't be totally offended if you re-gift these. ;) Just leave me a comment below this post to enter. If you've experienced anything similar to what I did today, I'd love to hear of your experience. If not, you can tell me a funny story or a joke or a sweet poem to make me smile. Or just pop your head in and let me know you're here. :)

If you don't win, you can still grab the pattern, available in January 2010, along with 5 other brand new MODKID patterns. I'm super excited about this release... wait till you see all the fun stuff we have in store for you! I'll do a full reveal in a few days...


Retailers: this pattern along with the other 5, will be up for pre-order in about a week or so. Contact Jon at if you'd like to be added to our mailing list.
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