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What do all those things have in common? They are all "Nocturnal Creatures." Oh, and PUNKS of course! Punks are nocturnal... and I outta know cuz I used to be one back in the day... PUNKS ALWAYS COME OUT AT NIGHT!

Nocturnal is the theme for LimeVine's new launch on eBay, and my contribution to this cool event is this awesome "My Punky Valentine" set which will be recreated only once at this time for punky sweeties aged 12 months - 7 years!

Click HERE to view this auction.

Oh, and if you're into PUNK (and who isn't? LOL!) and you have a BOY, you gotta check out my friend, Chrsistina's (abby*lane), PUNK set as part of this launch! It is way cool!!!

And one last thing... please stay tuned, because tomorrow I will be listing a super cute Hedgehog set as part of a sweet collaboration with some talented ladies from Ivylane. Oh, and Hedgehogs happen to be nocturnal too, so sa-weeeeeeeet! ;)


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