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I was recently tagged by the sweet Michelle of the Boutique Buyer's Blog and the lovely Gazza Girls of Ragazza Bella to share 7 useless facts about myself ... some random, some weird. I found this rather amusing because I have been tagged before several times for this same kind of thing. Let's see... in this post I shared 7 random facts, and then I was tagged to share 8 useless facts about myself HERE. Oh, and even going back to my very first post on this dear blog... yep, you guessed it! ... it was a "sharing useless info about myself" kind of post.

So I think, after I get done with this one there will be nothing left to share... you all will know every random, useless and weird thing there is to know about yours truly! Now, these are gonna be very random... I had to make sure not to double up on the previous ones.

1. I prefer COKE over PEPSI. Actually, that is a major understatement. I adore Coke and I think Pepsi is utterly undrinkable.

2. I am on my second (and hopefully last) marriage. Yep, I was married once before Jon, briefly, when I was young and stupid (or younger and stupider) and thankfully, the marriage ended quickly and painlessly and I thank my lucky stars every day that it did not produce any offspring (not even a pet to battle over!) ;)

3. I had induced labor with both of my girls and was fully medicated through the entire process. As a matter of fact, if I had had the option of getting my epidural 9 months earlier at the onset of pregnancy, I would have gladly taken it! LOL! I guess you can say I don't like unnecessary pain. Or maybe I'm just a wimp. hee hee. But regardless, both of my childbirth experiences were painless, fun and enjoyable. :)

4. I have very recently started collecting Pullips dolls. I actually only have one... Papin ... but I adore her! I have not taken any pictures of her yet (that is just a stock photo), but I plan to do so very, very soon! Oh, and I also have a mini Pullip, or I think they like to be called little Pullips, LOL! You can see pictures of here in my Flickr. (is two even considered a collection? probably not)

5. I am a beer and chocolate snob. I prefer the imported brands of both of those over the domestic ones. Belgian ones are my favorite. I absolutely drool over Belgian chocolate! YUM YUM YUM And as for beer, the Belgian brews are far, far superior in taste, smoothness and consistency over any domestic brew I have ever tasted. My favorites are Lindeman's Lambic, Sterkens White Ale and Hoegaarden. OK... now I'm salivating. LOL!

6. I think I may also be a thread & fabric snob. LOL! I only use Gutterman or Mettler thread and lately I have been so infatuated with imported fabrics (esp. the Japanese imports and European... Stenzo, etc. fabrics) that I cannot even look at anything else. UGH! My paypal account is suffering big time. :(

7. I left this one for last because it is the most meaningful one: I have recently started working on some graphics that I hope to sometime in the future turn into textile designs. My friend, Sandi, strongly encouraged me to pursue this a while back and I was hesitant at first, but I have decided to just give it a go. With my graphic design background, I think it will come as a natural progression for me and the worse thing that could happen is that I get turned down, but at least I get a fun trip to Market out of it! ;) Thanks, Sandi, for giving me the push I needed. If all goes well, I'll be seeing you in Portland next May!! :)

OK... PHEW! That was a lot of random stuff, but I tell ya, I had to. After all the similar tags I have done in the past, it was slim pickins'


  1. I'm a thread snob too. Although sometimes I slum it with the regular stuff ;)
    I love that Lindemann's Lambic too. Although I'm pregnant right now, so I can't have it for a while. Wah!
    There's a bottle with my name on it just waiting for March 23. I might even take it to the hospital with me instead of champagne this time, although I get so few excuses to spring for a bottle of White Star...

  2. PATTY! We cant WAIT to see your fabric designs! If they are anything like your clothing, we know they will be AWESOME!!! Congrats on even venturing that way! :) It was so glad to learn more about you!!

  3. Thanks, girls!

    Amy... there's nothing wrong with "slumming it" every now & then. I admit to have used C&C thread when in a pinch... oh and I'll even admit to have drunk Bud in a pinch too. LOL!!!!

    Hey, I would drink Lambic instead of champagne to celebrate a grand event ANYDAY! I am not a champagne fan... but I love me some Lambic. :)

    Gazza Girls... you are always so sweet and supportive. When I get something worth sharing, I promise to share. Right now, they are just a bunch of incoherent scribbles and Pantone color swatches strewn all over my workspace! LOL!!!


  4. Hey you little cute snob you! ;)

    I'm so excited to hear about your new venture! I'm so it will go well!!!

    sounds like there will be quite a few we know and see at market this year!

  5. You bought a Papin!!!!!! I love my Papin, who was my first too! If you haven't seen where I wrote it on the blog, let me know, but you can get her hair curlier by wetting it and scrunching it, then let it air dry. She has the prettiest lips of any I have.

    Can't wait to see her! You gonna name her?


  6. Megan... thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope it does well... we'll see. :)

    Gyl... YES! You were the inspiration and I have read every post you have ever written about them... including the hair one. DONE! LOL! Her name is Lilly, BTW.

  7. lqtm on the younger and stupider. :) so when exactly do we turn older and wiser? i'm waiting for that to kick in...any day now...

  8. HA! It figures you would be the one to catch my little tongue in cheek comment, Nic. ;)

    PS... I am waiting too.

  9. hmm...fun & enjoyable labor. something has got to be said for that!!

  10. Well I can not wait to meet Lilly on your blog!


  11. Love... maybe I exaggerated a tad. ;) But I wasn't feeling that much pain during the contractions and most times Jon had to tell me I was having one (he could see it on the monitor) and I was like, "really?" ... I was too busy chatting and watching TV. ;)

    GYL.. I KNOW I'm totally slacking on the photoshoot. What's wrong with me?!?


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