Hedgehog FRIENDS

I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with the amazing Susan of Little*Moonkey and Meli of Jam*Clothing*Co, both from Ivylane, on this sweet hedgehog-inspired launch. We purchased what seemed like the last bit of this very-hard-to-find Japanese import fabric about 6 weeks ago and went to town designing some very unique sets! It was a blast getting to know these ladies better.

My contribution to this mini-launch is this totally custom 3-piece set, complete with 3-D appliques, pockets, pouches and details galore...

Due to the fact that I only have 1 yard of this rare Japanese fabric -- and cannot find anymore ANYWHERE! -- this sweet set will only be recreated ONCE in you choice of sizes from 12M to 5T (sorry, I don't think I can get a larger size than 5 out of what's left of the fabric.)

Please check it out:

Click HERE to visit my auction.

If you'd like to visit little*moonkey's adorable auction, click HERE.
JAM's auction will be listed tomorrow. :)


  1. Oh that is beyond cute - I love it!!!

  2. I LOVED working with you on this fun collaboration Patty!
    You know how big of a fan I am of your work:)I really enjoyed getting to know you better too!!

  3. Thank you, Susan! It was certainly a blast and of course I am a HUGE fan of your work!!! :)


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