Night at the Cirque

Tonight Jon and I went to see Cirque Du Soleil's new traveling show, DELIRIUM. If you haven't heard about it, it differs from their previous shows in that it is more musically-oriented (so, not as much circus-y stuff). So I was a bit skeptical at first, because I like the circus-y stuff. But the show was amazing! I totally surpassed my expectations and it rivaled every other Cirque show I have ever seen. They still had some acrobatics mixed in with the dancers, singers and musicians, so it was like sensory overload! Of course, the minute we got there they told us that the use of cameras was strictly prohibited, so I couldn't get any pictures of the show itself... just the stage before (the blue one) & after (the orange one). And of course that goofy picture of Jon and I waiting for the show to begin... doesn't he look enthused? LOL!

The whole show was done like a dream sequence and we (the audience) were all part of this wacky dream. There was this guy (the dreamer) who floated above the stage suspended from an oversized blue balloon (that sometimes changed colors according to the scenery on the stage). The music was entrancing ... at times it sounded like something right out of Carnival in Brazil, and at times it sounded more like a cross between Dead Can Dance and Massive Attack. Drums, drums, drums. There was everything from tribal chants to Gregorian chants. The singers had amazing voices and they sang in many different languages. The costumes were gorgeous and of course I was drooling and trying to take a mental picture (since I couldn't take an actual picture) so that I could maybe try to incorporate some of those elements in my designs. Check out this gorgeous willowy mermaid-like dress that was like 50-feet long (this is not my picture... I swiped it from their site, but I just had to include it here because it was breathtaking!)

But my favorite part, and you guys are gonna think this is totally weird, was this guy that walked around on stilts through the whole concert. Now, I have to interject here and inform you all that for as long as I can remember I have had a strange fascination with stilts. Could it be because I am only 5-foot-tall? Probably! But, nevertheless, it's always been a fantasy of mine to walk around on stilts and I become totally entranced when I see stilt walkers. So of course, as soon as that guy made an appearance, my eyes followed him everywhere he went. He wore these super flowy pants that had layers and layers of colorful gauze in different lengths and he babbled incoherently but in a very comical way. He was also mighty talented with a hula-hoop.

All in all, a very pleasurable experience and a wonderful Valentines/Anniversary gift that I will never forget!


  1. Cool!!!! I love Cirque!! I have only yet seen one of their shows, and was so captivated I cried. I was 19 then.

    My dad made us stilts when we were kids! Fun ones all the neighbourhood kids begged to try. Boys especially.

    And in the summer at the saturday market in the park here there usually is a hippy up on stills dresses as a fairy or some other flowy clothing wearing painted face character.

    Happy anny!!

  2. Thanks, Gyl!

    LOL! If my dad had made me stilts as a kid, I think I would STILL have them and put them on all the time! hee hee

    I saw La Nouba live in Orlando a few years ago and it was amazing, of course. I've also seen just about all the others on DVD or TV. I love Cirque! :)


  3. Oh Patty! How fun does that look? What an awesome anniversary thing to do! Congratulations!


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