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I can't believe the Designers' Notion SPRING FASHION EVENT 2007 is finally here! WHEW! Two months in the making... but the listings are looking great. We have some amazing talent on our board, so I am not surprised. We have 52 designers signed up to participate and just in the first 20 minutes of the launch being up, 12 listings popped up. These girls are on the ball! LOL!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all my contributions to this launch. I set them up as 10-day auctions so that they will end right around the time when I get ready to return from vacation. I figured, by the time I get payment, measurements and all that good stuff I will be back home & ready to work.

The first one is a pretty litte Asian-inspired halter dress that uses my favorite print from Amy Butler's new LOTUS line. It is also adorned with 4 fabric yoyos that are attached on pinbacks so they can be removed or placed wherever you prefer... you could even use them to adorn your favorite purse! This dress will be recreated in sizes 2T - 6X. This is my favorite picture of Sydney from this set because it really shows her newly found diva personality... that little stinker! LOL!

Secondly, I listed some gorgeous hair flowers made with authentic vintage buttons that I found in my stash of vintage sewing stuff from my MIL. The buttons are so cool, but sadly I only found 2 of them, so these hair flowers are one-of-a-kind. I haven't put any clips on the back of these yet, because I know everyone has a different preference for those, but I do have alligator clips and French clips that I can attach them to. AND, if you prefer, I could even attach them to pins so they can be used a brooches for clothing or purses! :) Hey, I just thought of that!!! COOL!

To find these 2 ebay auctions, click here.


  1. Patti-
    I love your wears. They are fabulous, as are you! Where are you in IL? We do a ton of art fairs there. We know you really want to be a Jayne!

  2. hee hee... wow, news travel fast! Well, girl, I'm a HUGE fan of yours so I am humbled just reading this. I'm in Bloomington... right smack in the middle of the state. Let me know if you're ever in town -- I'd love to have you over! :)


  3. Sandi has a big mouth.



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